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Kaleidoscope Healing Arts Center, Feng Shui By Design and Raven Heart Retreats

SuZen Ruth


69 West End Ave, Suite C
Somerville, NJ 08876
United States
T: 908-722-8600

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Kaleidoscope healing Arts Center formerly known as The Life Coaching Center is a holistic wellness center that is an alliance of holistic healthcare Professionals. We assist in the service/education of alternative/complementary therapies.

The Center is also home to The following: Feng Shui By Design is a Feng Shui Consulting Business for home or office. Raven Heart Spiritual Retreats for Women and Seminars to Go where we take our services and classes workshops on the road.

You can find more information at http://www.lifecoachingctr.org.

Profile and Credentials        

SuZen, MSW is Owner of Kaleidoscope healing Arts Center formerly know as The Life Coaching Center. She also owns Raven Heart Spiritual Retreats, Feng Shui By Design and Seminars To Go. She is a life coach, Feng Shui master, reiki master, motivational speaker, & more. Having been trained in various complementary care modalities, and studying with people around the world, she is able to assist others on their path of healing without drugs, using methods that allow the body to heal itself. SuZen's rich experiences offer her clients and students philosophies and therapies that give back power to the individual. SuZen has trained or worked with the Dali Lama, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Deepak Chopra, Richard Bandler, Louise Hay, John LaValle, Dan Milman, Steward Wilde, Wayne Dwyer, Shacti Gwaine, and many others. SuZen has also hand picked various Holistic Healers that work out of her office. For more info about SuZen go to http://lifecoachingctr.org/practice.html

Philosophy and Comments        

Life is a Journey and it has its ups and downs. But, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Life Coaching Center's mission is:

to educate and inspire people to live

in their authentic selves with

courage, purpose and joy.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

by appointment Open 7 days a week.

Call for more information and fees 908-722-8600

EVENTS/CLASSES/WORKSHOPS (scroll down to see calendar also after calendar is more of my profile)


Feng Shui By Design        

A Feng Shui consulting business for home or office.

Feng Shui means "wind and water."

It's an ancient Chinese art form that deals with the balancing of energy through the placement of objects. The goal for Feng Shui is for everything to be in harmony or balance. The Chinese word for energy is "chi". How the chi flows in your house affects your everyday life.

What does Feng Shui do? Basically, aside from balancing your energy, it is a tool that is used to examine your surroundings. It allows you to recognize the subliminal messages that you are sending your self. Once these messages are acknowledged they can be changed and new messages that are more beneficial can be fostered.

Feng Shui will initiate change. Bagua, what is it? It is an eight-sided map that is used as a tool to distinguish the 9 different aspects of life and personality. The Bagua can be applied to an individual room, an entire house, a garden, and even a desk or a car. Think of it as a template and place it mentally or physically over the area in which you wish to Feng Shui. Generally the career section is overlaid on the center of the wall with the main entranceway. This is where the Feng Shui journey begins. For more info go to http://www.lifecoachingctr.org/fung.html

Raven Heart Spiritual Retreats for Women        

At Raven Heart Spiritual Retreat it is like jumping into the deep abyss and having experiences that heighten our awareness as women and to come face to face with ones darkest shadows, while learning to forgive, accept and embrace them with Love. You as a participant may be shaken, lifted, empowered and graced by this experience, one thing for sure is that you will never be the same women who came but a better one who leaves.

We go beyond words-beyond our limiting beliefs and empower ourselves with new and exciting beliefs to live by. This is the place where Miracles Happen and lives are literally transformed. The magic and mystery of our own persona will be disclosed and you will have a new sense of courage and strength that you never knew you had. Open your self up to being apart of these incredible retreats with SuZen and her team of Spiritual Instructors. Transform yourself and thus help transform others.

The spiritual journey is the one to your own heart; the path of self-discovery and the experience of your divinity. As your “Spiritual Guides” we endeavor to inspire you to abolish those obstacles that are preventing you from traveling your sacred path. On our spiritual journeys you will:

Engage them in removing the limitations your mind has created - causing conflict, drama, confusion and unhappiness in your life.

Experience class, meditation, ritual and ceremony

Transform and create a life of joy, enlightenment and unconditional love.

On these spiritual retreats you will make new friends that share the same desire for spiritual community as you do. These connections are very special and often last a lifetime. We work hard on these spiritual retreats but we also have great fun. We play, laugh a lot and enjoy ourselves thoroughly!

Upcoming Retreats:

Announcing Raven Heart's Women Only Retreats:

2010 Pennsylvania or New York

April 2010

New for 2010 - Sedona, Arizona

October, 2010

for more retreats and date info go to http://www.lifecoachingctr.org/retreats.html for more information and other retreats.

Seminars To Go        

“Motivational, Spiritual, Holistic”

Designing retreats/seminars for your private group of friends, organization, and/or offices associates.

Have you ever wanted to go to a workshop or seminar but it was too far or too expensive? You considered the seminar cost, travel, hotel and food but, it made it impossible for you to go.

Well now The Life Coaching Center will bring workshops and seminars to you. The Life Coaching Center consist of a group of instructors that have been trained and/or have worked for all of your big name seminar speakers, like Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, James Redfield, and more.

Gather a group of your closest friends, workmates, or your organization and The Life Coaching Center will bring the seminar or workshop to you. Want to have a holiday healing party or just need to celebrate? SuZen will be there to fill you with inspiration and joy creating memorable experiences, and healings for all that attend. Just added as of January 1, 2009 we will also be doing teleseminars.

WHAT WE DO        

27+ Years in Business - Change Your Perceptions Change Your Life

· Life Changing Coaching Assistance For Personal & Businesses

· Spiritual Coaching & Counseling

· Synergy Business Coaching & Marketing In A New World

· Shapeshifting Into Your Authentic Self

· The Journey, A Healing Process

· Shamanic Healing Sessions & Classes

· Cool Laser Therapy Treatments

· Cranial/Sacral Therapy Sessions & Classes

· Emotional Freedom Technique Instruction & Private Session

· EMDR , NLP and EFT Therapies

· IET Private Sessions & Classes Levels 1, 2, & 3

· Detox Foot Bath Spa Treatments

· Raven Heart Spiritual Retreats For Women

· Signature Cell Healing Sessions

· Weekly Women’s Healing Circle

· Psycho Spiritual Counseling

· Seemorg Matrix Therapy

· NeuroLinguistic Programming

· Guided Self Healing Technique

· Raindrop Aromatherapy

· Maya Abdominal Massage

· Swedish Massage & Reflexology

· Acupressure Release For Emotional Well-being

· The Truth Will Set You Free Classes

· Reiki Sessions & Classes Levels 1, 2, & 3

· IET For Pets

· IET For Children

· Learn How To Strengthen Your Intuitive Abilities

· Learn To Be A Holistic Practitioner

· Visualization & Imagery Sessions Private & Group hypnosis

· Non-Medical Approach To ADD & ADHD

· Polarity Training

· Ama Daus Symbol Work

· Sound Therapy Sessions & Classes

· Herbal Medicine & Homeopathy Classes

· Aromatherapy Classes

· Native American Animal Emporment for Children or Adult Classes

· Feng Shui Consultations for Home or Business

· Seminars to Go www.seminarstogollc.com

· Classes/Workshops Offered

· And More


For more info on our center, services, calendar of classes & events or to join our mailing list check out our website go to http://www.lifecoachingctr.org

The Life Coaching Center, Feng Shui By Design, Raven Heart Spiritual Retreats For Women, Seminars To Go

150 West End Avenue, Suite 8, Somerville, NJ 08876 908-722-8600 lcc@lifecoachingctr.org

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