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Charlotte, NC 28205
United States
T: 919-413-2570


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I perform and teach hooping with colorful handmade hoops. I handcraft my hoops with the intention that they bring joy, health and transformation to those who dance with them. My dance is athletic, graceful and powerful: through it I touch the Source and seek to bring that to my audience.

Hooping is creative movement using large, handmade symbols. Much easier to use than the small HulaHoop ™, the size of my hoops facillitates rhythmic dance, fluid meditation and a wide range of movements utilizing the whole body. The dynamic relationship between hooper and hoop creates a centering, flowing style of movement that provides both fitness and bliss.

Profile and Credentials        

Hooping is an emerging dance form and I enjoy experiencing and sharing the blissfully spiritual connection that comes from dancing with these symbolic toys.

I travel the country (soon the world!) performing and teaching my dance. I perform at festivals, parties and corporate events. I dance with Fire, Blacklight, and Rainbow-Lit LED Hoops. I teach workshops and create custom hoops.

While I just moved to Charlotte, I am partly based out of Chapel Hill and currently co-teach hooping classes weekly at Balanced Movement Studio with my friend and fellow hooper Jon Baxter.

More info is availbale on my website www.spiralhoopdance.com

Philosophy and Comments        

More to come...

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