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Carla Meeske - Shamanic Soul Gardening

Carla Meeske


1115 W Briles Road
Phoenix, AZ 85085
United States

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Carla Meeske offers shamanic healing for you and your animals, and innovative workshops in modern shamanism. Ask and you will receive blessings and healing from your compassionate Spirit helpers. Shamanism with Carla - let your soul bloom!

I have been teaching shamanism for over 20 years, and SpiritHealer School has over 50 graduates worldwide from our year long certification program. My classes have always taught the core concepts, but from my own perspective, guided my my Spirit Teachers.

Beginning in 2016 my focus will be on Shamanic Soul Gardening, and working with Dragons and Fairies. My Spirit teachers have been very clear that sharing Shamanic Soul Gardening is my life mission - and when they tell you something like that, it's a very good idea to listen. I will be teaching all the core healing techniques in the certification program, but everything will flow from our work in the Garden. ( I haven't decided if I will actually have a certification program again - but if you stick around you will learn everything I can share. Then it is up to you.)

I offer several ways to learn basic shamanic journeying (many of you already know how). Once you are comfortable traveling to the upper and lower worlds with your Spirit Guides, you are ready to embark on our programs.

Profile and Credentials        

Carla Meeske uses Shamanic Healing to relieve physical, emotional or behavioral problems in animals and people. If you or your animal friend has issues, Carla can help. Working through Carla, the Compassionate Spirits deliver strong healing power. Shamanic techniques like soul retrieval, illness transfiguration and compassion infusion bring new light and hope.

  • 15 plus years experience in professional shamanic practice, for both animals and people

  • Pioneer who developed shamanic animal communication, and brought shamanic healing to animals

  • Passionate about Spiritual healing – bridging the energetic connection between the Spirits and you

  • Fabulous communicator, who beautifully explains your shamanic journey session and makes it real for you

  • Careful listener, Carla will help you distill your concerns into actionable requests for the Spirits to help you

  • Superb teacher, who creates magic for her students and guides people to their full potential

  • Carla offers a complete training program in Shamanism for Animals through her school, SPIRITHEALER SCHOOL OF SHAMANISM. Come see how powerful the training is on our Monthly Shamanic Animal Healing Clinic. Carla completed the Foundation of Shamanic Studies 3 year program in 2000, and has studied with many other masters for over 20 years. She is a Reiki Master, and is certified in the Masterson Method of equine bodywork.

    Philosophy and Comments        

    Let your Soul Bloom! Your Power Animals, Spirit Teachers and Ancestors have brought you to the gate. Enter and remember who you truly are. Heal your body and soul, and create your life in a compassionate garden that grows in mirrored harmony with your dreams.

    Shamanic spiritual healing is ancient medicine practiced by indigenous people world wide. Entering “non-ordinary” reality, shamans request help from spirits who love us and who want us be healed and whole.

    Modern Shamanic Healing is complementary to modern medicine and therapy. Shamanism can accelerate other therapies’ effectiveness, removing impediments and facilitating rapid healing. Often spiritual healing is the missing link, the wind in the sails that allows true healing to rapidly progress.

    The Shamanic Journey gives us a clear channel of communication with living and deceased animals. The Journey involves crossing between the worlds, first connecting with Compassionate Spirits, and then with the animal we want to communicate with. The Spirits augment and clarify communications we receive, and they offer healing to the animal’s traumas, physical and emotional. Shamanic work is all about results!

    Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

    For more information about Shamanic Healing Sessions and classes call (623) 776-6922 or send an email.


    Consciously grow your life in parallel garden powered by your Spirit Allies, Dragons, Fairies and your dreams.

    Personal growth and healing is central on the Shamanic Path. As you connect and communicate with the Compassionate Spirit world, your whole life blooms. The garden is our life map where we assess our truth and grow our dreams. Gentle initiations remove the old and allow the new to grow. The beauty of Spirit will sparkle around you as the Compassionate Guides help you create the life of your dreams. We also create parallel universe gardens for the fairies, where they guide us to support them as they help the world.

    I use the Shamanic Soul Garden for everything!

    Growing my own life: The Shamanic Soul Garden is my canvas for reviewing my life, clearing the old debris and creating the life I truly want. I work with the garden all day long, everyday.

    Healing animals and people: I have a sacred space in the garden where I can bring clients, and the spirits perform all of the usual shamanic techniques in that space: extraction, power retrieval, communication, all the core shamanic techniques that I have used for the last 30 years.

    Empowering people to help themselves: I have one on one sessions with people to grow their own garden and work with the Spirits to create their loves and solve this problems. You can have a garden session with me, just order a full healing session and let me know that is what you want.

    Sessions with Carla        

    Fast and Focused Session
    15 minute sessions that are perfect when you have a simple question or a focused issue. For you or your animal, the Compassionate Spirits can give deep healing in minutes when our intention is honed. Call, text or email we will find a time that works for you in the immediate future.

    Full Healing Session
    A full service shamanic healing session, appointment up to 90 minutes, for people and/or animals. Body and soul healing, deep clearings, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval. Relieve suffering pain from abuse, trauma or injury.

    Three Session Series
    Three 60 minute sessions that layer to resolve deep issues. This series is perfect for me to teach you Shamanic Soul Gardening in customized personal sessions. Learn the skills to change your life, customized to you in 3 private sessions.

    Shamanic Training with Carla        

    Most of our classes are telephone/web based, and people come from all over the world. People like you! You can make close friends; people stay in touch year after year. We have live gatherings too, mostly in Arizona, but sometimes in other locales.

    Free teleclass! Learn to Journey. Register Now!

    For more information about Shamanic Training with Carla see this page.


    "I must tell you that there has been a wonderful tangible change in my energy, subtle at times, and also very clear and not so subtle at times. I feel a definitive change that I can write a longer testimony too but I wish to give it more time since it has only been a few days and I want to continue to observe. So I thank you and the Helping Spirits again for this Blessed Support and Gifting." … Gail

    "Thank you for an incredible session today! Magical, every second of it, and so very healing. I felt transformed immediately. Ho'oponopono is truly a powerful process. Can't wait to listen to the journey again -- there was so much there and I want to really take it all in. You are the GREATEST!" … Carolyn

    "we listened to your session(s) for Oki last night, but we'd already noticed that she had changed...your insights were/are completely light-shedding...You are truly a master at what you do, Carla" Lee and I listened to your session(s) for Oki last night -- but we'd already noticed that she had changed. We now can understand Oki so much more completely." … Josie

    "Wow! This was an awesome reading!! Profound! Incredible! As always, your Gift is so comforting and beautiful, and so healing. In the late fall, I will get a puppy. It was so touching and all so true." … Nancy

    Read more testimonials: see this page.

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