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1 Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.

Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.


Asheville, NC United States
T: 828-337-4625


Catherine Schultz, Ph.D. is a Reiki Master and the author of a book entitled "bliss: Living in Silent Awareness" based on her dissertation on the subject. She has over 27 years of experience in facilitating healing experiences for individuals and groups.

Dr. Schultz offers life coaching & spiritual consultations from the perspective of living in bliss and energy healing including Usui & Karuna Reiki, ReConnection, Shamanic methods and the Adamantine Health System. She also offers all levels of Usui Reiki training.

Her community programs known as "Bliss Gatherings" include live music, poetry, art and dialogue to reveal the inherent clear awareness of one self contained in each moment. Insights from these gatherings can be found at www.blissblog.net.

Profile and Credentials        

Author: "bliss: Living in Silent Awareness" (2001)

Ph.D. - THE UNION INSITUTE, Cincinnati Ohio - 1998 - Sociology, Transpersonal Psychology & Organizational/Social Systems Development. Dissertation title: BLISS, THE SOCIAL SELF & ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE

Usui Reiki Master - 1997.
Karuna Levels I & II - 2000.
ReConnection Healing - 2004/2005.
Adamantine Health System, Level III, 2006

M.S. - UNIVERSITY OF BUFFALO - 1992 - Interdisciplinary Social Sciences: Sociology, Psychology & Creativity. Thesis: DO WE CHOOSE OUR WORLD? A TREATISE COMPARING MODERN PHYSICS TO THE SOCIAL SCIENCES

B.S.W. - BUFFALO STATE COLLEGE - 1985 - Double Major: Social Work & Philosophy

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Philosophy and Comments        

"It is possible to live in bliss each moment even when life is appearing difficult. I am here to support the recognition of silent awareness as our true nature, free and independent of thought yet inclusive of thought and all aspects of being. This freedom and embrace is bliss."

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Individual & Corporate meetings by appointment. Fees vary by service requested. More information available on fees at http://www.blissresources.org





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