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The seeds of change "Olypany"


Please see a picture of this symbol within my photo gallery.

Half black and half white, the symbol itself is related to the moon, which, being close to earth, is light for half it’s monthly orbit, and dark for the other half. The gold band around the symbol is actually representing the sun, and is not only around the symbol, but behind it as well, just as the full energy of the sun is behind the moon during an eclipse. The ring of gold around the symbol represents the energy of the sun – the light of creation itself and of healing, as well as abundance.

The symbol represents both the spiritual like mindedness of white woman and black men, as well as the complimentary nature of the unique spiritual views, gifts and experiences, particular to white woman and black men.

An ancient symbol for balance, the Yin and Yan within the symbol, or the intertwined black and white shapes affirm the raw physical attraction, the pinnacle of sexual pleasure, and reproduction compatibility that occurs only between white woman and black men.

This symbol represents the fulfillment of a plan put into action by Mother Earth in ancient times; the union of the electro-magnetic intertwining energies unique to white woman and black men. In the same manner, this symbol represents this ancient plan by Mother Earth as it is manifested in this present day, bringing forth into the world the new dynamic.

Because it compels balance, the energy of this symbol is such that it works to compel repayment by those who, in order to redeem their individual or collective karma, must repay – and to bring joy in receiving to those who, based upon their individual or collective karma, are due to receive.

The calling for the seeds of change…..

Great changes are happening on earth at this time. Though it is sometimes hard for you to put your finger on exactly what these changes are, you know they are real because you can feel them happening. The old is giving way to the new, and many centuries of wrong doing are being righted.

As a white male, you know that you share a portion of the guilt for the events of the past. From the oppression of white woman, to the abuse and enslavement of people of color, your white maleness connects you to the energy that benefited at the expense of others, and that polluted our Mother Earth.

Though sometimes her voice is but a whisper in the black your mind, Mother Earth cries out for you to be a person of integrity, to take a role in the healing and to pay your fair share. You may have heard this referred to as Karma.

At times you are afraid. You know that as we have fully entered the information age, that the inherent weaknesses, flaws and shortcomings, particular to white males, have been exposed for all the world to see, and that now these things are seen in the full light of day by white woman and though you are terrified to admit it, you know that it is true that, despite all the adversity they have faced, black men have proven themselves the stronger men – stronger spiritually, physically and, in character. And unlike white males, they never traded their souls for illusions of materialism. Deep within your spirit you fully understand why so many white woman are turning away from white males and white male culture, and embracing the black man: on a cellular level, white woman know they must partner with the stronger men – the men who have maintained their connection to Mother Earth. While it may send a chill down your spine, you know in your heart that together white woman and black men are creating a new spiritually based culture – a new culture for the coming age. They are the new Adam and Eve. This scares you and at times, humbles you beyond mere words. But you know in your heart that it is right – it is Mother Earth’s plan for the coming age.

Yes, it is difficult to know that your role must change so dramatically. But you know in your heart that you must put your ego and your selfish needs aside, and affirm and uphold this natural and beautiful union between white woman and black men. But how can you do this? It is easier than you may think! Financial resources are a form of energy, and there is no faster way to put your energy to work for the Light and Good then to use your financial resources to support and uphold the efforts of those like minded souls who work in the Light.

If these words have touched your heart, please contact us for more information on how you can use your energy to affirm and uphold those who work towards manifesting the changes to come during this most amazing time on earth.

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Mother Earth is calling, are you listening?

What the heck is up with our economy and world? Why all the crazy, stressful ways? What’s up with the major catastrophic earth changes? Why work ourselves silly just to survive?

It’s amazing when things seem so horrific how there’s always a blessing.

Well, that’s exactly what is happening right now. Mother Earth is expressing herself by purging all of the toxins and abuses we have bestowed upon her by making changes within herself. The Tsunami, Hurricanes, 911 and Earthquakes.

Those earth changes were actually blessings in disguise. Mother Earth was releasing as much darkness and negativity as possible.

The souls who lost their lives actually agreed to leave earth on an unconscious level to offer their lives and take with them as much darkness and negativity within our world as possible to continue the ascension process for our world and all of humanity.

Notice how after each disaster people came to the aid of those in need, how much love, compassion and light was created by humanity after those events?

As the darkness was taken to the light above by those souls who left, more light was created within our reality by people uniting together to help one another through love.

If you looked at all of humanity as one mass consciousness, you could possibly see what I’m speaking of. Release the darkness and create more light to lift us up.

Ultimately we are beings of light here to unconditionally love, honor, respect and support one another and that’s exactly what these events created.

Our world is being lifted up into higher levels of light each and everyday.

As you watch our economy change, this is all the old falling, all the dysfunctional energies in this world which are not in alignment with our original plan. The manipulation, lies, deception, greed, abuse of money, power and control.

As we watch these changes happen within our world, we will see divine government being created; we will see more light being brought into all aspects of our world to change our world for the better in all ways.

Finally all Lightworkers on this planet have prevailed!! Now the light has gained enough momentum to over power the dark, old ways. THANK GOD!!

Now comes the times for Lightworkers to celebrate on this planet. We ALL are moving to re-create the divine restoration of the Garden of Eden on this planet and just in the knick of time.

All of humanity is being directly changed from within to ascend their consciousness up, to awaken and remember the truth of who they are, whey they are here and what they are here for as spiritual beings having a human experience here on earth.

We all have a divine purpose for being here, whether we consciously remember that truth or not. We are all the same.

We all agreed before coming to fulfill a certain part of the plan to re-create and change this world so that we all can live in harmony with one another and with our home, beautiful Mother Earth, who truly does sustain our lives.

We are creators of our reality through our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. When we all reconnect with our spirit’s guidance within, we will re-align ourselves with our true path and purpose for being here, which truly empowers us with new hope, meaning, purpose and passion within ourselves and our lives, which ultimately is what we all are seeking, right?

We do have free will and we can choose to get in our own way, or we can choose to open our minds to these truths, these new ways of thinking and being to make our lives easier beginning now.

We have the ability to heal ourselves and our lives if we desire. It is through holistic healing, through light and energy that we ultimately heal at core levels because that is exactly what we are, energies of light.

Through the power of Reiki, Lightwork, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Growth and Guidance and other holistic, spiritual disciplines we ascend ourselves to lift ourselves up into higher levels of health and happiness.

It’s time to hear the truth, to listen to Al Gore and Mother Earth. It’s time to take personal responsibility and create new alternative ways to live in harmony with our earth and each other.

Ultimately we all are angelic light beings within. Some more connected than others at this point.

I’m here to bring these truths and new ways to your awareness. It is through my services that I offer to you A Path To Transformation to heal your life and recreate the life of your dreams.

Love and light~

Lori Keeley

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Are you feeling the inner urge to understand a deeper meaning to life?

If so, please visit my site at to feed your soul with the wisdom that it is craving. New energy is flooding the earth at this very moment to awaken you to the truth of who you are as a spiritual being here on earth having a human experience. I would love to share with you the wisdom and truths that I have come to re-member. There is so much for you to learn which will bring a whole new meaning to your life. You can change your life through your thoughts, words, actions and feelings and create the life of your dreams. Are you ready to heal yourself?? If so, I'm ready to create a safe and comfortable, confidential space for you.
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Why are these catastrophic Earth changes happening?

Are you wondering why all these terrible disasters are happening around the world at this time? These events are the worst in recorded history. There is an explanation. Our mother earth is actually healing and repairing herself from all the atrocities we have incurred upon her. Our bodies are also cleansing and healing at the same time. If you would like to learn more about how our beautiful mother earth and all of humanity is healing at this time, please contact me. I'd love to enlighten you and lift the grip of fear. Lori at
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