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Zacciah Blackburn, PhD - The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies

Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


P.O. Box 389 ~ 220 Hidden Glen Rd.
Ascutney, VT 05030
United States
T: 802.674.9585
F: 674.9586

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Zacciah Blackburn is Founder and Director of the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies. The Center is a holistic center for the study and therapeutic application of the art of sound healing, as well as the study and utilization of shamanic and mystical arts through personal explorations and sacred sound transmissions. The Center offers sound healing therapies and training, shamanic & spiritual counseling. Workshops and individual therapies and studies are designed to draw us to our own innate wisdom and personal power, develop intuitive guidance and authenticity, deepening relationship with that we hold as sacred, awakening the core of our being, and enlivening us to pursue our personal destiny. Initiations into the sacred realms of understanding, are incorporated, via Sacred Sound Transmissions.

A wide variety of fine quality musical & healing instruments of the world, used in sacred sound cultures, are offered on site, and on line at www.sunreed.com. Find Tibetan bells and bowls, Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Native American Drums and Flutes, Didgeridoos, Bamboo and Wooden flutes of the world, including bansurai, Irish, and shakuhachi, harps and much more. Indian instruments such as tamboura and sitar, harmonium and tabla, are available, as are African drums such as Djembe, Ashiko, and Djun Djun.

Visit www.thecenteroflight.net

Profile and Credentials        

Zacciah began a conscious journey to self awakening in 1969, soon guided to develop understanding in intuitive healing, in sacred sound cultures, and in the making of musical instruments of sacred sound cultures. His studies exposed him to the sacred music, sound healing traditions, and master teachers of numerous cultures

In 1985, Zacciah began to use his knowledge and experience in creating studies and a healing practice to share with others. He utilized sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in shamanic style settings, for personal healing and transformation.

He has since offered numerous programs on the nature of self transformation through the use of esoteric and alchemical practices and exercises, invoking sacred sound streams in his work, which he calls Sacred Sound Transmissions. He has built and directs programs at the Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, in Ascutney, VT. He directs trainings in a 3 year certification program in sound healing, and offers esoteric studies in personal transformation, high alchemy, and outdoor shamanic programs, studying the mysteries of this Earth and her indigenous peoples.

No experience can equal the knowledge acquired through one's own passage into the Knowing of Self. Zacciah brings to his work this self passage, which he readily transmits to others, to assist with their own passage.

He brings with him a warmth and radiance that exudes through his work. We welcome you to experience with us this life transforming work of the journey into the Self, through the use of Sacred Sound.

Zacciah assisted in the creation of the New England Sound Healing Research Institute, and is now Board Member, and Director of Education for NESHRI (see neshri.org, now soundhealingnetwork.org.) He is also co-founder and Director of the World Sound Healing Organization, and All One Now Network, dedicated to bringing about global transformation, through the offerings of teachings of leaders in the fields of human consciousness development & sound healing, respected elders of indigenous cultures, and live ceremonies and sound healing events on line via free internet broadcasts. See www.allonenow.org

Zacciah's full background may be viewed at: http://sunreed.com/AddBackground.html

Philosophy and Comments        

Sacred sound is one way of defining the nature of whom we are as vibrational beings. Sound is the nature of Creation, as spoken through so many cultures, from Aboriginal to Biblical to Hindu. When we attune to our own sacred nature, and voice this in resonance with clarity and trust, we come into contact with our very essence. Zacciah uses sound coupled with sacred intention to invoke the essence of higher being. This allows us each to enter more readily into a sacred space, more ready to explore the deeper nature of ourselves, and relationship to that which we personally hold as sacred. Integrating esoteric practices of shamanic and alchemical traditions, Zacciah creates the groundwork which assists us in walking through a rich tapestry of unfolding experiential insights into our essence. He also works with sacred earth sites, assisting us through ceremony and simple practices, to attune to earth energies and essences, again to deepen relationship, and awaken personal revelation of the nature of place.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Workshops are typically weekend events, offered nationally and internationally.

Fees range $75-120/day depending on hours, content,proximity, etc.

Therapies and private studies are offered in VT and when possible while traveling. Fees are $60-80/hr in a sliding scale.

Hours and days are flexible.

Visit our website, also, for information on healing musical instruments of the world, and join our newsletter.

See www.thecenteroflight.net

The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies        

The Work of Zacciah Blackburn





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