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Moving into the New Year: At the Crossroads from 2013 to 2014

As we move into the new year, we stand at the crossroads. After moving through the enormous shifts of 2013 on all levels to the beginning of 2014, it’s time to take a look at life in a new way, to bridge the lessons and messages in our lives to create new possibilities based on integrating this wisdom.

Traditionally we make resolutions. However, these resolutions are usually intentions with issues

that lead to living life the same old way.

There are many truths by which the full meaning cannot be fully realized until personal experience has brought it home. ~John Stuart Mill

Resolutions serve a purpose though. They point out where you’d like to experience change in your life.

In order to resolve the issues and stumbling blocks that keep the same old thing happening, intentions need to look in both directions, to the past and present to get insight for new possibilities and opportunities.

As is true for the beginning of any journey, knowing where you’re starting is vital to knowing how to reach your destination. Awareness is the first key to plotting your course and creating your road map to a new destination for wellness, well-being, and inner peace.

The metaphors of crossroad, fork in the road and turning point illustrate that valuable information can be gained through gathering the harvest of the year passed in the lessons from integrating these events, relationships, and challenges.

We must accept where we are before we know what we may become.- Anonymous

1) Crossroad: This is a true starting point. The same way you would get directions from, you must first find your starting point. The crossroad is the meeting place of your appointments with people, places and opportunities. In looking back at 2013, you might notice how some things began, resolved, remained the same, diminished, or needed letting go.

2) Fork in the Road: As you become aware of insights from 2013, you can begin to see where forks in the road emerged due to your wish for new opportunities and possibilities in your life. There is always a point of choice in every situation. You can either resonate with the chaos of a problem and take the fork in the road that keeps you feeling powerless, overwhelmed, hopeless or discontented, or take the fork in the road that offers the opportunity of the problem. When you resonate with a new possibility, you experience life through a deeper connection to love, support, joy, being centered and empowered as you move through the changes that are necessary to manifest your positive intentions. This sets the stage for better health and mental health in the process!

Considering Choices3) Turning Point: Finally, a turning point is created through your choice to nourish your intentions with the resources, skills, acceptance and positive actions needed to move your resolutions into the intelligent field of action. The turning point comes when you resonate with the life-energizing feelings, positive projections and needs being met through the manifestation of your goals. In this case, you move from an empowered space of intention, and not from a place of obligatory resolution.

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