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Welcome to a New Self, a New World

"The simple truth, Dear One, is that Life Itself wants you to succeed, to be fulfilled, to live in Joy. Life wants to cooperate with you. Life is speaking to you constantly. It is only a matter of knowing how to listen to the language of Life. You will be guided. And you will be free."

The Do'Hai Masters want you to embrace that loving Presence within, to receive Its gifts, and enjoy a fulfilling life. The Path of Oneness taught by the Do'Hai Masters awakens the willing through practical keys of spiritual evolution. This non-dogmatic approach emphasizes a balance of mind and heart, body and soul, and empowerment through spiritual understanding. Enlightenment (Ascension) is a consequence of consistently applying simple, proven principles. The mind (ego) complicates. The Heart (Soul) Liberates. There is a Power within you that knows the way. Do'Hai is a path to that Power.

"There is a Love within you that understands you. And that Love is calling to you each and every moment. With every breath, with very smile, with every bloom of the flower, with every caress of the breeze of upon your face, that grand and magnificent glorious Love that is You is calling your name."

“Spiritual growth from our perspective is just a matter of exercising perspectives conducive to spiritual growth. Proactive perspectives, optimistic perspectives, aiming to seeing the gift, see the positive, the advantage, the benefit … in everything.”

"Source knows what It's doing. And as you attune to that wisdom, you know what Source is doing, and things just naturally unfold from that point."

"Most people on a spiritual path try way too hard to make things happen. Eh? If you can be present enough with your Self, things happen all by themselves."

"A miracle is Love allowed to manifest."

Profile and Credentials        

Knowledge may be power, but Understanding equals Mastery. Whether dealing with issues in work, relationships, or specific life circumstances, the Do'Hai Masters and Angels offer practical, empowering, spiritual guidance to help you navigate life successfully.

After a rocky beginning in this life, Jaraan made it his personal mission to discover precisely how feelings, beliefs, and attitudes impact one's life and well-being. Understanding how to identify and resolve the root cause of difficulties became a liberating obsession. The in-depth exploration of the correlation between thoughts, feelings, and experiences fascinated him, and resulted in many profound realizations regarding why things don't work and how they can. Jaraan chooses a Heart-centered, Oneness-based approach to facilitate greater connection, harmony, and cooperation between self and Source. Today, Jaraan shares his abilities as author, mentor, healing facilitator and channel for the Do'Hai Masters to facilitate transformation and conscious awakening.

Search "Pleiades2See" on youtube.com for additional channeled dialogues.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Heart of Do'Hai Teachings.

Do'Hai Affirmation: "I am a manifestation of Source. I was created by Love, from Love, in the image and likeness of Love. With Love I Awaken. Through Love I Prosper. As Love I am Perfect and Whole. It is so. Ash'te Bash'Ka." Ash'te Bash'Ka, pronounced "Osh tay Bosh kah" means "I am all levels of gratitude, Supreme One."

The Principles of Do'Hai

The Do'Hai Masters gave these Principles as the core and foundation of Do'Hai, (Attunement to Source). They encourage the contemplation and application of these Principles to gracefully advance evolution. Further elaboration is in The Path of Oneness by Jaraan Onai.

Unity * Cooperation * Honesty * Integrity * Balance * Self-Responsibility * Trust/Surrender * Humility * Open-Mindedness * Open-Heartedness * Willingness * Acceptance/Non-Judgment * Proactivity

Unity — Recognizing that there is only one Source, one Presence within and through all expressions. Recognizing that you are one with, in fact, you ARE every circumstance in your experience. Unity is the 13th, or ultimate principle within which the other 12 operate. To practice any of the other 12 ultimately leads to the realization of Unity because you must experience Unity on some level to actually practice any of the others.

Cooperation — The act of working with Source to achieve a desired result. Also, and equally important, cooperation is that attitude of knowing that everything you experience cooperates with you to achieve a desired result.

Honesty — Telling yourself the truth. Admitting the fact of your experience as you perceive it in any given moment. Also, allowing the Divine Reality to be known in you and expressed through you in thought, feeling, and action.

Integrity — Integrity is the quality that holds fast to what you know to be true in principle, or in essence, regardless of appearances, influences, or circumstances that would attempt to sway your choices or decisions.

Balance — The reconciliation of two or more equal but opposing sides or forces. Balance may also be defined as being centrally oriented. Often the Do'Hai Masters have encouraged a focus on the Heart and to stay present with the Heart. It is the center point of your Beingness.

Self-Responsibility — Basically means claiming creatorship of every circumstance and thing in your life, whether or not you happen to like them. To be self-responsible is to claim your Divine Power.

Trust/Surrender — Trust/Surrender means accepting the possibility that there is a Benevolent Presence within you and within which you are absolutely safe, loved, endorsed, and cared for, particularly when appearances seem to indicate otherwise.

Humility — It is knowing that there is more to see than what you are seeing, more to know than you are knowing, and that you are more powerful, more capable than you let yourself express. Humility is also accepting that many different things can be true about something or that truth is relative to perspective (a particular point of view).

Open-Mindedness (“Not Knowing”) — In Do’Hai, it means no filtering, censoring, or categorizing (judging) of thoughts that one becomes aware of. A truly open mind constantly holds a state of being embodied by the question, “What is Spirit’s truth here?” or "How does this apply to me?"

Open-Heartedness (Allowing) — Letting yourself feel whatever you feel in the moment. The more open-hearted one is, the more fearless one is. It is allowing you to be whoever and whatever you are in any given moment and allowing all else to do and be likewise. It is a state of being embodied by the words, “I love me (you/it) regardless.” To be truly open-hearted is to be unconditionally loving.

Willingness — A state in which you are open to be or do whatever is called for by the Divine Presence within. In Do’Hai, Willingness means: “the ability to focus or direct attention/energy to a given task or ideal without resistance or attachment to a particular outcome, including having to know what the outcome might be.”

Acceptance/Non-Judgment — What is, is, in the moment. Objectivity. The ability to perceive or interact with something without attachment or previous associations (beliefs); a state of not having to impose any personal (ego-based) definitions upon a person, thing, or experience.

Proactivity (Focus on the ideal) — The fundamental nature of the Universe, which simply does not experience “no.” It is ongoing flow. In Do’Hai, Proactivity is the practice of keeping your eye on the goal. It is keeping your thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds in agreement/alignment with an aspiration/intention.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Awakening to Oneness Channeled Dialogues scheduled in multiple locations in WNC. (See below) Personal Channeled Consultations available by appointment - including conveniently by phone/skype. Dialogues on CD also available.

Rates vary by service. (Click “Contact Member” above for details.) Payments by cash and money order preferred.

Since teaching styles vary among channels, it is highly recommended to purchase CD/DVD dialogues of the Do'Hai Masters or attend group events before scheduling personal consultations. Sample audio/video excerpts are available at the top of this page.

Services Available        

Subscribe to our newsletter or click "Contact Member" for the most current information.

Spiritual Growth Channeled Dialogues with the Do'Hai Masters: You are warmly welcomed to attend the Do'Hai Master's dialogues in WNC and elsewhere when available. To simply be immersed in the presence of the Do'Hai Masters is a nurturing, uplifting experience. Groups begin with a brief meditation to establish sacred space and help you attune to the Unconditional Love of Source - your Soul's Presence. Then, one of the Do'Hai Masters will share a relevant spiritual teaching, then invite questions from the group. In many ways, dialogues are like conversing with a wise, old friend - someone who knows you well, loves you unconditionally, and gladly supports you when asked. So ponder your priorities and come prepared with questions. $15/person. (Hear audio samples by clicking the link above.)

Events are recorded and CDs available to order after the group. Since this is copyrighted work, no other recording is permitted.

Asheville area locations. * Dates/Times vary. Contact Us for information, registration, and directions.

Angelic Blessing Circles with the Angel Collective Clarion: Angels are pure expressions of Source; guides, guardians, helpers, and loving companions freely supporting all who accept their blessings. Clarion, a collective of Angels from the Legions of Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, and Sandalphon, share inspiration, guidance, and encouragement, and embrace the group with their Love and Healing support.

“. . . we are here to remind you, to encourage you to step up, [to encourage you] to expect more of Spirit, to expect that that Benevolence exists for you. We are here, in part, to demonstrate the Benevolence that is here for you. You are never without support.” ~ Clarion. (Hear Audio samples above.)

Asheville, NC area locations * Dates/Times vary. Contact Us for current info.

Channeled Consultations with the Do'Hai Masters/Angels: Most services are also available conveniently by phone/skype. (While we believe it is important that everyone receive the support they need to live a fulfilling life, and the Do'Hai Masters/Angels teachings can be helpful to many, these services are not recommended for individuals with serious psychological conditions.)

Channeled Consultations: Get right to the heart of the matter with insight to aid your understanding and practical guidance to get you on track. You’ll save time, avoid detours, and create lasting, positive changes in your life. The Masters tend to be quite comprehensive, so sessions are recorded on your choice of audio cassette/CD or mp3 format so that you can refer to them again and again as needed. $100/hr. $60/½ hr.

Do’Hai Facilitation™: Struggling with baffling difficulties? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Remarkably versatile, the Do’Hai™ presence facilitates attunement to your Inner Source Presence. Being immersed in this Loving radiance is soothing, nurturing, and revitalizing, helping needed changes to manifest with greater ease. In-person/distance: $75/hr. $45/½hr

Other Valuable Resources        

Brightside Numerology Readings: Comprehensive, in-depth Personality Profiles (up to 30 topics), Detailed Forecasts by the day, month, and year, and Relationship Compatibility Readings. Rates vary. Request a Brightside Numerology Brochure for complete details.

Soul Aspect Integration (SAI): Experience greater Wholeness through this specialized process which facilitates and deepens the link between your ego self and your masterful Soul Presence. This potentially leads to the full embodiment of the Soul Presence — often referred to as Ascension. Recipients choose the Aspects of their Soul they wish to integrate based upon their current needs, intentions, and Soul’s Purpose. SAI Initiation: $125 which includes the initial Soul Aspect Integration (approx. 75 minutes) plus one 30 minute follow-up session within 60 days. Request a SAI brochure for more information. (This service is only available in person.)

Do’Hai Facilitation™ Training
Living The Path Of Oneness -- An Introduction to the Art of Awakening
Novice Do’Hai Facilitation™ Training & Initiation
Teachings provided by Master Chan and Azh'ra Kai via Jaraan Onai
Training Facilitated by Somra Doshah

“You are a sculptor of consciousness, using as clay the
Unlimited Potential of Being that is you.” ~ Azh’ra Kai

There is a Presence of Unlimited Potential within you that cannot be accessed by the intellect alone but through the gateway of the Heart. This Presence is at Peace with Itself, in Love with Life, & One with all. This Presence is Source, your Soul, your Real Self. Like a honey droplet in brine, you’ve tasted this Reality in moments of creative insight & intuitive realization, & thought, “I wish every day could be like this moment.” It can. But only to the extent that you consciously attune to Source can you experience Its boundless Joy, Abundance, & Peace without ceasing.

Enhance your Spiritual Awakening in the following ways:

Struggle vs. Grace & Ease – Understanding distinctions between Polarity & Unity Consciousness

Think like a Master – Key Oneness principles & perspectives that effortlessly advance evolution

Soul Sense – Setting powerful, proactive intentions that ensure progress

Mastery in Action . . .

Simple, effective techniques for self-healing/awakening facilitation that liberates your True Radiance

A unique, powerful method of charging your food, water, supplements & more. Taste the difference. Feel the difference.

Empowerment Meditation: Transformation & Awakening the graceful way

A Sacred Do’Hai Attunement: Opening your Heart, the gateway to Soul & attuning to Source

Basic Facilitation Techniques that expand your consciousness as you help yourself & others heal, grow, & awaken.

“Human consciousness has a need to be ‘right,’ a need to ‘do it right.’ If those parts of you are getting their direction straight from Source, you can’t be more right than that.” ~ Master Chan

Student Comments

“The Do’Hai teachings give me the tools to help bring my spiritual life and my physical life into balance, into the Oneness that they are. Each class and each workshop deepens my understanding, or perhaps my remembrance, of my own Truth and how to bring it more fully into my daily life with as much Grace and Ease as possible. I am eternally grateful for these teachings.” ~ Wendy S.

“Somra and Jaraan are teachers par excellence, giving so much assistance and support to so many people. Every class has felt like a smooth lake: just glide across and the other side is more skill, more understanding, and much more confidence. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Lumina Skye

“The teachings always contain more than is at first apparent, and it has been my Joy to continue expanding my awareness at my own pace, and to accept that, while’s there’s no rush, diligence is richly rewarded. . . . The Do’Hai Masters demonstrate and share their loving, compassionate perspective and invite you to consider that on some level, you are as they are; to accept that you are far more than your present conception; and they suggest techniques to create a stronger inner connection with Source. If you do the work, you get to experience Reality.” ~ Jamadyah, aka Laura J.

For more class information, contact us by clicking “Contact Member” above or call 828-348-0283.

Student/Client Comments        

"The workshop is still releasing its gifts almost two weeks later. I have had awareness, different perspectives, on events from my past, as well as current situations. I have realized more fully that my abundance comes from me, not outside sources, because I am abundance. I have been blown away, in a subtle sense, at the clarifications that continue to come. Sometimes it is a deeper understanding of my beliefs and principles. Just this week, as I contemplated the fun day ahead of me, I realized that I take the joy that I am to the place that holds some resonance for me. It sounds very subtle but it was a powerful awareness for me as I knew it to be true rather than just intellectually believing it. That may sum up the workshop results for me. It took me from a place of believing to a place of knowing. There are many layers still to peel, but I feel a great deal more peace as I feel the truth of 'be where you are.' One of my major 'buttons' that was still disturbing my peace, 55 years later, revealed its source, or at least enough of it for me to have an 'ahha' experience and be able to move forward with greater grace and ease. I am all levels of gratitude for the Awakening Activation Workshop." ~ Wendy S., NC 2/08

“Even though I haven't gone on to become an ‘official Do'Hai facilitator,’ I find that I use Do'Hai every single day, sometimes to assist others (headaches, etc.), but mostly to enhance whatever I'm doing. From early morning, when I wake up and start my day with gratitude (and Do'Hai breathing), to charging my food with it, to placing my hands on my heart and solar plexus as I go to sleep breathing it in. When difficulties arise, I usually can remind myself to be grateful for the opportunities Soul is presenting, and ask for Do'Hai assistance to problem-solve, or just plain feel more Peace. It always works, especially allowing myself to acknowledge energy patterns passing through without naming them. They dissipate within a short time, and I experience a more peaceful state.

I still don't know what Soul has in mind for me, but I don't worry about it very much. I have plenty to do each day, knowing that each day is bringing me closer to inspiration and expansion. Sometimes its hard to wait for it all to happen, then I remind myself that it is happening even as I'm asking ‘when?’ Somra and Jaraan are teachers par excellence, giving so much assistance and support to so many people. Every class has felt like a smooth lake: just glide across and the other side is more skill, more understanding, and much more confidence. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Lumina Skye, retired teacher, continuing student,Do’Hai Apprentice Facilitator

“I truly enjoyed the “Joy” and “Sacredness” of the training session(s); I could sense the presence of Divine inspiration. Little did I know then just how well the lives of others can be supported with the gift of Do'Hai energetic facilitation. I also really loved my classmates. I found them all very inspiring.

My benefits are many. Some are: I experience a peaceful inner self; I am very happy to know that my clients are benefiting from the facilitations; client responses have all been positive with some having additional or unexpected, positive results; I am more confident and am more sensitive to life's energies nowadays.

Both Jaraan's and Somra's teaching styles are warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. They are adept at answering questions and tell you when they don't know the answer. Their presentation as a team as well as singularly is impeccable. Jaraan and Somra are most excellent teachers of this beautiful healing mode called Do'Hai.

Do’Hai has presented a path for me to see clearly. At no time am I led into confusion or deception. All questions are answered from a most understandable perspective. I am not a follower of others but of self. Do’Hai is clearly presented as a means or vehicle for my inner self to traverse my consciousness to my preferred destination.

Do’Hai IS the highest vibration of energy I have ever worked with. I sometimes call it ‘Turbo Reiki’ as a frame of reference to start from. But there is no comparison of Do’Hai energy to all the others I have experienced. Do’Hai is so very thorough and deep and clear and incredibly sublime and perfect LOVE. It works very well. So far I’ve had no complaints.” ~ Jessabooji, Certified Do’Hai Facilitator

“I cannot tell you how much the Do'Hai Facilitation classes have expanded my life, my horizons, my consciousness! (It's not easy to put into words.) I use it most every day of my life, whether I use some of the symbols in meditation, or ‘charge’ the water I drink, or give healing to my kitties. It is so much a part of who I am, I cannot imagine not having this facilitation in my life. I give healing to myself and have received it from others. You guys are usually asking if we can feel a shift: no, I can't say that I have been aware of that, but I KNOW it works because I know Do'Hai works; I have experienced that first-hand.

Somra and Jaraan are fabulous teachers! That I have also experienced first-hand in many sessions. Your talents compliment each other, and you guys are animated and enthusiastic. I particularly appreciate your mentoring and accessibility. But most of all you live Do'Hai, which is important to me. Of that I am grateful for; you two are at the top of my list.” ~ J. R., Apartment Manager, Do’Hai Apprentice Facilitator

“In the seven-plus years I have been learning from the Do’Hai Ascended Masters, I have felt the truth of their teachings and the integrity of their mission. Their intention to remind us of how to attune to Source by connecting with our intuition, our creativity, our Masterful Self, has been incredibly supportive, greatly counter-balancing the messages of our culture which emphasize a more rigid, narrow and linear perspective of who we are. The teachings always contain more than is at first apparent, and it has been my Joy to continue expanding my awareness at my own pace, and to accept that, while there’s no rush, diligence is richly rewarded. I’m finding that the best form of learning seems to be empirical; based on your own experience. The Do’Hai Masters do not tell you what to do; they demonstrate and share their loving, compassionate perspective and invite you to consider that on some level, you are as they are; to accept that you are far more than your present conception; and they suggest techniques, from a simple Heart-Breath to self-guided meditations, to create a stronger inner connection with Source. If you do the work, you get to experience the Reality. Therefore, working with their teachings does invite one to do more than merely consider the concepts intellectually; the Real world unfolds through faithfully watering and fertilizing the seeds they plant.

Through it all, Jaraan Onai and Somra Spirit have honed their considerable skills as teachers and facilitators to a point of true brilliance. Every class they have given has been of the highest caliber in every respect. The materials they prepare are outstanding and user-friendly, clearly organizing information that is at the cutting edge of energy healing work on this planet. Their collaboration with each other and with the Ascended Masters is a gift to the world. To have access to this kind of knowledge with such intuitive and dedicated leadership is a source of exhilaration for me. From my perspective, as practicing Do’Hai Facilitators, Jaraan and Somra represent a new level of human awareness. The energy work I have received from each has always facilitated a deep inner transformation and supported my intention to be more conscious, aware and at Peace. The benefits I receive from experiencing Do’Hai at a personal level challenge me to increase my own integrity, honesty and self-acceptance as I enter more deeply into the practice and facilitation of Do’Hai. It is difficult to put into words how grateful I am for this incredible opportunity to change my perspective and accept More Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance! At last, my spiritual world is coming into focus! Through all the voices of past traditions, both beneficial and corrupted, the True Love of Source is shining ever more clearly. With Do’Hai, all I have to do is choose what I truly want in my heart, relax and allow!” ~ Jamadyah, aka Laura J., Certified Do’Hai Facilitator, composer, retired administrator & music director

"I got as far as page 14 [in Answers That Lighten Your Life! ebook] on which Chokai is discussing how to discern Spirit's voice from that of ego. I had been wrestling with money problems and trying to decide what to do ... so I stopped right there and did the exercise: Then I sat back and listened (it took awhile to get ego quiet!). Interestingly, less than 5 minutes later (right after ego calmed down) the phone rang and a party who had owed me money for six months called to say the money was there and could I pick it up! I am really looking forward to reading the rest of this book!" Phyllis R.

"Working with Jaraan and the Masters has changed my life in many ways. I no longer have the feeling that life is pointless, that I have no purpose in this world. Now, I see that everything is for my benefit, and I am much less fearful." ~ Lumina Skye

"Just to let you know I must have received your healing. I did a lot of breath work yesterday evening, even waking up in the middle of the night and [breathing] for a while. I feel much better this morning! The healing and breath work put me back on track. Thanks so much!" ~ Jackie R., NC

“Hey, Jaraan. I have spent most of the day in a joyous state! I am so encouraged by my recent experiences using the [Do’Hai] teachings — and I feel truly blessed by Spirit! I’ve been BEAMING all day! Abundant blessings on you for sharing your gift of channeling! Deepest thanks.” JLJ. ~ NC,

“After my session last week, the [chronic] pain in my back was entirely gone. And it hasn’t come back!” CH, H’ville

“. . . the energy coming though Jaraan is so powerful for where we are right now. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” Solara B, W’ville

"Hi Jaraan! Thank you so much for working with me!! It was such a wonderful experience - I also had a very good experience with solving a problem very gracefully afterwards. I used the visualisation of the colour before talking something difficult over, with a very good result!

The Do'Hai-session felt very comforting and nurturing. Good decision to work with you again - same good feeling of talking with you and the guides!" Anke H, Germany


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