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Rev. Dr. Betsie Poinsett, C. Ht.

Rev. Dr. Betsie Poinsett


North Georgia Mountains
Demorest, GA 30535
United States
T: 706-754-0999

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Rev. Dr. Betsie Poinsett, C. Ht., and Reiki Master offers Hypnotherapy Sessions as well as these sessions and services in the North Georgia area and on Skype and by phone:

• Find your Animal Totem
• Hypnosis and Seniors
• Day Tripper Sessions
• Office or House Blessing
• Past Life Healing
• Phone or Skype Sessions
• PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Reiki Master Practitioner
• Self-Hypnosis Sessions

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Profile and Credentials        

Betsie Poinsett is a Certified Hypnotherapist, C Ht, ID #AL011869 and Reiki Master Practitioner who graduated in 1988 from The Hypnosis Motivation Institute after completing over 600 hours of clinical residency education and practical experience which was supervised by Physicians, Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists and Clinical Hypnotherapists. She continually updates her training and recently became a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Specialist and a Past-Life Regression Therapist through The American Hypnosis Association.

Betsie was profiled in a Montclair Who's Who Publication - after careful review of her credentials and accomplishments, the editorial staff has granted her acceptance for the 2008-2009 Edition of Montclair Publishing's "Who's Who in Healthcare." This publication recognizes and highlights men and women of leadership and distinction within various industries throughout the United States and Canada.

She became an Adept in Shamanism from the Institute of Shamanic Synthesis in Santa Fe, NM, studying under Shaman Amari Magdalena, who was a student of Don Miguel Ruiz author of the best selling book: The Four Agreements. Studying the works of John Randolph Price, founder of the Quartus Foundation and spending three years studying The Course in Miracles augmented her education. She incorporated this knowledge by becoming an Ordained Minister in the Universal Brotherhood Movement and in 2004 was awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity (D Div).

In 2001, she was the Talent Coordinator and Personal Assistant for The Wisdom Channel show "Living In Balance with Georgia Shakti-Hill." Traveling to Mt. Shasta, CA, New Mexico, North Carolina and North Georgia filming a series called "An Adventure for the Spirit."

Her only child, Bennett, died in 1997 thus gifting her with a deep understanding of the grief process and the blessings available from the other side. In his memory, she published a book of his poetry called The Dragonfly Collection. In October 2001, Lee Carroll "Kryon", released his book An Indigo Celebration; Betsie was honored to have her story and her son's poetry used as the closing chapter of this informative book about the Indigo Children.

Her book, Mothers Who Cry in the Night, originated as Betsie would awaken in the middle of the night with feelings of helplessness, knowing that her son's behavior was spiraling out of control, the only thing she could do in those wee dark hours would be to go to her computer and start writing to relieve her fears. It takes the reader through those long lonely nights, giving them strategies to turn these out of control feelings around, and to learn how to rebuild themselves to understand that God and Love are the foundation that they can constantly return to when these dark nights of the soul envelope them.

This intense heartfelt story includes a rich history of the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley, Georgia and the remembrance of the summer of 1996 when tipis were nestled between the banks of the Sautee Creek and Chattahoochee River. Using the songs and poems of her son, Bennett, Mothers Who Cry in the Night takes the reader through his journey to find himself in the shadow of Mt. Yonah. The legacy he left behind is both inspiring and comforting.

Mothers Who Cry in the Night is available on shamanichypnosis.com and
from Amazon.com

Betsie Poinsett is a member of:

• Hypnotherapists' Union #472

• American Hypnotherapy Assn.

• Universal Brotherhood Movement

Philosophy and Comments        

Her mission is to unite people of all spiritual viewpoints using earth-based wisdom to experience more peace, harmony and beauty in their life. She has created this sacred space for YOU to feel safe enough to explore your inner world on a much deeper level. Combining Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Ceremony, Flower Essences, Pendulum & Dowsing Instructions, and Chakra Balancing to create a unique healing modality to assist others who are brave enough to work through their life issues to emerge heroic, victorious.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Private Sessions $100 or Three Sessions for $250

Please visit shamanichypnosis.com for more information on sessions and products.

Contact me by email or phone 706-754-0999 to schedule your session.

Wedding Services and Other Ceremonies        

Rev. Dr. Betsie Poinsett is a non-denominational minister who serves the spiritual needs of the people in her community. She is available for Weddings, Renewal of Vows, commitment ceremonies and baptisms.

If you and your future bride or groom are making plans for that special occasion please feel free to contact her.

Personalized Services Include:

A meeting with the bride and groom to discuss wedding plans and ceremonial needs. We can meet in person or this can be done via e-mail, letter or phone. Rev. Dr. Poinsett provides you with several pages of vows and ceremony ideas.

Works with you and any other wedding professionals to make sure that your wedding is truly a special day.

Takes care of legal paperwork after the ceremony to make sure your marriage is officially recorded.

Gifts you with a gold embossed copy of your Marriage Certificate.


Hi Betsie! I just wanted to say thanks again for coming through in such short notice. We really appreciate you being there and the ceremony was perfect, absolutely perfect. Have a great day!- Ivy and James

Rev. Betsie, Thank you so much for performing our wedding ceremony. It was absolutely perfect and we are both so pleased at how everything turned out! I appreciate you coming out in the heat for us. I really appreciate all that you did! - Leigh

Greetings Betsie. I just wanted to give you a great big thank you from Reyna and me. You made our wedding a wonderful experience. The Ceremony was wonderful. I wish you many, many blessings. God Bless, Thomas Tate

Office and House Blessing        

I'd like to let you in on a secret of how to attract more customers to your business. Consider having your office blessed!!!

An Office Blessing is a prayer that is said to clear out any negativity left behind by the previous people. Along with it, a sacred incense is used to make sure the energy goes away. It is called "Smudging" which is nothing more than using an incense smoke to clear these vibrations. Shamans use several different sources to do this. White Sage is popular and is used to drive out negativity. Cedar cleanses, Sweetgrass draws positive energy (but it also attracts ALL energies!), Tobacco absorbs positive and negative energies, and Copal cleanses the energy of people, places and things. It is of a higher cleansing frequency than white sage, cedar, sweetgrass or tobacco, that is why I highly recommend smudging with it.

It is also important to do this kind of ceremony at your home. Or, if you buy a new home, be sure to smudge to release the previous owner's energy. Real Estate Agents would be very wise to smudge a home that is "For Sale" to remove the energy of the previous owner, so that clients will feel the clear, fresh positive vibrations of the house "For Sale".

More information about Office and House Blessings: See This Page

Mothers Who Cry in the Night        

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rev. Dr. Betsie H. Poinsett, whose only child died in 1997, has written a book: Mothers Who Cry in the Night – the Ultimate Gift of Love.

Betsie bares her soul – no false pride here — and reveals the power of spirit to lift us above the troubled waters into the clear light of love and understanding. This is must reading for anyone who has fought the battle of a troubled child and felt the sting of defeat.

Mother Who Cry in the Night – The Ultimate Gift of Love gives the reader a spiritual blueprint for dealing with life’s problems. It asks the readers to shift their focus to a higher plane and, in effect, to unlearn what society has pounded into our heads since birth. Most of life is not black and white, good and bad, right and wrong. Bringing a spiritual purpose to the shaded areas helps illuminate them, thereby helping us to see the big picture.

This book is unique. It gives people an otherworldly way of solving everyday problems. It compels them to color outside the lines, to establish the spiritual connection to God and all of humanity that will allow them to be free, no matter what problems beset them.

Order From Amazon:
See this page


What is Being Said About Rev. Dr. Betsie H. Poinsett and Mothers Who Cry in the Night:

In Mothers Who Cry in The Night, Betsie Poinsett bares her soul—no false pride here—and reveals the power of spirit to lift us above the troubled waters into the clear light of love and understanding. This is must reading for anyone who has fought the battle of a troubled child and felt the sting of defeat. Betsie has been there, yet in the loss came the gift of joy and freedom, and the realization that there is no death, only new life. I highly recommend this book. - John Randolph Price, Best-selling author and chairman of the Quartus Foundation

Mothers Who Cry in The Night is a heartwarming story of a mother who has learned to celebrate her child, even after his untimely death... to keep learning day after day from his wisdom. In her investigation of who he was to others during his short life, she discovers a master teacher. In this discovery, his real purpose is revealed, and a mother’s grief is turned to understanding and gratitude. - Lee Carroll - Co-author of The Indigo Children series

Mothers Who Cry in The Night is Betsie Poinsett’s inspirational story of healing and growing after the greatest personal tragedy. She allows the reader to join her on this spiritual quest for understanding and meaning. Betsie has served her readers well. - Georgia Shakti-Hill, television host of “Living in Balance” on The Wisdom Channel and PBS and uthor of Sharing the Light.

From parents:

Betsie: I am constantly going back to the book when I feel empty and alone. I can feel your strength around me when I get down and out. I remember little things you say when I’m at work and I want to bust out crying, I realize I am not alone. I can’t begin to tell you how much you mean to me. I will always be in contact with you; just connecting to you makes me feel lifted. Love, Terri

Dear Betsie: In hearing Bennett’s words, expressed thru your heart I am woken up to my learning’s. A new glance a new perspective of life. My heart and soul thank you beautiful angel of the heart! You keep spreading those words! They are reaching others in ways you never even dreamed of! Love, Steph

Thanks so much for sending & sharing this with me. I have to say it brought tears to my eyes in several parts and chills as I read it. You do have a gift for writing! Bennett also had the gift too, as you, of writing and conveying his feelings through poems. I want a copy of the book when it is completed, Please!! Love, Becky

I read your excerpt from Mothers Who Cry in The Night and it touched me deeply... he had a very free spirit and was a very bright light... what courage...wish I could have met him...and maybe I will sometime. :o) Love ya, Leslie


From Facebook: I've been a Hypnotherapist since 1988, my first office was in a beautiful old stone home near Chamblee High School. One of my first clients was a talented Graphic Artist, Carole Maxwell, she had an office in the same building. Today over 25 years later she wrote me this message of how the techniques I taught her then helped her with a medical procedure today. It's so rewarding to know how we can make a difference in people's lives, giving them techniques to use after all this time.

Carole wrote: Hi Betsie. I had to go today and have a nuclear stress test (heart, just routine). There were a couple of tests where you have to lie perfectly still, with your left arm raised above your head. The machine scans your chest for 15 minutes. It's not easy to lie perfectly still for 15 mins.! The way I handled it was to use techniques you used when I had sessions with you. This time, I got in the elevator and counted the floors from 20 to 1. Then the door opened and I went into that beautiful, peaceful garden. It worked!! Fast 15 minutes. Thank you! ????

PLEASE TAKE 2 MINUTES to Read this important message

I think it is important at this time, to let you know why this Lightworker's Council comes together once a month at the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore. (The first Tuesday of every month.)
And also at my home in Athens. (The 3rd Sunday & the 2nd Thursday of the month.)
This is a review for some and for the newbies, to know why our purpose together is so very important.
It is a long story of how this came about, but I will let you know that I went into trance and Betsie Hensel Poinsett was the hypnotherapist facilitator. A Very Urgent Message was given by Spirit:
A MESSAGE FOR THE WORLD - Channeling under Hypnosis with Betsie Hensel Poinsett - 5/27/14
Betsie: And then the last question is:
Are there any messages about or for the world that we need to know right now?
Me: Yes! From the level of dimension, We see energy coming into the Earth. As you would see it, it would be like search lights. And we see this as coming in from the outside to the Earth. There is green, there is yellow. These Lights... (looked like the colors of a sick cold)
B: Where are they from?
M: These are from malefic forces.
B: Does that mean bad forces?
M: Yes. Forces that don't want the raising of consciousness. (Don't want humans to care for the Earth. For their children, their education, the food they eat.)
B: Where are they from?
M: This is not given. Not of the importance.
B: And what do we do about it?
M: This very important. This is the important message. All of the psychics, healers, prayerful ones (Lightworkers) who can and will contact, must etherically raise a shield of Light of the Rose Quartz color. Transmuting these forces in Love and protection of the Earth. This must be done as soon as possible. This is done sometimes with Collective Consciousness during eclipses, during Solstices, during special times. As you know.
B: Yes.
M: This needs to be done constantly. This needs to be done every day and night. Lightworkers should hold their hands up and beam the Light of Love for protection and surround this Earth. This will uplift the consciousness of the people. This will transmute these forces into Love.

As I was typing this out after recording the session, an Angel tapped me on the shoulders and said, "Hurry up. Get the Lightworkers together now!"
So we have been meeting for over a year now in Atlanta and Athens. I have also traveled to Europe for the purpose of starting a Lightworkers group there.
Thank you for setting all things aside to meditate and send Love with us to literally save our World and Beyond. This is your Purpose. This is why we are here. Thank you for your important service. With Unconditional Love, Elizabeth

"Betsie, thank you. I' m feeling great and something that I had not expected happened.... All my neck and upper back pain and tension has gone away along with the grinding of my teeth!!!! I told my dentist about you too- Dr Thomas McDonald - All the best to you, love & light." - Lisa


"OK here is my experience with my first Hypnotherapy session:
I had three issues that were bothering me. We only focused on one, but for some reason after clearing up the first one, the other two seem to not concern me. I have no idea what actually happened and like I told you after the session, I fought it because I was not sure what I might experience. I finally said, that is it, Betsie cannot help me if I don't completely surrender.
I did just that!!!!!
I felt myself going very deep. I felt a peace unlike any peace I have ever experienced. I literally floated out of the office and went home and just chilled out.
The next day, my writing was easier and more creative
I was not bothered with being too concerned with things I cannot change.
I have felt better each day and because of the session I am on the road to a new me. Thank you so much. You have a gift." - D.G. photographer, author


"Betsie has helped me in such a way, I could never repay for what she has done and in such a short amount of time that years of therapy and counseling could not. It has been just a short few months. I am so grateful I found Betsie and look forward to our continued work together. I wish everyone could know Betsie and how much love and peace she can give and teach." - D.C. Accountant


"Betsie's sessions have helped to uncover unconscious feelings and desires. This has helped me to clearly understand my feelings so that I can move forward with confidence. I believe that hypnotherapy will help speed the process of discovery much more quickly than conventional therapy." - Belinda, Health Care Professional


"I had finally made a decision to quit smoking and thought hypnosis would be my best bet! After serveral unsuccessful tries with the patches, gum and even one time of quitting cold turkey. So I contacted Betsie and made an appointment. I was very nervous, of course, as I had a few preconceived ideas about hypnosis and what really happens. But upon meeting Betsie she put me at ease right away. She explained everything and answered every question for me. Betsie was very professional and very caring. I started her three-week program to quit smoking and found it to be the best thing for me. Each week along with the hypnosis I decreased my cigarettes by half. Much better than cold turkey and less cravings. By the third week I was off cigarettes and haven't had one since! I very seldom have cravings but when I do they are controllable. Hypnosis is the way to go and I would recommend it and Betsie." - Becky A, Front End Manager, Ingles Supermarkets


"Yes, I really feel like she is teaching me a lot about how to not dwell on negatives and always stay positive. I may not understand everything but I do know that she is a positive influence in my life right now. I really can open up to her about things and she is so helpful at retraining my thought process to focus on a more positive way of life. I am constantly searching and reading things about how powerful our minds are and how our attitudes determine whether we are successful and happy in our relationships, work, and life in general. I have such a peace and happiness now about all aspects of my life since I first started with her. I wake up and look forward to every new day that I have. I am so blessed with a wonderful husband, family, job, and health. She is teaching me how to see the good instead of all the bad. I signed up for three more sessions because I can't get enough of this new way of thinking. It is so freeing." - Christina


Find more testimonials at shamanichypnosis.com

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