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Western Spirit Enrichment Center

Garrett Lowry


50 Willow Way Sedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ 86339-0386
United States
T: 1-602-540-5808

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Western Spirit is a spiritual retreat organization located near beautiful Sedona Arizona offering to individuals and couples of all ages individual, couples and marriage retreats with exciting journeys into self-discovery and adventurous experiences in nature. Participate in spiritual and personal growth workshops, plus exciting outdoor activities and adventures in magical Sedona and the awesome Grand Canyon, including hiking, visiting ancient Indian ruins, Native American ceremonies and culture, massages, yoga, and meditation.

Profile and Credentials        

MARIAN CAROL is a gifted spiritual teacher, director and counselor, intuitive healer, visionary and psychic. She teaches individuals and couples how to create and attract harmony, peace and love in their lives and relationships by showing us how to open up to Spirit's light and love. She is known throughout the world for her peaceful and gentle nature, her playfullness and sense of humor. Marian and her husband Gary have over 20 years of research and study into the higher consciousness, the perfecting of spiritual harmony, and the law of attraction and manifesting. She is featured in the book "The Top 101 Experts Who Help Us Improve Our Lives" and is the author of her meditation CD "One Breath, One Spirit".

Philosophy and Comments        

Our workshops are designed to guide individuals and couples along paths of self-discovery and healing, regardless of their faith or religious background. We operate on the universal principle that God is love and all humankind is connected. Hundreds of our worldwide guests since 2001 have told us repeatedly that these powerful workshops have changed their lives and left them with an awakened sense of gratitude and spiritual awareness!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sunday check-in thru Saturday departure.

$1,595.00 all-inclusive of workshops, lodging, activities weekly rate per person or $1,995 per couple.





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