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Taylore Vance



1673 S. Market Blvd. #143
Chehalis, WA 98532
United States
T: 360-748-4426


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Laser Reiki -- Removes the root cause of dis-ease using this advanced form of Reiki.

Reiki Energy Healing causes instant pain elimination in most cases.

Removes energy blockages on the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual bodies. Improves energy flow. Also heals karma from past or future lives. Laser Reikineeds no tools except the hands. Uses Cosmic Energetic Healing to interface with the subconscious mind to find the root cause of any illness and heal it. Laser Reiki classes teach these energy healing techniques to students in 4-days for LR Level 1-4.

Taylore Vance and her partner, Roi Halse, are the founders of the Reiki Ranch, they teach at the energy healing center, give presentations all over the world, Coach Prosperity and Heal Energy Blockages.

Special: FREE Reiki I Certification Workshop! Given all year long at the Reiki Ranch.

I have seen an energy clearing work when nothing else worked... MRI cannot see emotions stuck in the tissue. Doctors cannot cut them out either. You might try releasing emotional energy in that area.

**What is an energy blockage?** It is an unresolved emotion that is not expressed fully and it gets stuck in the body tissue. It creates a blockage -- like a little dam. Energy can't flow through that area. In order to heal a person their body needs a certain flow of energy. Healing the body of pain needs high flow of energy. Sick people do not have this necessary flow of energy available! They have energy blockages and low frequency.

I had a lower back pain and found out that **I was trying to be good enough and work hard enough to be liked by my dad** That was a stuck negative pattern of energy. The emotions of fear of not being good enough stopped my body from healing for years and years -- no matter what I tried or did. Finally with Laser Reiki I removed the blockage called: "not feeling good enough" and my sore back healed and has never hurt since.

In the energy healing school at the Reiki Ranch near Chehalis, WA, See: Reiki Energy Healing Blog

We have have found that energy clearings can help all sickness. Bad energy can be cleared and a new higher-lighter energy can be applied.

The person feels better, and is happier!

You feel like you have energy blockages in your financial life? Want to read articles about success and wellness? Go to: Prosperity and success using the Secret

For Reiki courses see our main website here: Reiki Ranch Energy Healing School and Center

Profile and Credentials        

Universal Reiki Master, Laser Reiki Master, NLP Certified, Hypnosis, BS in Science, Lymphologist, a Reiki practitioner since 1985, Founder of Laser Reiki in 1994, Started the Reiki Ranch Energy Healing School and Healing Center in 2001.

Philosophy and Comments        

Life Is Good

"All that I am seeking -- Is now finding me" by Taylore Vance

I can help you become healthy, wealthy, and connected to Source Energy.

Life can be good again for you when you use the Law of Attraction in your favor and eliminate the negative self talk.

Thousands of students are living a better life, making better choices, having even more success and joy in their lives because of the Reiki Ranch.

Taylore has written the books **HOW TO ATTRACT WEALTH** a spiral bound 8X10 printed book of 140 pages that sells for $20

Taylore and Roi also have an excellent eBook that you can purchase on line with a secure server, satisfaction fully guaranteed, for only $27 with included over $1500 of bonus books and reports, all free. The book **HOW TO TRIPLE YOUR INCOME IN ANY BUSINESS** tells how they were able to manifest a half million dollar healing center without a job. It gives you a step by step procedure to attract your dreams, too. To check out this book go to: http://www.work-at-home.prosperity-tips.com/

Intention is a force in the Universe, and everything and everyone is connected to this invisible force... Wayne Dyer

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

9 AM to 9 PM

You may learn these techniques on a 4-Day Basic Laser Reiki Level 1-4 Workshop plus receive a very complete healing during the workshop. Special pricing for byregion visitors less than half the regular price of $1299.

Understanding Reiki Healings        

Understanding Reiki Healings

By Taylore Vance

The Most well known energy healing method is Reiki. It uses subtle energy as a method to deliver the Reiki healings. Reiki healing is a natural holistic therapy that gently balances life energies promoting health and well-being to the recipient. Reiki will do no harm. It supports spiritual growth and emotional clearings.

Reiki healing is thousands of years old, known by many names (chi, ki, holy spirit, etc.) and its healing complements both Eastern and Western medicine. Everybody can benefit from it and everybody can do it, even small children.

Reiki is a type of application for flowing healing energy where the healing treatment is performed by the focused intent. Laying on of-hands, touch of the hands, healing touch, and-or just holding the hands over the client, are ways the Life Force Energy is transferred. The Reiki practitioner allows the flow of the energy from a limitless source (God Force) to the client. The clients job is to desire a healing and be open to receive.

There Are Formal Studies To Teach You Reiki Healing

You become Reiki by taking a class from a Reiki Master where the activating symbols are passed into your energy field. (It is like putting software into a computer.) Everyone naturally flows this healing energy as part of their spiritual make up but to flow it in the large quantities necessary to effect healing changes, one must go through formal training and be attuned to this energy.the Usui Reiki

There are Reiki Masters in most every country of the world. Reiki healing is extremely powerful, yet gentle energy that can be easily flowed to yourself and others, just by thinking Reiki and thinking that your intention is to flow the healing energy.

Reiki healing is truly a system of attaining and promoting wellness and wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit. This simple, non-invasive healing system works with the Higher Self of the practitioner to promote health and well-being of the entire physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychic body.

The Reiki Healing Health Benefits:

--- Releases Anxiety, Stress, and Tension

--- Creates deep relaxation and a feeling of inner peace

--- Dissolves energy blockages

--- Accelerates healing ability

--- Aids restful sleep

--- Helps release the cause and habit of addictions

--- Relieves headaches

--- Brings about a higher state of consciousness

The greatest Reiki healing health benefit is said to be the release of anxiety, stress, and tension. The Reiki treatment promotes relaxation, peace and harmony, which trigger the body s natural healing abilities, and improves/maintains health and well-being.

There is great respect among those in the Reiki community. Reiki people know and feel there is a common bond between them. It s wonderful that almost all practitioners feel the harmony that flowing (channeling) the Light brings to each one of us. This connectiveness is very important to the health and well being of all of us involved with Reiki.

Reiki Healing Treatments Give Many Benefits

A total healing can occur and at times there are amazing miracle recoveries. But traditionally, Reiki removes the old energy …layer by layer.

Reiki benefits those in hospitals

--- It can be used also as a complementary therapy

--- It enhances the healthcare the patient receives in the hospital or from other healthcare providers

--- Many nurses are becoming Reiki practitioners

--- When you are Reiki you are taught not to take on the problems of others and not to use your own energy for healing.

--- Treatment reduces some of the side effects of drugs and helps the body to recover after surgery and chemotherapy.

--- Some hospitals invite Reiki healing into client care because it will provide the added energy needed to recover from illness.

The Reiki energy is a natural energy from the Universe. It is unlimited and it seems to know what to do without any effort on the part of the practitioner except for them to start the flow by drawing symbols or just thinking about the word: Reiki.

The client always feels refreshed after a treatment. When the healing treatment is combined with the sincere desire of the healee to do whatever it takes to get better, the results are very beneficial. Some times there is a healing crisis because of the cleansing within their physical, emotional and spiritual body. When this happens, toxins are released within the body, and the client should drink plenty of spring water and take it easy for a few days. Further Reiki applications assist the body in cleaning itself and dissipating toxins,

Reiki healing is beneficial to the health of men, woman (even pregnant), children, babies, pets, farm animals, plants, garden flowers and you can even bless your water and your automobile with this energy.

Reiki healing energy is an energy tool you take with you everywhere you go. The ability to flow this energy is built into your body and hands for use at any moment, any time, anywhere for on-the-spot treatment for your automobile and its stuck starter, a dead battery, your friends stress release, pain relief from injury and/or even to give yourself a quick burst of energy while driving the car on long trips.

Reiki Helps People With Negative Energy

Most people suffer a little bit from blocked energy flow. When your "Life Force Energy" is disrupted, weakened, or blocked the physical body can no longer do its maintenance work to keep the body going. Because the body is weakened --then mental health, and physical problems tend to occur.

When the flow of the energy is blocked the person has a low vibrational frequency. They are often found in destructive relationships and lifestyles. They appear to be on a self-sabotage or self-destruct path by making the wrong choices. They neglect themselves in many ways. Plus they do not (or can not) love themselves or others. That causes a real strain on relationships. They push away the people who love them. This emotional turmoil can be helped by Reiki treatments.

Stuck emotions and energy blockages cause imbalances in all areas of our lives. Compound this with physical injury, trauma, negative thinking and bad feelings the persons begin to lose hope about the future. They become an attractor for even more low vibrational feelings such as fear, worry, blame, doubt, rage, anger, anxiety, stress, tension and negative self-talk. They may suffer from lack of nutrition. Because of the low energy they are choosing to eat the wrong foods.

I have seen whole-body Reiki dissolve energy blockages over time healing any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Long-term practice of hands-on-Reiki will restore the general well-being of the body. It will open the energy channels, thereby allowing the body to deal properly and naturally with the stress that seems to come with living in a physical body.

I have also seen an advanced form of healing energy called Laser Reiki clear the root cause of energy blockages in just one to two sessions giving wonderful results. Laser Reiki is said to be 10 times faster than conventional Reiki. See www.LaserReiki.com

Traditional Reiki Directly aids the physical Body

--- Improves circulation

--- Reduces blood pressure

--- Harmonizes the endocrine system

--- Aids in digestion

--- Reduces inflammation of joints

--- Reiki heals Present, Past and future problems

--- Helps with acute injuries i.e., broken bones

--- Eases the symptoms of asthma, MS, fibromylgia, etc.

--- Helps relieve pain in chronic dis-eases

When Already in Good Health You Just Get Better

When a person is already in good health, it increases vitality and postpones the aging process. They should choose regular therapy because it will energize the body s immune system. If the immune system is up (meaning higher frequency) they cannot come down with SARS, Ebola, or any other dread disease.

The continued use of Reiki when you are not sick will manifest itself as self-confidence and self-assurance. Other people will want to be in your presence and be attracted to you because they can feel that you have something special. And they want some, too!

Life will keep getting better and better with Reiki because it connects you directly with even more of the Life Force energy many call God (Even though Reiki is made up of the Life Force called God, Reiki is not a religion but a way to be permeated with that Force.) You will have more peace and harmony in dealing with everyday events. You will gain a more positive outlook on all aspects of life.

Reiki Healing Is A Tool That Combines With Other Modalities

Reiki is a tool that can be used with any other alternative or natural therapies, i.e., massage, yoga meditation, gems and crystals, essential oils and aroma therapy, Bach Flower remedies, homeopathy, healing touch, quantum healing, energy medicine, Chinese medicine, holistic therapy, etc. Reiki will enhance their effectiveness.

At the Reiki Ranch you may receive a free Reiki I certification Workshop where you will practice on healing yourself and on other students. The class is 8 hours and usually held on a Friday at the school facilitates near Chehalis, Washington.

For additional information--you might also want to study reiki attunement, reiki blessing, reiki book, reiki cancer, reiki certificate, reiki certification, reiki chakra, reiki Christianity, reiki circle, reiki course, reiki crystal, reiki distance healing, reiki energy, reiki energy healing, reiki for animals, reiki free healing, reiki grid, reiki hand position, reiki healer, reiki healing institute,

www.ReikiRanch.com and other on-line sources.

Laser Reiki is based upon traditional Reiki, but it is ten times faster. You don't need any extra tools except your hands.

Go to Instant Energy Healings (http://www.laserreiki.com) Usui Reiki

For lots of articles on alternate healing using Miracle Mineral Supplement – MMS, green food and super food diet for better health --- go to Reiki Energy Healing Blog

---with neat content on health and wellness.

Awesome Laser Reiki Heals Instantly in Many Cases        

Quickly releasing deep muscle pains, back pains and headaches! Saves years of traditional work and money.

Learn how to help your family, friends, clients, plants and animals! (with the plants and animals ...no placebo effect possible!)

Become more attractive... You will glow with an inner beauty by releasing negative thought energy that weighs you down. Everybody will want to be with you when you are lighter.

Find happiness and more reasons for living (A direct connection to Source Energy makes you feel better and radiate loving energy!)

End Depression, stress, anxiety, tension, sadness, regret, shame, anger, by releasing their root causes.

It is very quick... Often 2-3 sessions can compare with the results from 3-10 years on the couch. Even works equally well with name-brand physical dis-eases. All diseases have a root cause that can be released even if they are the so-called **incurables**. If this and the rest interests you, read on...

These techniques are easy to learn. Start feeling better and enjoying life again! Having control over what happens to you... makes your life a lot more fun!

If you are interested in learning more about releasing pain and increasing joy in your life... you have come to the right place! To learn more and find out how Laser Reiki was discovered click here. Laser Reiki Energy Healing Articles, and Course Schedule

We teach all levels of Reiki starting with the basic 1, 2, and 3, then the more advanced Laser Reiki as well as Cosmic Energy Healing. An advanced level 6 that teaches Ghost Busting is also available for current Laser Reiki Masters. If you are a traditional Reiki Master, there is much available for you too and the upgrade is pretty easy.

Please take your time and explore our website. Feel free to contact us, Taylore Vance & Roi Halse if you have any questions at all. Tel. 360-748-4426

Enjoy your stay... Namaste!



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