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Where are your hip joints?

Do you know where your hip joints are located in your own body? Most people think the hip joints are that bump on the outside of the thighs where women tend to accumulate the fat known as saddlebags. That is simply a bone called the greater trochanter of the femur which serves as a knob to attach the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. The hip joints are actually formed from a bone that comes from the femur called the neck of the femur that has a rounded ball at the end which fits into a socket of the pelvis. That is the HIP JOINT. Both surfaces have cartilage that when it wears thin creates the bone on bone condition which is now remedied by hip joint replacements. So your actual hip joint is set in to about the middle of the thigh, the area that you find the crease on nicely pressed pair of pants freshly back from from the cleaners.

In standing and walking your heels should be placed HIP JOINT WIDTH APART, not shoulder width apart as most teachers suggest in a exercise class. Standing with your feet too far apart contributes to uneven wear on the cartilage protecting and cushioning the ball of the hip rotating in the socket as you walk and move.

That ball joint is what allows you to kick, dance and walk properly. Improper placement of your feet under your pelvis contributes to wear and tear on the meniscus of the knee as well and eventually leads to all those hip and knee replacements that have gotten so popular.

Place your feet under your actual hip joints and preserve your own knees and hips well into your later years!
Posted on: 2014-11-10 14:40:08. Comments