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Complementary Arts

Trudi Denison


2983 E. Bethel Rd.
Randolph Center, VT 05061
United States
T: 802 728 5244

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Facilitating and teaching under the trade name of COMPLEMENTARY ARTS since 1997,in Randolph Center, Vermont, Trudi facilitates Usui and Karuna Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, EMF, and Sacred Sound Healing and spiritual counseling. She teaches all levels of Usui and Karuna Reiki as well as presenting workshops on Sacred Sound Healing, Meditation, Conscious Aging, Magnified Healing, an intensive series on the Chakra System course "A Way of the Heart: Healing the Emotional Body".

Profile and Credentials        

Trudi's healing work began in the l960's as a spiritual practice. In l991 she began her studies in other modalities such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Magnified Healing, EMF, and Sound Healing Therapy.

She has a BS degree from CSC, is an ordained minister with a degree of Doctor of Divinity, having attended the seminary of Int. Church of Ageless Wisdom. (Board Certified Pastoral Counselor) She has earned a degree of Doctor of Metaphyisical Science. She holds certificates in the professional theory and application of Sound Healing Therapies.

Philosophy and Comments        

All of the work that I do is concerning Universal Energy. I believe that we are 80% energy and that all challenges in our life come from an unbalance in our energy field. My main object in healing work is to assist clients and students to be able to balance energy and become a whole person --"healing" means "wholing" to me. I also believe that we are in the process on planet earth at this time of balancing polarities within ourselves. Any of the modalities that I practice and teach are able to assist persons in reaching this goal.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Although I put out a schedule for workshops and classes, I also am willing to fit anyone in on a day or evening that is convenient for them. I am willing to assist with individual healing sessions at the client's convenience. I charge $60.00 (also consider one's income) for a session which is l 1/2 hours long with private counseling included if necessary. I have a schedule on my website or anyone may call or email me to set up a special session or class.


Reiki/Karuna Reiki        

In the past year many have discovered the power of Karuna Reiki and have taken the courses. There are four classes to this wonderful modality. One may take two levels and become a practitioner only. The second two levels of Karuna Reiki bring one into being attuned to be a Master Teacher of Karuna Reiki. Karuna Reiki consists of 8 new powerful symbols which are used during a healing session. Each one of the four levels is a one day class. Further information may be found on my web site. www.trudidenison.com


At the present time, I only facilitate EMF and teach the introduction to EMF titled The Lattice. This introduction is a three hour class explaining how EMF balances energies and heals. EMF is facilitated in four seperate sessions, each being different and bringing in specific energies and clearings. More information regarding EMF may be found on my web site. www.trudidenison.com

spiritual counseling        

Spiritual counseling is many times a part of a healing session. I also am available for private sessions in person, on phone or via email. Charges are according to the length of the session and are listed on my web site. www.trudidenison.com

Conscious Aging Workshops        

The Second Half of Life workshops were born out of clients asking advice on aging and its ramifications. I have accumulated much wisdom in this field having assisted my own parents and other family members through their later years of life. I studied aging in my college studies and in my Metaphysical doctoral programs. Check into my website to see when a workshop is scheduled this summer. www.trudidenison.com

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