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Frankie Burget


2725 Central Drive, Suite A
Bedford, Texas 76021
United States
T: 8175718135
F: 817-571-9075

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Frankie Burget is the developer of Fascial Integrative Therapy™. Chosen 2016 & 2019 Occupational Therapist of the Year by ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Professionals. She has been "Mom-Approved" by DFW Child Magazine since 2014.

She is a Licensed Registered Occupational Therapist, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine. She is a Myofascial Release Mastery Level Therapist skilled in CranioSacral, Visceral Manipulation, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point, therapeutic massage, QiGong, neuro-developmental treatment, and functional spine stabilization.

Her treatment reaches deeper levels in the body to provide lasting relief from all pain, myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurological disorders, TMJ, carpal tunnel, headaches, cumulative trauma disorder, geriatrics, infertility, traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder, autism, scoliosis, stress and much more. Compassionate care for children with feeding problems, lip/tongue tie, ADD, birth defects, failure to thrive, injuries and special physical needs.

Profile and Credentials        

Frankie Burget is a Registered and Lifetime Certified Occupational Therapist, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, CranioSacral Therapist and a Certified Neurodevelopmental Therapist. She has a BS in Occupational Therapy from Texas Women's University. She is a Mastery Level Therapist in Myofascial Release Therapy, Barnes Technique and a Full Senior Insturctor/Coordinator with Myofascial Release Centers. She has had extensive training in Manual Lymph Therapy, and Functional Spine Stabilization Training. She has a Certification in QiGong from the Collaborating Centre of Traditional Medicine in Beijing, China. She is McKenzie Trained and a member of the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators. She is also a Certified Weight Trainer.

Philosophy and Comments        

To Treat is to Listen
Recover your life, don't spend your life recovering!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Monday through Friday 8 AM to 6 PM. Since Frankie Burget is a licensed registered Occupational Therapist, most insurance companies will cover treatment if the primary physician writes a prescription for occupational therapy and/or myofascial release therapy.

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Compassionate Care for Pets of All Sizes        

Providing care for horses, dogs, cats, birds and exotic animals who are experiencing pain or disability from surgery, injury, aging or abuse. Therapy for horse and rider available.

We Love Being Part of the Birth Team        

It is wonderful to work with a family from conception through birth. Being part of the birth team and working with Mom to have a comfortable pregnancy and easier labor is very satisfying. Then working on a baby right out of the womb to be sure they have the best start in life is a great honor.

2016 Occupational Therapist of the Year        

Frankie Burget developed the system of specialized techniques that address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of dysfunction which she called Fascial Integrative Therapy™. She was the first Occupational Therapist granted the title of Diplomate from the College of Veterinary Medicine of the American College of Veterinary Medicine. For these and her other contributions to the field of Occupational Therapy, the devoted care she gives her patients and the way she listens to her patients, Ms. Burget earned the recognition of 2016 Occupational Therapist of the Year from ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners.

The Danger of Baby Beanies and Headbands        

The current fashion of putting beanies and headbands on babies can be potentially harmful to brain and body development.

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