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Trisha Matthies



34 School Street
Foxboro, MA 02035
United States
T: 508-543-5522


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Healing Moon Wellness Center / Trisha Matthies


The Healing Moon Wellness Center, LLC began as the small reiki Practice of Owner/Founder Trisha Matthies. It is now comprised of more than ten gifted healing practitioners, who offer a variety of modalities including reiki, massage, yoga thai massage, crystal healings, energy healing, spiritual counseling, tarot readings, mediumship, and more.

The center has a beautiful meditation room created for yoga classes of all levels and ages.The room is also used for metaphysical workshops designed to help others explore holistic healing, stress relief, empowerment, angelic connections, and more. When the meditation room is not in use of classes,it is open to clients for enjoyment and relaxation while listening to the fountain and soothing music.

The Healing Moon Wellness Center includes a retail area that offers our clients holistic healing products and unique gifts, such as aromatherapy blends, flower essences, reiki candles, essential oils, chakra jewelry, incense, CDs, books and more.

Retail & Reception Office is available:

Sunday thru Thursday by appointment only

Fridays 10:00am – 2:00pm, Walk-ins welcome

Saturdays 10:00am – 2:00pm, Walk-ins welcome

Profile and Credentials        

In todays quick paced world we are surrounded by stress and pressure, which often creates one to feel overwelmed, depressed, or fatiqued. The Healing Moon Wellness Center helps adults and children find their inner peace and calm.

Owner/ Director Trisha Matthies is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist, and Crystal Healer. For over 15 years, she has been reaching out to others with her guided meditations, healings, and intuition and spiritual development classes. She treats clients with physical conditions in her practice, although specializes in assisiting women and adolescents in need of emotional and mental release and balancing. She has shared her stress reducing teachings and healings with her clients, as well as Norwood High School Adult Program, and Norwood Caritas Hospital.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Healing Moon Wellness Center, believes that similar to the moon's phases our emotions, thoughts, and beliefs are consistantly changing throughout our life's cycles. Often when these emotions or thoughts are negative such as anger, sadness, or anxiety we are unable to properly release them causing dicomfort, illness, or disease to surface in our physical or mental bodies. However, by learning to release these negative blocks, we can begin a new cycle towards a peaceful mind and healthy body.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Reception and Retail office is Open

SUNDAY Thru FRIDAY: By appointment ONLY

SATURDAYS Walk-ins welcome: 10:00am-4:00pm

Please check out my website with detailed information about our practitioners, services, classes, and directions. www.THEHEALINGMOON.com

The many practitioners who work at the center are independant contractors and not employees of The Healing Moon Wellness Center. Therefore fees and reates will vary due to experience and service. Payment of cash or check should be made to each practitioner or instructor unless otherwise specified.

Classes: Yoga, Holistic and Specialty        

The center also offers many classes through out the year for adults and children. Some classes include Yoga, Kid Yoga, Guided Meditation, Intuition Development, Meeting your angel guides, Tarot Cards, Stress Reduction, Holistic Healing and much more.

Please visit our website for a list of our classes and workshops. www.TheHealingMoon.com




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