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Sophia's Wisdom: Intuitive Healing & Holistic Body Work

Yvonne Thibodeau, M.A., M.Div, MRT


219 Water St.
Old Town, ME 04468
United States
T: (207) 356-2662

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I provide the following: Spiritual Coaching, Reiki(including Karuna®)-amazing energy/body work that balances one's energy system, Chakra centers and meridian lines. Reiki has been shown to minimize the negative side effects of, for example, surgery, chemotherapy, and invasive procedures. It's also been shown to reduce or eliminate pain, reduce stress, and helps create optimism. Works well alone, and as a compliment to allopathic medicine and psychotherapy. Karuna® Reiki, which means compassionate in Hawaiian, works at the cellular level. It's an awesome powerful, yet gentle, process. As a shamanic practioner, I provide Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, and other aspects of healing through the Shamanic Journey; Crystal/Stone Healing Work; Dowsing (including nutritional assessments, supplements, flower essences); Angel readings; Home Altar design; House Blessings and Cleansing; Christenings, Weddings, and Handfastings and other life ceremonies; Workshops and Presentations with Demonstrations.

Profile and Credentials        

Intuitive Healer, Ordained Spiritual Peacemaker/Minister of the Beloved Community Seminary, Karuna Reiki® Teacher, Usui/Tibetan Master Reiki Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Angel Reader

Philosophy and Comments        

I have always had an interest in alternative healing techniques and practices and truly love the work. I believe in the interconnection of all things, therefore, my practice is directed to the care of all sentient beings. Seeing the divine in all things. I am committed to spiritual peacemaking and am an ordained peace minister of the Beloved Community Seminary. As part of the Sanctuary of the Heavenly Rose, we provide classes and workshops around personal transformation and spiritual peacemaking. We also work with sacred geometry, specifically the wheel pictured above, to manifest and magnify balance and peace on the earth. I am also an adjunct faculty person teaching for the University of Maine Peace & Reconciliation Studies program.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Call to schedule an appointment. Fee-Humans: $50-$60/session

Animals: Dependent on the amount of time spent. Some animals are not willing to receive Reiki, etc. for a long period of time. For animals, I will always do house calls so they can be in their own familiar environment and feel safe.

For workshops and classes costs vary.





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