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Clare Coriell - Star of Wisdom


I offer unique and powerful Soul Path Astrology Readings, based on the ancient star wisdom of the Mayans, to shine a clear, loving Light on your Soul's Purpose and Destiny Path. Readings for individuals, couples, families and groups. Very intuitive answers to your life questions.

Lumina Meditation Sessions to quiet your mind and connect with the peace and beauty of Spirit, your Higher Self, and spiritual beings such as angelic hierarchies, power animals, star beings and the ancient ones. Heal and transform emotional and spiritual issues. Receive your personal Soul-Path Guided Meditation for daily use.

A line of educational and meditation CDs on the Mayan 2012 prophecy, personal growth, seasonal festivals, angels, and more. I also publish a Mayan Galactic-Earth-Sol Calendar in spiraling wavespell format.

Profile and Credentials        

I have a B.S. in Environmental Education from U of Michigan; an M.S. in Human Consciousness; and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. I am an ordained Interfaith Minister. I have 35 years of experience in teaching meditation, communicating with angelic realms and star beings, several systems of Astrology, Mayan and other shamanic techniques and many forms of body work including chiropractic, kinesiology, meridian therapy, reflexology, somato-emotional work, and sound and color therapies. I have studied in Mexico, Peru and the American Southwest with Hunbatz Men, Mayan Daykeepers and Native American Shamans. I am a student of Anthroposophy, Rosicrucian and Western Mystical traditions and am currently completing my training in Creative Speech which uses the power of the Word - sound and voice,

Philosophy and Comments        

I feel my whole life has been a powerful and beautiful preparation to take on my sacred role of helping you clarify your true Soul gifts, validate your knowing about your Destiny Path, and give you Meditation and Healing tools to walk your life's journey with greater ease and grace. It is my joy to be in connection with wise and loving spiritual beings, including your own guides, and to share their Love, Wisdom, Joy and Insights with you as we come together for your readings and meditation sessions.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Soul Path Astrology Readings are done on the phone or in person. Your session lasts 80 - 100 minutes and your receive the reading on CD or MP3, as well as a written chart. Your investment is only $100 for a one-hour reading and for a 2-hour reading that includes both Mayan and Western chart $190. See my website for details of special packages for couples and families. .

Lumina Energy Healing sessions are $75 per hour. Lumina Meditation Sessions are $111 and include a CD or MP3 with a track of your Soul-Path Guided Meditation for daily home use. Combine a Lumina Meditation with a Soul Path Astrology Reading and it is only $190.

See www.starofwisdom.com for other offerings, prices, and products.

Soul Path Astrology Readings        

Soul Path Astrology is based on the ancient star wisdom of the Mayans, the preeminent scholars of astronomy and astrology in the Western World. The Mayan's sacred calendar, the Tzolk'in, tracks our connection to the core of our galaxy, a portal through which Spirit enters into our physical world. The qualities of spiritual energy that were predominant on the day you were born were like a shining vehicle that your soul rode in on. Your birth on a specific Mayan calendar day points to your place in the circle of Life and reveals your soul's unique destiny path and purpose.

After looking up your birthday in the Mayan calendar, Clare will write out your personal Soul Path Astrology chart, which includes extensive information on your personal number and Daykeeper (glyph/galactic guide). Also in the chart will be your Mayan Medicine Wheel, which shows your spiritual helpers in each of the four galactic directions. When you call for your reading, Clare will work with your personal spiritual guides to help clarify your soul destiny path and address the issues you are facing in your life at this time. Your reading will include many practical suggestions regarding your enlightenment path. Clare will be happy to answer questions concerning important life decisions, relationships, health, work or timing.

Five insightful readings are available - Birth Reading, Seasons Reading, Your Personal Creative Process, Relationship Readings, and Personal Update Reading. See my website for details and fees.

Lumina Meditation Sessions        

Lumina Meditation Sessions bring you the tools and techniques you need to quiet your mind and body “static” and to develop your inner spiritual senses. With your awakened inner eyes and ears, you can perceive the Light, Love, Wisdom, Peace and Beauty of Spirit – of your own Spirit Self, and of the worlds of spiritual beings which are all around us and in us, but are normally hidden from our perception.

Lumina Meditation Sessions are a personalized practice. Clare draws from a lifetime of experience with Western, Eastern and Shamanic Meditative Techniques, plus the knowledge of your Soul Path Astrology chart which indicates the spiritual techniques that your Soul is especially aligned with. Through these insights and her natural intuitive ability, Clare will craft your own unique Lumina Meditations.

Lumina Meditation Sessions can also be focused on healing an emotional, mental or spiritual issue in your energy or physical bodies. Clare’s long experience in healing modalities can help you tune in to the core of the issue and then unblock and transform the issue to make way for your next step of spiritual and meditative progress.

Your Lumina session will be recorded and will include a personalized Soul-Path Guided Meditation track that you can use as a daily meditation for the weeks and months to come. Through the power of Clare’s trained voice and the energies of your own spiritual guides coming through in this meditation, you will keep developing your spiritual experience until it unfolds into the blossom of your specific goals realized.

Mayan Calendar and Educational CDs        

The Galactic-Earth-Sol Calendar goes beyond linear, 3-D time to work with the fourth dimensional overlapping cycles of time. These cycles give us access to the core galactic energy, the spiritual energy of the higher dimensions as it enters our physical plane.

Using the Mayan Calendar can help you to:

-Live in harmony with the natural rhythms of your body, the Earth and the Stars.

-Manifest your visions and dreams through the powerful 13-step creative process on each page.

-Get clear about your soul's destiny path - your purpose for Being.

-Awaken your intuitive soul guidance and even your physical DNA to unfold your full personal power.

Our Edition of the Mayan Calendar is special because:

-The flow of days is depicted in beautiful spiral patterns on the page so you can visually experience the spiraling flow of fourth dimensional time. Also included are the astrological position of the planets and the moon and Earth seasonal cycles.

You can find out more about Clare's edition of The Mayan Galactic-Earth-Sol Calendar and our CDs such as The Mayan Calendar and Soul Path Astrology, The Mayan New Year Celebration for the current year, and many others at our website - www.starofwisdom.com

Meditation CDs        

The Summer Solstice CD a descriptive, celebratory journey through the summer season from the perspective of the Earth Mother, the elemental beings, the plants and animals, the star and planetary beings, and the great spiritual beings of the world. The final track in the CD is a beautiful guided meditation with music by Shamora Duffie to take you deeply into your own experience of the season. In the meditation, you will watch the passing of the grail cup of the season and connect with the Archangel Uriel to receive his gifts, messages and blessings. You will also go into a deep experience of the Solar Sphere and the beings there. Enjoy this CD as a full solstice celebration or as a peaceful and profound way to explore the summer in daily meditation.

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