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I very much believe humans need to include mental health and devotion to their daily maintenance schedule.

Check in with your Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spirit bodies every day. Adjust perceptions and focus. Go outside.

Live a life of gratitude. Go outside, speak outlaid to all you are devoted to.

Do you know who created you? Find out and be inspired.

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1990 to 1998 hundreds of people called, participated, studied and graduated from The Ancient Schools of Mysteries. In 2000 a movement of polarization captured people where are you?
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Living is linked as Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals, Compost, Mysteries and more

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Mitakuye Oyasin


Extraordinary accomplishment, strength and humility. These words used to describe President-elect Barack Obama’s Grandmother Madelyn Dunham are the SONG of the current reality. The SONG replaces everything within each of you. Will you do this for yourself? Will you do this for the GrandMother Earth and her families?

As an MAYAN ORIGIN calendar it is the 19th Day of October fourth Electric-first quarter Moon: activate, bond and service
Extension, courage, and balance: organize, confront, motivate, assert, materialize, form, empower, and pursue.

Tolerance and gathering is essential. Time and seeing the big picture is the empowerment of today and the future.

Without Circles of differences and resistance there could not be the thrust of life. Movement is essential to seeking.

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Spring is a very complex time. So many yearn for Winter's end and Spring is such an answer to everything. I find Spring to be as tough as Thanksgiving and Xmas. Short tempers, abandonment, consumerism without fulfillment. Natural families are taking 80% of the oxygen, yet humans run around as though they don't notice they are shoking. We just buy, buy, they force plants in the ground just to argue with the weather about Springs changes, that come every year. Then we take it out on our loved ones. This year economy, focus is on decisions of personal life and movement of personal health, personal movement and personal health. So far ok, smiling, so far, little consumerism. Even a little over flow, gratitude GrandMother Earth and BeLoved TASOM!!!
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March 5, 2008

I thank all who have blogged, please share more. I feel many of us are re-linking our circle of families.

Gratitude to all who seek, question, dream, intuit, wonder..
breathing is complicated. and, and, 2008 opened and is peeling away the glues of polarization. Polarizing humanity.

I believe the last decade has been a self induced human drama of stuck. I included myself whining, complaining, blaming, self sabotage.

2008 to 2016 feels, dreams, reveals, is prophecy as the biggest mystery! Does this mean GrandMother Earth, her families and humans may be in the at ground zero? If so that would be such a birthing.

Simple day, quiet voice, open ears, one life one day at a time


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Ecstatic Shimmering

Ecstatic Shimmering

Ecstatic shimmering is the vibration that best describes the entity I channel, BeLoved TASOM.

I have wondered if a Universe is as a family begins as a birth does. Gestation, delivery, baby walks away from you, Mother spends life in guilt feeling she messed up, while the child becomes an adult, the adult if healthy enough cuts the child cords to families, and if there is not enough in common between family and adult there probably will not be relationships. Like planets, stars, galaxies, black holes…lots, lots, lots of territorialism.

Ecstatic shimmering is what I sense when something monumental event, a really unexpected personal movement of family healing occurs.
Yesterday, January 24 is the day I have claimed to celebrate my 13 Moons around GrandFather Sun, my Birthday. I really don't know my birthday. It feels really right on. It just so happens my oldest granddaughter graduation event was on that same day at the same high school I graduated from in 1965.

I did not get an invitation to attend until January 23. I had resolved because of decades-long estrangement that I would be excluded. My daughter, son, adoption families, her stepfamily, etc. had needed to exit from me. In many ways I understand. Posttraumatic stress triggers are in everyone I believe, who knows who is the catalyst. I have accepted as best as one can the outcomes...though on January 23 an invitation came. I attended. I was first to show. Found an Eagle seat to scan. Then here comes all. My 14 yr. old granddaughter spots me, tells Mom, then my daughter comes and gets me, would you just believe she hugs me includes me. I get to sit with her, behind my sister and her families from adopted family who hugged me too...oh my no words can say this one. We all were really there for my granddaughter becoming a womyn, becoming full of societies need of enough books, knowledge, data, and documents. We were there as here honoring Circle united. None of us saw my son. He gave her housing, discipline, and homework support in the last 6 months and guidance to finish high school. We each were concerned for him and will check out how he is, which may be difficult as he likes to be left alone, and will honor that too.

Ecstatic Shimmering is full; touch me I have lots to share!!!!

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my favorite reading is What are the Healthiest Carbohydrates?

my favorite source:
The George Mateljan Foundation is a non-profit organization free of commercial influence, which provides this website for you free of charge. Our purpose is to provide you with unbiased scientific information about how nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods can promote vibrant health and energy and fit your personal needs and busy lifestyle.

It would be difficult to find a hotter topic in the world of nutrition than carbs. Or to be more specific: low-carb, no-carb, and carb-smart foods.

Thanks to the Zone diet, and the Atkins diet, and the South Beach diet, and the Paleolithic Prescription, many people have become aware of carbohydrates as a controversial part of the diet. Here are some basic facts you should know about carbs before you make up your mind about your own carb intake.

First and foremost, humans have always relied on carbs for part of their nourishment. Carbs include sugars, starches, and most fibers, and carbs are found in virtually all plant foods. A cup of shredded iceberg lettuce has carbs (only 1 gram, however). A cup of green peas has 24 grams of carbs (6 grams of sugar, 10 grams of starch, and 8 grams of fiber). Fruits, grains, beans, nuts, seeds - they all contain carbs. (Although nuts and seeds are similar to lettuce insofar as they contain very few carbs, along the lines of 5 grams per ounce (3 grams of fiber, ½ gram of sugar, and 1½ grams of starch).

Animal foods are another matter. Animals store some starch in their muscles and liver, and have some circulating sugars, but not very much in comparison to plants. There are basically no carbs in an 8-ounce steak, or in a chicken breast. For an egg, the carb level creeps up to ½ gram - but that's it. Not until we come to milk do we see the carb level increase. This time it's due to the milk sugar (lactose), which is found in cow's milk at approximately 10-12 grams per cup.

From our perspective at the World's Healthiest Foods, the biggest problem with our U.S. diet is not so much the total amount of carbs, but the quality of our carbs. We are averaging somewhere around 19% of our total calories from highly processed starch (wheat flour) products (about 100 grams of very low-nutrient carbs), and another 20 teaspoon's worth of added sugar per day. (The sugar adds about 80 more grams of sugar). The total her is 180 grams of carbs that bring very little to the plate in terms of nourishment. On our website site, you won't find any high-carb recipes unless those carbs contain a wealth of nutrients in exchange.

We recommend upgrading the quality of your carbs regardless of how many carbs you eat.

The question of how many carbs to eat does not have one clear-cut answer. Clearly, our understanding of "macronutrient balance" (the ratio of protein to carbohydrate to fat in our diet) has been changing over the past 20 years, and the very high-carb diets of the 1970s and 1980s with 75% of calories coming from carbohydrate are being looked upon much differently in 2004. There is a trend away from grain consumption, with vegetables gaining more emphasis as a carb source. High-carb diets may definitely be the wrong way for many people to lose weight. They may also be inappropriate for many people who have difficulty controlling their blood sugar. However, in the case of blood sugar, it's not the carbohydrate designation per se, but where the carbohydrate fall on the glycemic index that seems most important. (The glycemic index is a rating given to foods based on their blood sugar impact). Persons with certain hormonal patterns may also be better off staying away from high-carb intake.

Still, when it comes to carbs, "one size doesn't fit all." To a certain extent, our bodies are meant to run on sugars and starches, and extremely low carb diets can be dangerous over long periods of time. Somewhere around 75-100 grams of carbs or less, our bodies tend to undergo a metabolic shift called ketosis, and while this shift is sometimes used therapeutically (to help control seizures, for example), it is not a natural state of affairs for our body over the long haul.

The World's Healthiest Foods can help you upgrade the quality of your carbs, increase the fiber portion of your carbs, keep your taste buds satisfied, and leave you feeling vital and refreshed. You can also instruct our Recipe Assistant to avoid wheat, rye, barley, and oats (for example) if you're looking for recipes that steer clear of grains. (Just hold down the control button on your keyboard while you are highlighting the foods to be avoided). Experiment and see what combinations feel best, and make your approach to eating your own.

They really make the questions and sources available to study.

I am on it and asking.
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A weekly friend

I have spent most of my life as an activist, community advocate, environmentalist and mother...mother should have been first, apologize to my daughter, son and granddaughters!!!

Now I find I have few personal energies, those flavors to share, language skills, small talk, creative ideas on a smaller level. Thus I am often felt too intense to hang with very long.

I must be very watchful to not stay alone too long or I become attached to illness, which is its own friend isn't it.
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