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Beth Shaw


United States
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YogaFit has been the Leader in Mind Body Fitness Education since 1994. YogaFit offers a 500-Hour & 200-Hour RYT Teacher Training Program through Yoga Alliance.

The YogaFit style of Yoga tightens and tones the entire body, enhances balance, improves flexibility and builds core strength by combining traditional fitness training, focused breathing and strength building through yoga poses. The result is a mind-body workout that improves health, athletic performance and mental acuity in people of all ages and fitness levels.

Profile and Credentials        

Taught by YogaFit-trained staff with in-depth experience and skills in yoga, anatomy, and fitness, the YogaFit method is the only nationally recognized continuing education partner with ACE, and has been a member of IHRSA since 1997. It is also the only yoga instruction recognized by Town Sports International (NYSC WCS BCS PSC) Fitness Clubs. Team YogaFit has 50 national trainers, and YogaFit has trained over 75,000 fitness professionals and instructors at facilities in the U.S. and internationally.

Philosophy and Comments        

YogaFit follows a philosophy that includes community service and ahimsa, or "no harm". Every YogaFit Trained yoga instructor has met a minimum requirement of 8 hours of community service after their Level 1 Training. This is one of the many ways YogaFit encourages a balanced practice that focuses on letting go of all judgement, expectations, and competition.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

YogaFit offers Yoga Teacher Training courses all across the United States and internationally as well. To locate a training near you, visit www.YogaFit.com.

YogaFit Clothing and Fitness Accessories        

YogaFit also offers a wide range of yoga clothing for men and women as well as accessories to enhance your current teaching and practice. We feature green items and even a plus size line.




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