The difference between Fiction and Non-F

Our world between 2006 - 2020

Many people are convinced that humanity will soon (perhaps in the next fourteen years) approach a kind of enlightenment unlike anything that has existed previously. All veils, or creation fields, that have separated us human beings from the divine will be removed and a supra-mental consciousness will emerge. Others feel that we, as a human specie we will destroyed or highjacked by aliens. Which is it to be?

I've been guided to write about these years through the media of visionary fiction. Like movies, reading fiction can project a vision for the good of all.

Most, if not all of us, are moving through times of extreme turbulence. For some it is emotional, for some political, or spiritual and for many social. Social changes usually go hand in hand with financial, survival and health issues , therefore my two ascension novels :
My Love We Are Going Home and
Orphanage of Soulmates deal with these issue in the coming years.

My two creative mind-drawing books on The Language of Light , and Meditations on the Language of Light, will bring enlightenment to each reader's inner world; where the core of our spiritual essence is found.

Could it be that our 'awakening' seems as if we witness the End Of Days as we know it? I think so...

Nadine May
Posted on: 2006-03-15 09:14:47. Comments