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Returning to Life after COVID-19

Many people are still reluctant to see their doctor or dentist for fear of catching the COVID-19 virus even though the pandemic restrictions are lifting. Because of this fear, some people are waiting until their symptoms are at crisis mode before they see their health care provider. This, unfortunately, can make matters worse for them. When people are tense, their blood vessels constrict which in turn makes it more difficult for the blood to transport oxygen to the brain and other vital organs. Tension itself can create pain---the tension headache is a good example of this. When you are tense, you also tend to bleed more. When you are relaxed, your blood vessels can work properly to carry oxygen to the brain and throughout your body. Better oxygenation promotes better brain function, which in turn promotes deeper relaxation.

How we perceive stressful situations determines how stress impacts us. Instead of being in chronic fight or flight mode, we can learn to flow in another direction that brings us ease and comfort. Although we can?t change what is happening around us, we can change the way we react to it.

Hypnosis is an integrative therapy that is highly effective in the mental health and medical health fields. It is the key that opens your subconscious mind, promoting a state of heightened focus and deep relaxation. Hypnosis has numerous applications and can be used in all areas of human experience. It is a proven method to help you enhance your life, reduce anxiety, improve attitudes, eliminate negative behavior, and control food and nicotine addictions.

I am a licensed social worker and certified hypnotherapist. I have over 30 years? experience and have been employed as a hypnotherapist, clinical therapist, medical social worker, and school social worker. I am currently providing virtual hypnotherapy sessions. Contact me at 734-765-7630 for your free phone consultation to see how hypnosis can benefit you.
Posted on: 2020-06-03 14:23:32. Comments