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Bliss Gathering Retreat Details

Bliss Gathering Retreat, May 22, 11-4pm, Call 337-4625

Theme: What does it mean to know oneself as Nothing and Everything at Once?

Dr. Catherine Schultz & her husband Chris Reinman will be hosting free quarterly Community Bliss Retreats as a way of connecting more deeply with one another in Silence.

The first one will be held Saturday May 22 from 11am - 4pm including a potluck lunch. Their home sits on 8 acres at the base of a mountain that has reminded people of Arunachala.

The Bliss Retreat will include a morning session to share insights of where each one is 'at' relative to recognizing One Self and Silence on an ongoing basis. The afternoon session will include a question of deeper inquiry for the group based on a central theme that emerges from the morning session.
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