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Welcome to my blog for Reiki Pathways. This blog is designed to bring interesting facts, medical case study results (where Reiki is being used), and updates in the world of energy healing. Please check back often!

This page will begin soon!
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Welcome To My Reiki Blog

I have created this Reiki blog for anyone who has questions about Reiki; it's origin, use, success stories to be posted, information about current clinical trials involving Reiki, etc.

I have been involved in Reiki since 1999 and it has completely enhanced my life. I am available for individual Reiki sessions, Guided Visualizations Series with Reiki, and I teach all three levels of Reiki classes.

Welcome to my blog. Be kind to one another and tolerent. Share your Reiki experiences or questions! Any additional comments about the blog can be directed to me via email at Enjoy....Lynn Chandler, Reiki Master/Teacher.
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