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Linda Taylor - UWTH Teacher & Healer

Linda Taylor


Murrieta, CA 92562
United States
T: 951-249-5085



Levels 1-2-3 Workshops in Universal White Time Healing

Golden Love & Light to you!! I personally feel a sense of urgency to make myself available to teach ANYWHERE in the United States at this Special and exciting time on Earth. White Time is unconditional Love and Light and even so Much More and there are people out there, all over the country, just needing to hear about this to Know..... I KNOW there is interest in working with such beautiful Energies, Forces and unlimited Possibilities to grow and expand in all areas of your Life!

With all this in mind and my deep love and reverence for UWTH, the possibilities to organize future classes in all parts of the USA are welcomed!

White Time means and IS the world to me, there is nothing like it and it always continues to expand and grow and get richer and More as time goes on, working with such an Energy, a Force from a Well that never empties... the thought of this always gives me shivers.... how about you?

This is a priceless Education in Healing and Spirituality.

If you or anyone you know is interested in hosting a workshop or interested in beginning their White Time Education, please contact me for more information. This will also be a great way to pre-register for classes as they are scheduled and advertise in your area to see if more may be interested in attending!

This UWTH Teacher is traveling as much as needed to teach and the next Level 1-2-3 class could be with you!

Thank you for your support, encouragement and love!

Please see My Events for dates for upcoming UWTH Level One, Level Two and Level Three Workshops!

Golden Sun Blessings,


Profile and Credentials        

I am so eternally and deeply grateful and supremely blessed to have been graced with the opportunity to work in service to the Light and Love of All That Is with so many magnificent people all over this beautiful Earth. I thank you deeply if you are one of them, reading this page, for our connection and the experiences we have shared. For all other divine beings who reside upon beloved Mother Earth, as well as those already on The New Earth, I send all love and light and blessings to your hearts and wish you well on your beautiful journey and hope to connect with you soon in the Light and Love of the Golden Joy of The Sun, here or "out there".

Certification in Level 1 Universal White Time Healing 02/07; Certification in Level 2 Universal White Time Healing 03/07; Certification in Level 3 Universal White Time Healing 05/07; Certification in Level 4 Universal White Time Healing 06/08; Certification in Level 1 (Teacher) Universal White Time Healing 09/07; Certification in Level 2 (Teacher) Universal White Time Healing 12/08; Certification in Level 3 (Teacher) Universal White Time Healing 08/09.

Linda is a Priestess Hierophant within the FOI and an ordained Minister of the ULC.

Additional Experience: Certified Usui Reiki and Seichim Master 12/2000 Certified Lightarian Reiki Master 2004; Linda is also certified in over 20 other energy healing modalities, including Shamballa MDH, Full Spectrum Healing, Karuna Ki, Snow White, Kundalini Reiki, Isis Seichim, Ra Sheeba, Golden Triangle, Archangelic Seichim to name a few.

Philosophy and Comments        

I want to take the opportunity to give my deepest, most heartfelt thanks, appreciation, respect and gratitude to an incredible woman named Channie West, also known as Channie Centara Cha, who with the Knowledge, Wisdom and Higher Education she has so Graciously given to us here on Earth, everything in my life, my understanding and my service, has grown and expanded and been enriched beyond anything I could have imagined, because of Channie. Since I have completed my NET (New Earth Teacher) Training, and the training to becoming a Universal White Time Healer and Teacher, as well as completing the four absolutely incredible classes of the Beyond Education, the Highest Knowledge and Teachings ever given ANYWHERE, my Life is nothing like what is was just a year ago. My love and life to Channie. Everything in my life that I hold the most dearly to me, I owe my thanks for to Channie and to all my beloved and wonderful Teachers I have trained with for my NET Classes. Beyond Classes and UWTH classes, namely Wistancia Stone, Anthony Dooling and Kalama Hochreiter. I am so deeply grateful for all of their support, assistance, encouragement, advice, healing and love that there are no words to express my thanks.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

There is now a way to book your appointments for Universal White Time Healing with Linda online! Please visit the website at www.whitetimer.com and click on "Appointments with Linda" and follow the instructions from there. Its best to actually book a time for us to talk, in person or by phone, so that we can tailor-make a session just for YOU. Choosing my FREE Initial Consultation option if you are not sure about what you want is the best first step. Appointments will be in the comfort of your own home or at S.P.A. in Corona CA, USA) and the option to receive Universal White Time Healing by distance is great for locals and people all over the world!

For much more information and details including pricing and the many advanced sessions available from Linda, please visit http://www.whitetimer.com/uwthhandsonsessions.htm and http://www.whitetimer.com/whitetimedistancesessions.htm

UWTH Workshops for Levels 1-2-3 are forming year round all over the USA. Linda is a traveling UWTH Teacher and will make arrangements to teach you in your own home town if a class in Southern California is not an option.

Please contact Linda to plan YOUR UWTH Session or Workshop today!


New Earth Teacher Classes/Correspondence Courses        


In order for the old Earth to be able to move on to a higher dimension with us, she needs help. Angels, light beings and loving extraterrestrials do help in this process, but they neither can nor are they allowed to do too much, because this is not their planet and world. Therefore they have contacted some of us and taught us what to do to make the process easier for Mother Earth and this solar system. For it is not only Earth that is going up to a higher dimension, but the whole solar system.

These New Earth Teacher (NET) courses are meant to be taught and spread all over the Earth. Anyone who wants to can do these courses. One's background does not matter; neither does it matter what spiritual beliefs people have or whether they have a spiritual belief or not. The courses in themselves are meant to help people all over the world to have a deeper understanding of Mother Earth and everything New that comes with the New Earth. The courses that follow NET 1 contain information about the course of events that are happening now and coming soon with the transformation of Earth. They are simple and easy to understand descriptions on how to prepare yourself and others and how to do ceremonies. There are suggestions for your own sense of well-being and explanations of the new steps of growth for all human beings. The courses are meant to strengthen, help and inform people, but most of all, to help our beloved Mother Earth before and during her transformation.

It doesn't matter what you have read or heard before about Earth's transformation. Nor is it important, according to their telling, how it is supposed to happen or what it is supposed to look like. It is important that you, in some way, have chosen to listen and be receptive to receive the information. Once you have received information, it is up to your Higher Self to sort out the answers. Our Higher Self represents our spiritual wisdom and consciousness on a higher plane and it assimilates the information and sends back whatever is worth believing in. Often you will get a clear, positive feeling and some sort of knowing feeling in that process.

These NET classes are here to awaken people's interest and stimulate new ways of thinking. Even though some of the people who read this will not always agree with it or understand it, there will always be a seed planted and some of the words will sink in about the New Earth. Once it is stored there in the memory, the information will give birth to new ideas and thoughts.

Never fear the future. Welcome it instead, with open eyes and curiosity. See all the New. Listen to everything you hear and feel, and feel what happens even inside yourself. Study your surroundings and you will see that you can already see some of the New that is happening all around us.

Good luck for the sake of our future, the spiritual evolution, the transformation and, of course, for the sake of the New Earth.



1. Mother Earth prepares herself for the New.

2. The New Earth begins to be created. Influence takes place through the aura layers. We are gtting prepared when the energies of the ground rise. Karma almost totally ceases to exist.

3. The ground energies affect our chakras and the cosmic energy also has an effect. Our chakras get more complex and there are more of them. Higher chakras start to go down into the bodies from a higher sphere. Lower chakras also manifest in the bodies. We feel some side effects from it.

4. The Earth's aura meets the aura of the New Earth through time and space. They meet even though, to us, they are in different dimensions. We can study their effect on each other and their interactions in the skies in the middle of the day and in the night. We get more conscious and we get restless. Some will start to get contacts with beings from our new dimension. The sun, the moon and the stars look different...... can you see this now?

And much, much more information is available to you in the NET Courses...... please contact Linda if you feel guided to know more and to help on these new levels at universalwhitetimer@hotmail.com and please visit http://www.whitetimer.com/net110.htm and http://www.whitetimer.com/apps/webstore if you want to start your NET Training with Linda!!

SPECIAL NOTE TO THOSE WHO ARE REALLY READING THIS: Afgall to you! These callses are NOW available to you on a donation basis at my UWTH WEB STORE at my website www.whitetimer.com and ANY donation is accepted, but please do not forget what you are receiving with these classes.... Golden Blessings to One and ALL! ***hugs***




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