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Kathryn Manning



Sound Healer/Musician, Reiki Teacher
St. Paul, MN 55102
United States
T: 651.222.2781




Accent Vibrational Healing with Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, Kathryn Manning


Working in concert with the universal life force of Usui Reiki, Kathryn Manning employs this soothing, supportive energy with the powerful healing harmonic vibrations of her celtic harp and voice to help her clients cope with pain and health issues on many levels.

Kate will also train people for self care with Traditional Usui Reiki, and also to combine it with the Celtic Harp.

Reiki and vibrational therapies have been used in the modern Western scientific arena for many years now. Their use in the Eastern healing arts has never stopped. Western musicians have used sound and music as a healing modality since ancient Greek times with Pythagoras. Sound vibrations have recently been tested for use on conditions such as tumors and inducing the relaxation response. Reiki has been used by doctors and nurses for over 20 years in hospitals and private practice.

Serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and international areas ...

Profile and Credentials        

Award winning professional musician for over 20 years playing harp and over 30 years singing. Practicing meditation and relaxation techniques for over 20 years including meditational singing.

Certified Reiki Master Usui Lineage from Reiki Healing Connection, Maggie Chambers and Libby Barnett. Certified to Practice and Teach.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Please call for appointment times and rates for healing sessions and private lessons. 651.222.2781.

Level one Reiki Attunement/Training $150.00.

Reiki Treatment $65 for one hour. Reiki and Harp Healing $120 for an hour and a half.

Chakra Healing and relaxation training with or without Celtic Harp        

Workshops are available for individuals, small or large groups to learn an easy relaxation meditation while the chakra series is worked on vibrationally with sound or music and distant reiki.

Fees vary depending on location desires and size of group.

Please call or email for more information 651.222.2781.

Just plain Reiki Training and Attunements        

Reiki training, attunements or Hands-on reiki and distant healing available. Please see www.mannyngharp.com/Reiki.html for more information.

Please email me for a link to a copy of publications.

Concert/lecture on using Classical and Classical Vocal music for self healing and assisting in suppo        

Using examples of different uses of vibration, allpathic, homeopathic, psychological etc, a lecture demonstration concert or day long workshop is available to help you choose Classical Vocal music or classical music in general to help support your own personal healing activities or those of clients in an alternative care setting.


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