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NEPAL MANDALA: Spiritual Pilgrimage Tours

Yana Castle, Ph.D.


Petaluma, CA 94952

What is a pilgrimage?        

A pilgrimage is a heart-opening sacred journey. Its purpose is to broaden our perspectives and to invite transformational experiences that often lead to cathartic shifts in consciousness, healing and deeper understandings of ourselves and our interconnection with others and the environment. Upon return from a pilgrimage, life is seen through different eyes. A sense of renewal and the wisdom gained from a pilgrimage experience enhances our lives significantly.



Healing Wisdom Tours, Skydancer Tours, Nepal Mandala Tours, Eastern Healing Methods Tours. Tours customized to your particular interests.

These private pilgrimage tours are suited for one to three people. One week to 10 days. Cost: determined by itinerary. Deluxe to Budget tours available. Airfare not included.

See website for more information:


Profile and Credentials        

Tour Director: Yana Castle received her doctorate degree from California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco where she concentrated on Eastern religious studies, Consciousness Studies and healing methods. She holds a Master's degree in Women's Spirituality and a B.A. in Archaeomythology. Yana has been offering Nepal pilgrimages to individuals and groups since 1998. Along with leading tours, Yana is a personal growth counselor, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Repatterning Hypnosis and author of Guardians of the Gate: An Investigation of Numinous Presence, 'Visions of the Divine,'in Dreams. Visit Yana's blog: Skydancer's Healing and Bliss Recovery Station for a participant's account of her pilgrimage tour.

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Philosophy and Comments        

My passion for Nepal, particularly Kathmandu Valley, began twenty years ago when I traveled to Nepal and India for graduate studies fieldwork on tantric Buddhism and Hinduism. The sights, sounds, flavors, customs and people left an indelible imprint on my psyche. The breadth of the cultural differences of the East and West was riveting! Since then, I have led pilgrimage tours for small groups and individuals offering unique itineraries, introducing many to their first-time journeys to Asia.

My pilgrimage tours are designed for those curious about the spiritual and ritualistic practices, art, architecture and folklore of Nepal. They are also designed for participants seeking to embark on a spiritual path and for those with intentions to deepen their practices. My contacts include: Rinpoches of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, village shamans, living manifestations of the goddess (including indigenous Devis/healers and the kumaris or virgin goddesses), a world-renowned master dancer and teacher of traditional Newari Charya dance, a master sound healer, Ayurvedic body workers, art gallery curators of the art and crafts of Kathmandu Valley, university professors and tour operators who offer exciting excursions for those who want to extend their stay.

It gives me the greatest pleasure to share with participants this amazing, exotic culture and beautiful Himalayan mountainous atmosphere. One cannot help but feel transported into a magical realm. Many comment they feel like they are walking in a numinous, mythic dream-like landscape. I hope you will consider joining me on a tour that some consider 'a journey of a lifetime'!
—Yana Castle, PhD, Tour Leader

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Cost: $500 deposit holds your space. Please visit website for more information.



My first visit to Nepal, guided by Yana Castle, was a journey of both heart and soul. Yana's knowledge of Kathmandu and the Sacred Feminine provided a special foundation for exploration and inquiry of Nepal, as well as for my own spiritual unfolding. I greatly appreciated Yana's contagious passion for this magical land and her people.
Leslene de la Madre

I've been on a number of tours in my life, but none have compared to my tour of Nepal as designed and led by Yana. Her amazing knowledge of, and sensitivity to, the complex spiritual and cultural dimensions of the Kathmandu Valley--as well as her deep and respectful friendships with local living Goddesses, shamans, scholars, and artists--made this one of the best educational investments I've ever made. Some day, I hope to return!
Kalli Rose Halvorson

It was an awe-inspiring trip. Every moment was filled with rapture and every experience led to the sacred hub of the heart. The brilliant sights and tantalizing scents filled the senses with unebbing stimulation. The colors and music, the dance and devotion were moments crystallized in the temple of the heart. It was more than a tour; it was an archaeological dig into the cave of one's soul. Should it be offered again, do not miss it. It is an experience of a lifetime and more!

Thank you for all the effort and hard work that you put into this trip. This has been an incredible experience.

Thank you so very much for trusting your calling, your intuition bringing us all here on this very important journey that will no doubt change all of our lives.
Vaschelle Andre

Thank you for introducing me to the beauty and wonder of Nepal and for heightening my awareness of my goddess self.
Michelle S.

This has been an absolutely divine experience. Thank you so much for initiating and organizing our journey.
Kimberly L.

My time in Nepal with Yana was mind-expanding and magical. Nepal’s soulful, ancient culture taught me a lot about myself. It enriched me. That’s because Yana is a smart, wise woman who knows where to go to see places, people and events that celebrate the divine feminine. As a result, I left Kathmandu feeling empowered and renewed.
Silvia Remkins

This is amazing chance for an intimate inner tour of Nepal. We have witnessed Yana in her element as group leader in Nepal and she has rare insights and connections with hidden treasures and special spiritual people. Sign up now for your journey to Magique Castle in the Himalayan Sky!
James Aplington, Lotus Gallery



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