Butterflies in the Garden

FEAR: have my angels left me?

There is probably no better time to walk our talk, to trust our guides, and to have faith in our angels, then when a 9-11 happens to our personal lives. Maybe its a slam against our reputation, an unpredictable health crisis, a death of someone we love, or a loss of a job. The truth is that every so often a crisis will happen to each and every one of us. Are we ready?

We have our lives neatly packaged in predictable insurance policies, 401 K, a ready made plan for the end of the world, and spiritual quotations that seem wise and right to say at all the appropriate times. But when the crisis happens to US.....RARELY is there a warning, and seldom is the crisis what we thought it was going to be.


Amazingly if we have not been walking our own talk, hearing someone say the spiritual cliches we ourselves said, {before the veil of predictability was so rudely ripped away}, may even anger us. This is fear talking. We want answers! Now! We are overwhelmed and on a run away train. Just yesterday everything was fine.

The whole world takes on a different "texture", smell and feel. Fear is like this. Once it sets in, what we have been preaching as spiritualists, is tested to the core. At times, it feels like our angels have left us. But they haven't.

Fear can even make our friends and angels look like demons against us. Acceptance of our situation, brings calm, sleep and healing. With calm and acceptance, what seemed like demons, turns back into the faces of our angels and our dear friends again.

Once our calm has returned, we realize no matter what happens, spiritual hands of warmth and guidance reach to help all around us. Our "inner voice" says kinder things, and is less fear based. Even if one does not believe in angels, calm and acceptance are angelic and powerful "tools" that help us to cope with fear.

Posted on: 2011-09-13 12:48:22. Comments