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Michelle Star Yoga & Healing Arts, LLC
"Feline Yoga Assistant assists with Bow Pose" Video
In early morning Yoga class while in Bow Pose, my Feline Yoga Assistant, Confi nestled on my back. He\'s a funny boy!

YouTube Videos by Michelle Star Yoga & Healing Arts, LLC
Michelle Star Yoga Lunar Class
A lunar class focuses more on the feminine, but in the sign of Gemini, it can change some of that since Gemini is so busy. This basic traditional class includes Balancing Half Moon and other lunar energies. Take time to honor your lunar/feminine/left side of body/right hemisphere of brain to balance out your life.
Michelle Star Yoga - Cultivating Silence
Our world has become highly active and chaotic. Our minds can get pulled in all directions which wreaks havoc on our bodies and spirits. This class is a basic class emphasizing the cultivation of silence. Silence allows us to tune in to our inner Guidance and relieve accumulated stress.
Michelle Star Yoga on Victory!
A basic Kripalu (traditional) Yoga class with Michelle Star (did I mention it\'s my Golden Jubilee? 50 years of Yoga! What could be more victorious?!) Settle in for a look at a couple of Archangel cards relating to Victory, centering, Pranayama/breathing, warm-ups, asana, Savasana, mudra. Where do you feel victorious? Achievement? Pat yourself on the back! You\'re on Earth at an extremely challenging time, you deserve it!
Michelle Star - Yoga on Peace
What would it be like to have a peaceful world? What would that look like to you? Each person that creates peace by entering into that peaceful center we all have, the more peace we will manifest outwardly. Here is a Basic Yoga practice to help you do just that, offered by Michelle Star, certified by Kripalu Yoga and Health and Integrative Yoga Therapy. Celebrating my Golden Jubilee in 2020! 50 years of Yoga!
Michelle Star\'s Mysti-Stories
#1 Some positive vibes to share! I call it \"Mysti-Stories\" series, meaning mystical experiences, stories, synchronicities, dreams, visions, guidance and the like. Some people are afraid to go inward or meditate and hopefully this will show how to use mysticism for guidance and success! It\'s not for everybody, I know, but Yoga enthusiasts, meditators, spiritual folks, Nature lovers, artists, psychics, many of you will love this series as I get further into the unfoldment of my life on the Mystic Path! 15-min. video
Introduction to Michelle Star Yoga and Healing Arts LLC
This video clip gives you an idea of what we offer and why we are different from other Yoga studios. To participate in live/online Yoga with Michelle, go to the Events on my Profile Page--we use Zoom. Thanks for visiting my website!
Yoga practice to have fun and claim our power
The energies were such on this day that it seemed everyone needed help claiming their power. So we had a fun, silly class that incorporated Lion\\'s Pose to clear the throat chakra and roar. Lion\\'s Pose also helps to heal sore throats--not so silly after all!
Feline Yoga Assistant assists with Bow Pose
In early morning Yoga class while in Bow Pose, my Feline Yoga Assistant, Confi nestled on my back. He\'s a funny boy!