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What about Love

Love as we often hear is of the highest vibration and it is a healing force. At the basis of all healing whether we consult a healing arts practitioner or another specialist for help, whether we take up a healing practice such as yoga or an exercise routine, whenerver we make changes in our lives that are good for us, the basis to all of these is Love.

Whenever we make a change, our intention is always a positive one. Sometimes, we adopt behaviors that end up not being best for us but when we do this, we are really acting on a positive intention. The positive intention comes from self-love, that innate love that leads us to do what is best for ourselves and others. Sometimes, the choices we make as human beings are based in fear such as the fear of being hurt or the fear of failure. When we act or react to fear, we are in essence trying to protect ourselves from something undesirable.

All choices and behaviors, on some level have a positive intention. Coming to this realization, no matter what mistakes we might think we've made is an important step towards deepening and recognizing self-love. As they say, everyone, in every moment, is doing the best they can with what they've got. Identifying the positive intention behind our own behaviors and choices can in fact lead us to forgiveness, of others, but most importantly of ourselves. What we perceive as mistakes or even regrets (not a usual part of my vocabulary), can help us understand ourselves and our deepest needs and desires. Those deepest needs and desires are based in self-love and they express what makes us who we are and who we strive to be. That longing to be our best self, it is sparked by our own self-love. Luckily there is always a way and we can make new choices in any given moment.

What if we consciously made choices based on love?

Posted on: 2010-01-17 14:55:43. Comments

A personal reflection on my Big Day

Today is my birthday! And yes I am happy today!
Having my birthday fall so close to the New Year is a blessing in itself as I always start the New Year with a reflection on what I consider to be the important things in life. My reflections always culminate on my Big Day when I decide and reaffirm the way I want to be in the world, what it is I have to share with others and ultimately the life I want to live.

These are the questions I am asking myself today:

How many people can I help this year?

What can I do to be sure that I am at the right place at the right time to have the opportunity to share the knowledge and gifts I have been given to help people?

I learn so much from others and especially the people I work with, how can I show appreciation for these unique opportunities and create more of them?

What do I need to do to continue my personal and professional development so that I can be even better at what I do?

What questions do you ask yourself?
Posted on: 2010-01-14 11:06:09. Comments