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Arden Wilken



2542 Westlake Ave North, #9
Seattle, WA 98109
United States
T: 1-206-618-3985


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School for INNER SOUND- Sound Therapy


INNER SOUND is an original system of sound therapy and therapeutic music for the expression and integration of the emotions developed since 1978 by Arden and Jack Wilken, USA. They have created a wide range of sound techniques, trainings and workshops that are offered in the United States and Europe through the School for INNER SOUND:
Introduction to Sound Therapy
INNER SOUND Tuning Forks Basic and Advanced
Autophonetics (voice work) Basic and Advanced
Practitioner Training in Sound Therapy
Personal Music Compilation Course

Profile and Credentials        

Arden Wilken
LMT # 60342219 (WA), BCMTB
Certified Postural Integrator
Specialist in the use of Sound Therapy and Therapeutic Music for relaxation and well-being/Develops therapeutic music for individuals/Composed 28 therapeutic music CDs (Tools for Self-Discovery) on general themes/Developed protocols and trainings in tuning forks used in pairs at the ears for relaxation/Developed voice workshops and individual sessions for vocal expression in correct anatomical posture/Developed Sound Therapy Practitioner Trainings/ Teaches Instructor trainings/Coordinates and oversees trainings, instructors and students in US, Canada and Europe/Gives Individual Sound & Body Work Sessions

Based on the composition of over 10,000 Personal Music compositions she has developed over 50 musical motifs, each creating a specific effect in the body. These form the harmonic base of INNER SOUND.

Pursuant to this goal of spreading sound work, Arden and her husband Jack have founded schools of Sound Therapy, School for INNER SOUND, in the USA, Spain, the UK, and the Netherlands. Today they continue to travel the world, sharing their work and discoveries in the field of sound therapy and therapeutic music.

Jack Wilken
Jack, originally an oceanographer, has developed a range of psycho-acoustic effects, Spectrum Sound Resonance System (SSRS), and recorded them with Arden’s music to enhance the effect. He invented the INNER SOUND Spiral of pure 5th tuning forks based on his research on harmonics, psycho-acoustics, tuning and the effect of sound on the body. He is also a certified Postural Integrator and has developed an original system of bodywork, Sound Body, to help the individual be in the present with their body.

In 2000 with Arden Wilken, Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum, Jack co-founded the International Association of Sound Therapy, www.soundtherapyassociation.org, an independent association dedicated to disseminating information about the field of sound therapy and sound healing.

Philosophy and Comments        

INNER SOUND is dedicated to helping people understand and use sound and music to their maximum potential to create change on a physical, mental, emotional or energetic level.
Since 1978 hundreds of thousands of people have benfitted from INNER SOUND.

The School for INNER SOUND is a member of the British Commplementary Medicine Association, Complementary Medicine Association and IAST (International Association of Sound Therapy).

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Our courses are normally held on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday in a variety of locations in the US and Europe.
Prices vary per area. For more information, see our website:
Ceu credits for certified massage therapists and body workers are available as well as contact hours for nurses.
(NCBTMB Approved Provider # 45498-00)
(Nurses-KBN approval Number 3 00026 7 07 081. Expiration date, July 2007. Danielle White, MSN, RN, Provider Administrator, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN 37044)

Who can take our courses        

Our courses are open to anyone interested in learning more about sound and therapeutic music.
They are for both professional and individaul use.

Practitioners and Teachers worldwide        

We have pratictioners and teachers of INNER SOUND in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Bolivia, Mexico and the US.
Out schools are located in Spain, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. INNER SOUND International is located in Seattle, WA.
See www.innersoundonline.com



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