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Suze Angel



Laguna Woods and Laguna Beach CA
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
United States
T: 949-677-3434


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Suze Angel, M.A., Certified Feldenkrais Teacher



Classes in FELDENKRAIS MOVEMENT, BONES FOR LIFE, SOUNDER SLEEP and QIQONG and individual bodywork sessions. BONES FOR LIFE are Innovative Exercises to Prevent Osteoporosis based on the Feldenkrais Method. These exercises apply gentle pressure to the skeleton in order to stimulate the bones to increase bone mass while improving balance, posture, alignment, flexibility and function.

QIGONG WORKSHOPS, powerful energy exercises for SELF CARE AND HEALING developed in China and used by millions worldwide to improve and maintain health and vitality.

The SOUNDER SLEEP EXPERIENCE provides the ultimate 5 minute STRESS REDUCTION technique. Use these effortless mini-moves during the day to relax your body and calm your mind, and at night to lull yourself to sleep. For class schedule contact: suzeangel007@gmail.com

Reprogram your brain through creative movement processes. These amazing but simple exercises establish mind/body connections through body awareness. Your body effectively re-educates your brain, improving overall efficiency and function in many unexpected areas of your life.

Feldenkrais not only changes bodies and minds, it changes lives.

Ongoing Movement Classes

Time: Tuesdays 10:00-11:15 a.m.

Location: Online Zoom Class held weekly $60 per month
Call Suze at 949-677-3434 or Email at suzeangel007@gmail.com for more info.

Disabled by a fall, Suze Angel rehabilitated herself completely through a four year FeldenkraisR professional training program with its originator, Moshe Feldenkrais. Suze’s own journey of self healing has led her to explore many related disciplines which she incorporates into her work. In addition to her extensive training, she brings 30 years of professional experience and expertise to her students, enriching their lives while meeting their individual challenges.

Profile and Credentials        

Suze Angel, M.A., C.F.T., R.M.T. is a certified Feldenkrais Teacher and Registered Movement Therapist in practice in Laguna Beach, CA since 1984. Suze was disabled by a fall and rehabilitated herself completely through a four year training program with Moshe Feldenkrais, orginator of this unique and much acclaimed method of body/mind integration. Suze’s own journey of self healing has led her to explore many related disciplines which she incorporates into her work. In addition to her extensive training, she brings 40 years of professional experience and expertise to her students, enriching their lives while meeting their individual challenges. Her passion is helping others improve the quality of their lives through easy, flexible movement, and simple, effective stress reduction. Suze also offers a selection of personally tested, cutting edge health and beauty supplements to restore and maintain youthful vitality and energy.

Philosophy and Comments        

My personal journey of rehabilitation from a serious back injury has given me an understanding of how the emotional process is involved in physical recovery. For the past 40 years I have explored many different approaches that have contributed to my knowledge of the interaction of the body and the mind to create vibrant health in a strong, functional body.

For 12 years I periodically translated classes for Paul Chauffour, a French Osteopath who created Mechanical Link, a systematic approach to how eight fascial systems control the body's structure. I worked with Chi Energy with a Qigong Master from China and took courses from the Upledger Institute in Cranial-Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. I have done Pilates, Egoscue, Nia, Yoga, Zumba, ballroom dance and belly dancing. I have been massaged, Rolfed and Hellerworked. I have experienced and observed all these various activities and techniques in a very "Feldenkrais" way, analyzing how they affect movement and body structure. My work has matured over the years.

My most recent discoveries have centered around the function of the hip joint as prime mover of the body. I am appalled to see how many babies are strapped into chairs and car-seats at such an early age that they do not learn to roll over, sit up on their own, or even crawl, which should precede walking. As a results they lack coordination and never learn to use their hips joints properly.

I am also disheartened to see how many people need hip joint and knee replacements in their 50's and 60's, frequently not because of injury but because they wear them out over time with improper use. I believe these problems are exacerbated by the fact that many people sit in front of computers for hours on end.

My mission is to help people learn to use their not only their hip joints, but their whole body properly, so that they can have a strong, fully supported skeleton with mobile, flexible bones that last until they are 100 years old.

I believe this is possible, especially with the correct nutritional support. I had my first and only child at age 46, and with pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding experienced a major breakdown of the integrity of my joints. That was quickly followed by menopause and all those hormonal changes. Fortunately I discovered some excellent nutritional supplements that have helped me rebuild those structures and have helped my brain and memory function better. I quickly became a believer in the efficacy of certain products and recommend the ones that helped me to my clients, helping them maintain youthful vigor.

My philosophy is that movement is the key to independence at any age. We can definitely improve our bodies and our minds by monitoring how we move and what we put into our mouths, and that's food for thought.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Individual sessions combine techniques from CRANIAL-SACRAL THERAPY, VISCERAL MANIPULATION, MECHANICAL LINK and QIGONG with FELDENRKAIS FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION. This combination integrates all systems of the body while engaging the brain and relaxing the nervous system. The result is greater body awareness, improved body function and more effective movement. Call for an appointment. (949) 677-3434

Ten Tips for Living a Happy Healthy Life        

Ten Tips for Living a Happy, Healthy Life

1. Drink 2 or 3 glasses of water (16 to 24 ounces) first thing every morning before coffee, tea, medicine or food. Wait 20 to 30 minutes before eating breakfast and repeat this before each meal. Good hydration improves digest, elimination, circulation, muscle function and health.

2. Get your blood pumping and brighten your mood by walking outside every day. Swing your arms and breathe in the fresh air. Walking 10 minutes is good, 20 better and 45 best.

3. Reduce Oxidative Stress, the damage to your cells from free radicals by taking Protandim, the Nrf2 Synergizer. One pill a day turns on your survival genes so YOU make your own antioxidant enzymes. FEEL BETTER, LOOK BETTER AND PERFORM YOUR BEST!

4. Balance your calcium and magnesium for better heart and metabolic function. Excess calcium contributes to muscle cramps, constipation, kidney and gall stones and irregular heartbeat. Magnesium reduces stress, relaxes muscles and moves calcium into the bones. It is essential for energy production and over 300 enzymatic processes.

5. Avoid sitting slumped in couches or Lazyboy chairs for long periods. This posture curves your spine, tilts your pelvis under, and brings your head forward. It compresses your heart, lungs, and abdominal organs and promotes poor standing and walking posture. Sit upright in a straight-backed chair and get up to walk periodically.

6. Breathe into your diaphragm and relax your belly while you are sitting. Your abdominal organs need room to move in order to function properly. Position your head over your pelvis, aligning your ear, shoulder and hip joint. To stand up out of a chair without using your arms, bend your pelvis, torso and head forward from the hip joints and then straighten your legs.

7. Pay attention to how you move, vary your movements and try out new activities. Break up patterns of stiffness with Feldenkrais Movement. Re-educate your muscles through baby movements to wake up your brain and keep your body healthy, resilient and responsive.

8. Find your passion, something you love doing. Enthusiasm will boost your energy level and transform the smallest happenings of your day into fun, exciting events.

9. Set flexible goals and acknowledge your small achievements along the path toward a larger dream. Never beat yourself up for not getting there quickly. Give up the pursuit of perfection. Life is a process to experience and enjoy, not a destination.

10. Take time to relax and laugh out loud. Laughter opens the diaphragm and stimulates endorphins that can heal the body and make you feel happy. Avoid the news before bed.

Feldenkrais Brain Body Fitness (BBF)

Online Weekly Movement Zoom Class

Free Yourself from Pain and Stiffness with Feldenkrais Movement
Taught by Suze Angel, M.A., C.F.T, Feldenkrais Movement Therapist

When: Every Tuesday, 10:00 to 11:15 A.M.
Where: Online - Email Suze at suzeangel007@gmail.com to register
Cost: $60 per month -- includes video and audio recordings

Private Feldenkrais Massages by appointment
(949) 677-3434 suzeangel007@gmail.com

To find out more about Protandim Watch: www.abcLiveit.com
To order Protandim go to: www.LifeVantage.com/SuzeAngel

Qigong with Grandmaster Yuan Ming Zhang        

QIGONG BY THE SEA with Grandmaster Zhang from China
Medical Qigong Workshop in Laguna Beach, CA


Learn Ancient Energy Secrets to Relax, Recharge and Revitalize.

Come experience the amazing benefits of Qigong in Laguna Beach!

Much more than just exercise, Qigong is a powerful transformational process. Millions use it to rid mind and body of the detrimental effects of stress. Fun, stimulating exercises of breathing, posture, sound and movement will both relax you and build up your energy level. Grandmaster Zhang will teach you an essential health solution to feeling young, vibrant and healthy every day!

The healing power of these ancient energy practices can help you:

Boost Your Immune System
Increase Your Energy Level
Reduce Stress and Relax
Strengthen Your Body
Calm Your Mind
Improve Chronic Diseases
Live with Health & Balance

Private Qigong Healing Treatments by Appt. Please call Suze Angel at (949) 677-3434 to schedule your private session.



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