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United States
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Wise Woman Herbal Studies -


Study herbal healing with Wise Woman Susun Weed – focus is on personal empowerment and spiritual healing for women worldwide (herbal healing workshops by request taught in New York, California, Texas, Florida, Oregon, and elsewhere). Study with herbalist Susun Weed at the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock NY... Learn about herbal medicine and women's health during one-day classes, intensives, as a correspondence course student or via an apprenticeship. Susun Weed is also founder of Ash Tree Publishing, publishing women's health and herbal studies books - empowering women with knowledge - topics include menopause, childbearing, breast health, cancer prevention, herbal health, spirit healing, mental and physical well-being

Profile and Credentials        

Susun Weed has received the Twentieth Century Award for Achievement, is included in Who's Who of Intellectuals, was recognized as an Outstanding Person of the 20th Century, and was nominated as International Woman of the Year. Her books and appearances have helped millions of women attain better health and become more powerful in themselves.

Ms. Weed has no diplomas of any kind, having left high school in her junior year to pursue mathematics and artificial intelligence at UCLA, and having left there in her junior year to pursue life. She began studying her study of herbal medicine in 1965.

Her areas of focus are: folkloric herbalism, eco-herbalism, ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, philosophy and psychology of healing, comparative religion, and women's health/spirituality. She is especially interested in altered states of consciousness as they pertain to learning, healing, birthing, and dying; and the role of plants in these states.

Ms. Weed has four books in print (Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year; Healing Wise; New Menopausal Years, The Wise Woman Way; and Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way) in English, French, and German, is published in peer-reviewed journals ( Journal of Nurse-Midwifery), writes a regular column in Sagewoman, and is the star of two professional video tapes (Weeds to the Wise and Menopause Metamorphosis).

She sits on many advisory boards: Oregon Menopause Project, CIIS, Above & Beyond Hope Sanctuary, and Weston A. Price/Wise Traditions Foundation. The Routledge Encyclopedia of Women's Studies includes her entries on herbalism, menopause, and nutrition. She's been on numerous radio and TV shows including Fresh Air Radio, National Public Radio, NBC News, Prescription for Health, Ask the Family Doctor, Wisdom Channel, and America's Talking.

Susun S. Weed has instructed students at venues such as: Yale Nurse Midwifery School, State University of New York (Scholar-in-residence), Kripalu Yoga Center, Benedictine Hospital, Vassar Brothers Hospital, Northern Dachas Hospital, Conn. Inst. for Herbal Studies,California School of Herbal Studies, New York Open Center, Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies, Florida School of Midwifery, American College of Nurse Midwives, University of Rhode Island, Uni. of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey, Rowe Conference Center, Interface Institute, Sufi Order Healing School, Heart of the Goddess Center, John Bastyr Naturopathic College, Reeves-Reed Arboretum, Hawkwind Earth Uni, and Self Heal Herbal Center.

She has also trained health-care professionals abroad at such prestigious schools as: The Kosmos/Amsterdam, Waikato College of Herbal Studies/New Zealand, Weg der Mitte/Berlin, Brustgesundheit Centrum/Germany, Arkuna/Munich, Frankfurter Ring/Germany, Australasian College of Herbal Studies/Australia, and Elfenbank/Holland.

During the past decade she has been a featured teacher at: Green Nations Herbal Gathering, International Herb Symposium, Women's Herbal Conference, Women's Spirituality Forum, HerbFest, Pacific Northwest Herbal Symposium, Midwifery Today Conference, Alaskan Midwives Conference, and Midwives Association of North America (MANA) conferences.

Susun is an initiated member of the Wolf Clan and the Sisterhood of the Shields; she is a Peace Elder. Her adopted Native American grandmothers are Twylah Nitsch and Keywaydinoquay. She is the founder of the Wise Woman Center and Ash Tree Publishing and the voice of the Wise Woman Tradition.

Philosophy and Comments        

Dedicated to the Wise Woman tradition, I help women to learn the oldest ways of healing - together we are rediscovering the green witch/healer in each of us.

My goal is to change how we think about health and healing. May we all reclaim herbal medicine as the simple, safe primary care it is; a gift of health from the green nations.

My primary ally, my teacher in all things is Nature: the Earth and her many companions. I live with the plants, and the weather, and my goats.

I grow most of my own food, heat with wood, milk the goats twice a day. No radio, no recorded music, no TV, no newspaper intrudes on my day or interrupts my thoughts. I listen to the plants. I put their words into print. I publish their thoughts.

From March through November each year, I open my home to students, apprentices, and visiting teachers. Our workshops focus on the teachings of the Wise Woman Way, which nourishes wholeness through story, ceremony, and weeds. We have classes on herbal medicine, spirit healing, shamanic skills, priestess trainings, sacred sexuality, grief, chanting, and more.

Teachers from all over the world come to the Wise Woman Center, but the primary teacher is always Mother Nature, the Great Goddess. Each apprentice chooses a goddess archetype to live with during her stay, and she chooses a green ally -- one plant -- to work with for a year.

Part of their work is to herd the goats, which requires being alone in Nature for most of the day. I do my best to create for the apprentices the same situations that allowed me to hear the plants speaking, that opened my heart to the ways of Nature. We do trances, we chant, we listen to the plants.

I want my students to learn as I learned, not what I learned. I want them to find their own way and to trust their own intuition. This is the goal in my books, too. I am not telling women how to do it right -- because there is no one right way -- I am sharing all the ways there are to do it, so they can choose, so they have their own power

Green Blessings,

Susun Weed

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Correspondence Courses with Susun Weed        

I offer four courses: Green Witch, Green Allies,ABC of Herbalism and Spirit & Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition. All are multi-cultural and are suitable for beginning, intermediate, or advanced students. Most of my students take 13-15 months to complete one course, but there is no time limit.

Green Witch focuses on personal and spiritual development. You'll create rituals, prepare an herbal first-aid kit, encounter your Goddess archetype, discover the magic of your menstrual/menopausal changes, and develop wise woman ways of living and healing.

Green Allies explores herbal medicine through direct experiences with plants, plant spirits (fairies, devas), and plant medicines. For those who want to deepen, rather than broaden, their knowledge of plants: a year's worth of investigation and experimentation with one plant ally.

ABC of Herblism is my brand new course -- A special course for the aspiring herbalist who would like to have me "by your side" teaching you how to identify, harvest, and buy 52 healing herbs.

I'll "watch over your shoulder" as you make nourishing herbal infusions, tinctures, vinegars, oils, honeys, poultices, soups, and beauty aids. Your studies will be both experiential and intellectual. You will make and use herbal remedies as well as reading about them in a variety of sources. You will try out my favorite remedies.

Spirit & Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition focuses on understanding, internalizing, and using the Three Traditions of Healing (Wise Woman, Heroic, and Scientific) and the Six Steps of Healing. Health-care practitioners find this course exceptionally helpful, but anyone who cares for the health of others (even family members) will benefit.

Register by writing to Susun Weed PO Box 64, Woodstock, NY 12498 or email: wisewoman@herbshealing.com. You may also register online at www.wisewomanbookshop.com

Books and Videos by Susun Weed        


NEW Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way
Completely revised, 50 percent longer. All the remedies women know and trust plus hundreds of new ones: thyroid health, fibromyalgia, hairy problems, male menopause, fertility after forty, herbs for women taking HRT, and more. The caring voice of Grandmother Growth guides each woman through the book and her own menopause. Ritual interludes interweave a spiritual dimension often lacking in other works. Includes superb resource lists for menopause information, index, glossary, directions for using and preparing herbal medicines, complete descriptions of the most-used menopausal herbs, recipes for heart- and bone-healthy dishes, and beautiful illustrations. Recommended by Susan Love MD and Christiane Northrup MD.

Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year
Now in its 24th printing. A confirmed favorite with pregnant women, midwives, childbirth educators, and new parents. Packed with clear, comforting, and superbly helpful information. Simple, safe remedies for pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and newborns. Includes herbs for fertility and birth control. Tasty recipes and clear directions make use easy and fun. Humorous, tender, and detailed, this classic 192 page text is supported by illustrations, references, resource lists, glossary, and index. Foreword by Jeannine Parvati Baker.

Healing Wise
Healing Wise sets forth the foundations of the Wise Woman Tradition, contrasting them with Heroic and Scientific views of healing. Superb 312 page herbal in the feminine-intuitive mode. Seven herbs -- burdock, chickweed, dandelion, nettle, oatstraw, seaweed, and violet -- are explored in depth. Each monograph includes the "voice" of the herb, a weed walk to encounter the herb in its environment, detailed instructions for harvesting and preparation, properties and uses for every part of the herb, pertinent facts, fun folklore, and recipes for gourmet foodstuffs, wines, beers, cosmetics, and more. Includes index, resources listings, bibliography and references. Introduction by Jean Houston.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health!
More than 100,000 copies of this ground-breaking 380 page book are currently in print. It is used by breast cancer support groups and hospital-based oncologists in USA, Germany, New Zealand, and Canada. Why? because it offers the best of modern medicine plus level-headed information on the most effective alternative and complementary treatments for breast (and prostate) cancers. Foods, exercises, and attitudes to keep your breasts healthy. Supportive complimentary medicines to ease side-effects of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or tamoxifen. Down-to-earth, compassionate, and lyrical, this information-rich book includes a risk assessment survey; directory of helpful organizations; glossary; index; and many enchanting illustrations. Foreword by Christiane Northrup, M.D.


Menopause Metamorphosis
Susun Weed and twelve menopausal women offer heart-felt and practical advice for women in the midst of Change. Susun explores menopause as the ultimate woman's mystery and offers simple home remedies for uncomfortable symptoms. This engaging, informative one-hour video-filmed at Stonehaven by women for women-is like having a menopause support group in your own home. Includes hands-on preparation of an herbal vinegar, songs, stories, and a Crone's Crowning ceremony.

Weeds to the Wise
Visit Susun's farm for a wonderful weed walk. Hear her lecture on the Three Traditions of Healing. Discover how the inner Wise Woman helps men as well as women find nourishing ways to wholeness. Join Susun in the kitchen to make an herbal infusion. Follow her in the garden as she introduces a variety of amazingly useful weeds. Laugh at the antics of her animal friends. This one-hour video is fun and Inspiring!

Ash Tree Publishing PO Box 64 Woodstock, NY 12498 ~ Phone/Fax: 1-845-246-8081
Website: www.wisewomanbookshop.com ~ E-mail: wisewoman@herbshealing.com



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