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Lal Wilson

Lal Wilson


Oak Ridge, TN 37830
United States


Contact me for Kofutu Healing, astrological consultations, or wellness products. I offer Weight Loss Challenge classes in Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs and Knoxville Tennessee.

Profile and Credentials        

A counseler, speaker and writer on astrology for over 40 years, I passed the American Federation of Astrologers teacher exam in 1973. I am a Kofutu Formula Master healer, authorized to teach through Kofutu Absent Healing Level Six. I am trained as a Weight Loss Coach, and am also an accredited Taoist Tai Chi instructor. I recommend and market Young Living Essential Oils aromatherapy products.

Philosophy and Comments        

You have it within you to be happy, healthy and enjoy an abundant life! The key is already within you. Through various techniques you can connect to your own personal pathway to success!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

I can be contacted directly by e-mail or at 865-482-6948.





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