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Nature's Magical Moments Excerpt

I want to share an excerpt from my book, Nature's Magical Moments: Reflections on Nature and Self. Nature can serve as one of our greatest teachers. All we have to do is slow down and experience the natural world around us. I hope you enjoy it.
Charmed by Roadside Plants

Roadside plants in the south grow the size of small trees during the late summer months. At 7a.m. today, the air was already hot and humid. Intrigued by the enormous size and thickness of the roadside plants, I decided to take a closer look. Tiny white blooms peeked through the thick leaves of one vetch-like plant—delicate little blossoms I had not noticed before today. As I reached into the thick growth to touch these tiny flowers and to get a closer look, a rabbit jumped from his hiding place beneath the foliage and scurried away. After the initial startle, I decided to look deeper into the thickness for other hidden treasures.
Although it is late summer and most of the Queen Anne’s lace has gone to seed, hidden there beneath the immense green, shaded from the hot sun, were a few small white lace-like flowers poised ever so lovely. Thistles grew profusely in this thicket; their soft purple blooms reached for the sun, protected from my touch by their thorny stems. Summer grasses also grew in this magical space; their faint movement hinted the presence of a gentle breeze, which until that moment had gone unnoticed. Small yellow flowers with burgundy stamens hung in the in-between spaces inviting insects to taste their sweet nectar. One honeysuckle vine in full bloom draped over other plants, filling the air with its sweet honey aroma. Purple clover, white ragweed, goldenrod, and possum grapes displayed themselves along the roadside.
What meaning did this experience hold for me? What did I learn from these nature observations? Often the surprise occurrences in my personal life, like the rabbit jumping from the bushes, cause me to stop and pay closer attention to what is going on around me. Situations that seem to be chaotic messes may hold secret wonders. Look deeper into things, make an active choice to investigate, look at the bigger picture, and look beneath the obvious—all are messages that help me move more wisely in the world. The lessons I learn from nature just by taking a walk on a hot, humid summer morning are there if only I pay attention.

Where in your life do you need to look beneath the obvious?

How do you discern what requires special attention in your life situations?


Life is charming and I will respond to it with curiosity and wonderment.
Posted on: 2008-07-15 15:26:43. Comments