Response to a natural disaster

Asparagus and Memory

Help keep your mind sharp with a few tender spears of asparagus.
Low blood levels of folate and high blood levels of homocysteine were associated with greater memory problems for people 65 and older in a recent study. Protect against memory deficits by getting plenty of folate-rich foods such as asparagus. Increasing your blood levels of folate can help keep your homocysteine levels in check.

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MSG an Nerve Cell Damage


Researchers at the University of Liverpool have found evidence that mixing the common additives aspartame (an artificial sweetener) and monosodium glutamate (MSG) causes nerve cell damage. The researchers found that when the additives were taken together, they interfered with nerve signaling systems and actually stopped the nerve cells from growing in mice. The mice were exposed to concentrations of MSG and aspartame relative to what a child would receive in an average snack and drink. Aspartame is commonly found in diet drinks, candies and flavored medicines, while MSG is frequently found in chips, processed cheese and many processed foods. The results of the two-year study were published in the journal Toxicological Sciences.
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Red Meat And Cancer

Scientists may have found meat link to colon cancer
Scientists said on Tuesday they may have found a reason why eating too much red meat increases the risk of colorectal cancer.

By studying cells from volunteers eating different diets, they discovered that red meat raises levels of compounds in the large bowel, which can alter DNA and increase the likelihood of cancer.

'It is the first definite link between red meat and the very first stage in cancer,' said Professor Sheila Bingham, of the Medical Research Council Dunn Nutrition Unit in Cambridge, England.

In earlier research, Bingham and her team showed there was a strong correlation between eating red and processed meat and the risk of colon cancer.

The chance of developing colorectal cancer was a third higher in people who regularly ate more than two portions of red or processed meat a day compared to someone who ate less than one portion a week.
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Chinese herbal medicine cabinet

I am often asked what formulas should patients have at home.After all, my kids only get sick on saturday night. If this happens to you as well, even our walk-in service is of no help. I have the following at my home at all times and travel with these products evry trip I take. I reccomend you do the same as well. All are available by our mailorder department. Please note that if you are receiving our monthly e-newsletter you will recive 10% off your order. You can sign up on our home page in the upper left hand corner. We have frequent specials that only our subscribers are privy to.

1. YinQiao - A tea to be taken within the first 18 hours of cold symptoms.Known to stop the cold from progressing.
2. Yunann Paiyao - A powder to be taken and sprinkled on wounds and will speed the healing process
3. Tieh Ta Wan, known as hit balls. Taken when you have a major accident or fall. Opens up all twelve meridians and is a whiplash preventive.
4. Ching Wan Hun - An ointment that will drastically heal burns and take an way the pain of a burn.
5. Hua To Plasters - Herbal plasters that are put on topically for that occasional lower back problem, carpal tunnel syndrome and any muscular strain.

We have 1000's of products - so please e-mail ans ask the Dr. if you need a reccomendation.
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Response to a natural disaster

I learned a lesson this fall of 2005.It's clear that as a society we are not yet ready to completely protect or help salvage our citizens in a large natural disaster.Just think of the recent hurricane season.I also do not feel that I am entitled to such protection or salvation from my government.I have more faith in the goodness of mankind. This is freeing.
I am now in a position of preparing for my protection as well as my family and those that I can help in my immediate neighborhood. We are storing necessary provisions for a week. Food,water,treatment herbs,wood for the fireplace,short wave radio,flashlights,candles,blankets,
medicines and enough canvas bags that we could easily put all of this stuff into if we need to leave our house. Our cars are never less that half full of gasoline.There is also an envelope of cash should local ATM's be unavailable. We have chosen destinations north, south, east and west and told family members of our expected plans. Important papers have been copied and sent to a family member. We feel protected in being proactive.
Are we over reacting? Ask anyone in New Orleans if they wish they had done the same. I need to protect my family and be prepared.It's part of our healthy approach to life. Wills, power of attorney, living wills and being disaster prepared are all a part of it.Taking control can be freeing. We can help each other in bad times and remove the government from the burden.I know we can help each other if we are ready. Lets get ready and hope that we never need to implement the plans.
We will promise to help those along the way.We feel more in control.Penny for your thoughts.

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