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Soul Surgery

Trudie Moore


Penrith area
Sydney, NSW 2760
T: 0403-544-863

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Raise your vibration for 2013 and beyond with Soul Surgery – psychic clearing. This is a dynamic, healing technique based on the principles of a modern shaman (medicine woman). With over 20 years experience, Trudie is able to dissolve the psychic energy stored in the body from past experiences, including divorce, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, emotional/sexual abuse, grief, illness, and accidents.
Blockages or traumas from childhood or the past ,that are hindering your life and your soul, are dissolved, allowing you to more fully live your purpose, for this lifetime. Soul Surgery is performed at a very high level of energy with the guidance from Trudie’s spirit guides & angels.
There are times in life when we seem plagued by aspects of our lives falling apart for no reason, i.e. jobs, relationships, etc.
Through Soul Surgery, you are led to an understanding that some of the pain, confusion or emotion we feel, is often not our own. This is because the psychic energy of others can interfere or block our journey as psychic cords from their energy centres (chakras) become emeshed with ours.
This healing will free you from these bonds, attachments, and patterns.Soul Surgery sessions are 1-2 hours depending on the issues that need clearing, and are held in Trudie's home healing sanctuary.
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Profile and Credentials        

Trudie became aware of spirit at the age

of 5. At 13 she was giving successful hands-on-healing to family and friends. At 21 she studied at the London Psychic Research Society. Trudie came to Sydney Australia in 1978 and has trained numerous people in meditation, healing and psychic development. Trudie's work has appeared in several publications including Body & Soul supplement Sunday

Telegraph, For Me magazine and Womens

Fitness & Health. She is regularly consulted by the media and her advice is sought by entertainers and film producers in the U.S.A.

Philosophy and Comments        

Trudie believes that human beings are

wonderful masters in the making and we

have un-limited potential. Her work

is to release people from pain, suffering, and limitation helping them

to create and manifest the life they

truly want.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Week-days 4p.m till 9.p.m Week-ends by arrangement.

$150 per session for between 1-2 hours.

Regions close to me are: Parramatta,

Blacktown, St.Marys, Quakers Hill, Baulkham Hills,Castle Hill, Penrith, Blue

Mountains, Emu Plains, Windsor, Richmond.





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