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Jeanene Daire Stuart-Herr


Atlanta, Georgia United States
T: 770-682-7452


In addition to adult sessions, my session work includes childen, pets, long distance and by proxy.

Certified Cymatherapist. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Certified Possibilities DNA Facilitator. Biogenesis Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Akashic Record Readings and Clearings, Spiritual Release Therapy, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Ordained Minister; Doctor of Divinity Degree in Theology

My workshops include "Healing the InnerChild", "Healing the Heart of the Womb", "Healing the Starving Artist", "Healing Meditations", "Practical Intuition; How to Read Auras and Past Lives", "Psychic / Clairvoyant Healing; Learning to Heal with Your Guides", and "Practical Magic and Manifestation; Creating Your Heart's Desires". If you are interested in hosting or sponsoring a workshop in your area, please contact me.

Profile and Credentials        

BIO: Jeanene Daire Stuart-Herr, C.C.H.T., D.O.D., C.L.S.C. - Certified Cymatherapist. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Master-Level EIp of DNA Facilitator. EFT practitioner, Bio-Genesis Practioner, Ordained Minister; Doctor of Divinity Degree in Theology, Certified Coach & Life Skills Counselor; Level III Reiki Master. Practioner / Certified Teacher of Theology, Metaphysics, Spiritual/Universal Laws and Meditation. Universal Matrix Church, The Full Gospel Ministry, Lively Stones Fellowship, Unity Church, Church of Divine Man, Church of Inner Light. Jeanene is a board member of International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA-usa.org, an organization devoted to the use of music, sound & frequencies for healing therapy. Jeanene's musical experience as a singer, musician, songwriter and use of Crystal Bowl therapy is an added dimension for using music therapy. For further information on my work or to arrange an appointment, please contact Jeanene via telephone 770-682-7452; Email SoulConsultation@aol.com www.soulpurpose.byregion.net

Philosophy and Comments        

I HEAR THE QUESTION FROM CLIENTS, "WHY AREN'T THE TEACHINGS OF "THE SECRET" OR LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKING FOR ME? Want to know "the secret" behind "The Secret"? My work is the secret treasure map to help you to discover what blocks and memories are recorded in your DNA and in your subconscious mind. I have the ability assist you to remove the blocks, memories and negative patterns, thus enabling you to manifest your desires. We all carry negative emotions, patterns, memories and issues in our physical/ etheric/ emotional/ mental bodies, cell memory, and DNA. These memories in our subconscious mind and bodies direct how we experience our world. I have extensive training and experience in Cymatherapy, Biogenesis, Akashic Record Clearings, DNA Repatterning, Hypnotherapy, Holographic and Rapid Healing. These are all cutting edge modalities used to identify and transform the negative patterns and energies associated with your issues. Like a radio dial. what frequency your patterns are vibrating at is the life experience you attract. My work is to recognize and change the frequency that your patterns are vibrating at; change your frequency, change your life.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

If you wish to have private sessions please contact me at 770-682-7452

Payment may be made through the PayPal form below:

Akashic Record Reading & Healing Session - $150

Soul Ancestoral Healing Session">

Soul Akashic Reading / Healing Sesssion - $150


Edgar Cayce predicted that Sound would be the future of healing. Cymatherapy is a non-invasive sound & magnetic therapy that helps restore the body to optimal health, balance and function. It uses advanced instruments to transmit to the body, the frequencies associated with healthy organs, cells and tissues, supporting the body's natural healng abilities. The Cyma1000 is programmed with commutations/codes that include harmonious combinations of five frequencies each to address a large number of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical imbalances in the body. The combination of sound and magnetic therapy are two very powerful healing agents in the field of bioresonance and vibrational medicine. The Cyma1000 transmits frequencies associated with healthy organs, cells, tissues, etc. Many well tested studies have proven the Cyma1000 to be well-recognized in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Scientists now know that the human body is a dynamic energy system and that the body itself as well as each of our cells, organs and tissues have their own vibratory nature. This natural, resonant frequency can become upset or imbalanced, leading to pain, illness, stress, or disease. The Cymatherapy session uses an applicator to deliver precise combinations of sound / magnetic frequencies associated with healthy tissue and organ systems. These sound waves help to normalize imbalances and synchronize the cell�s frequency back to its natural healthy state of vibrational resonance. For more information visit www.cymatherapy.com


A Five Step Process for Total Wellness and Abundance.

Your physical DNA is only half the story. The other half is the emotional DNA handed down through many generations. Our ancestral memories, experiences, beliefs, fears and feelings - as well as those handed down to us as children by parents, teachers, the media, relatives, friends, etc -are all filed as memories in our DNA, which directs the way we experience our world physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.


A session reveals what is your path and what keeps you from being on it. From your book of life, you have life experiences, lessons, conracts, gifts to enhance, karma to balance, as well as subconscious and cellular beliefs based on past lives you have lived. In these sessions you learn what it is you are here to learn, to heal, to overcome as well as what past lives you lived that contributed to create this. Then the contracts, karma, patterns etc that are holding you back are released and healed. These sessions are very insightful and provide intuitive guidance as well.


Biogenesis tools are an ancient technology that hasn't been here on earth since times of Atlantis. The BioGenesis tools removes negativity, restores harmony to the body, emotions and mind as well as one's home, workplace and life experience.

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