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Susan Tower

Susan Tower


Fairway, KS 66205
United States
T: 913-406-7604
F: 913-362-0506


The uplifting imagery and stories of visionary artist Susan Tower are healing for all who view. The intent within her art is to uplift our soul and bridge connection from Nature to humanity. Susan's intuitive Soul Paintings are personally empowering and her Recovery series is transformational in healing, particularly from childhood abuse. Susan's sacred site paintings open the door of access to ancient mastery. All images benefit the viewer by radiating harmony, beauty and peace.

Profile and Credentials        

Susan has been interested in health sciences and their supporting counterparts in Nature since she was a child. Following her interest, she has long studied the range of human archetypes and the healing mysteries of Nature.

"I have always been fascinated by Nature and have been drawing or writing about it for as long as I can remember. I had the good fortune to grow up riding horses beside a forested area, first in North Carolina and then in Michigan. It was an endless playground for me, as there were always tracks to follow or nests to check on. As the cycle of seasons turned, my connection and empathy with Nature strengthened and soothed me through many challenges.

"Hallmark Cards, Inc. moved me to Kansas City as a designer in 1985 when I graduated from college in Michigan (Kendall School of Design, Grand Rapids, MI) with a degree in Illustration. However, middle management and corporate life was not for me, and I soon changed my status with Hallmark to one of freelance designer, which was a much better match for us both!

"When I moved to Kansas City, I also embraced modern dance, which in retrospect is one of my best choices ever. My excitement for the unfolding, unknown world of dance led me to discover a fluid, kinesthetic way of perceiving the world.

"It was the techniques of contact improvisation that I worked with so thoroughly in the dance realm that enhanced my visual art the most. When I am painting a landscape on site, outdoors, I delve into the spatial relations within my canvas. I experience my brush dancing with the light, meeting the color and character of life and growth.

"In 1990 I began to draw the empowering spiritual helpers I sensed around people. creating what I now call Soul Paintings. I have been blessed to be a conduit of healing love through Nature and art. The magnificence of Spirit flows into my paintings. Many people have had profound awakenings and realizations as they receive the spiritual messages within them.

"I feel I am a healing bridge with which to communicate the connection of love, splendor and strength we can all experience by opening our heart within Nature.

"I embrace my life as part of the Solution of Peace. I lend my creativity to strengthen the Earth and its loving inhabitants. May we all learn Now to Live in Peace."

Susan Tower

Philosophy and Comments        

Artist’s Statement

"I am here to assist in the upliftment and healing of humanity. I come from the future to bring pictures of harmony and peace. My sacred site paintings help trigger our deep memories of ancient and advanced civilizations. I am a spokesperson for nature and I let beauty and love lead me to opening hearts everywhere. Either in my studio or outdoors in plein air, my painting is the loving breath of Spirit through me." Susan Tower

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

hours: Monday through Friday 10 to 4

fee schedule - payment is due before shipment of any art product, commissions for original art require a deposit with the balance due upon completion

Soul Paintings        

Soul Paintings are empowering and inspiring readings. They benefit the owner by eminating a calm, personal connection to Nature. The symbols support self esteem and are nurturing to all healing. Each Soul Painting includes a taped reading and interpretation by the artist. Uniquely made for each client, they are available by commission as a pastel drawing or oil painting.

Sacred Site Plein Air World Tour, A Journey of Remembrance        

Susan is currently embarking on a painting tour of sacred sites around the world with a fascination for megalithic stone structures. The paintings are created plein air (on-site) in the very presence of ancient mastery. Susan's intent is to stir a remembrance within the viewer. Clues for present-day solutions lie latent within these stone traces. Advanced societies, now long-since past knew how to live in harmony with the Earth. The call is upon all of us to remember! Giclee prints available - look up the Sacred Site gallery on her website.

Plein Air Landscapes        

It is evident that Susan loves to paint outside! Her delight with color and light speed across the canvas as a true light chaser. The viewer feels the delight of resting on a beautiful and otherwise fleeting moment. Susan reveals the sacred within Nature in what may otherwise seem ordinary or commonplace. Originals or giclee prints available - look up her Landscape Gallery.

Visionary Art Prints        

This set of seven lovely images lend grace and beauty to any environment. Each one shines with connection to a highter perspective and serves to calmly remind us of the spiritual support which surrounds our life. A poem and indepth description accompanies each print, providing an understanding to the symbolism and prayerful intent within. View for yourself at Susan's website under Galleries: Visionary Art 1. Originals and press prints avaliable.

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