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Uncontaminatable Essence

"I am an enthusiastic Visionary with an uncontaminatable essence."
~ Gaynor Linnecor

A precious friend shared these glorious words with me today and once I got past the physical challenge of pronouncing “uncontaminatable” out loud - I laughed out loud!

I laughed for two reasons.

One reason was the shear humor at hearing my own voice spitting and stumbling over what seemed an utterly unpronounceable word. Once I surrendered to simply speaking the word as I understood it and not trying to pronounce it as written, it was simple. I laughed again. Why do we make things so difficult for ourselves?

The other reason I laughed is the serendipity of the quote. In my quest for simple approaches to healing and wellness I have started (expanded, really) to experiment with making my own fermented foods, by simply working with the itsy-bitsy airborne fungi and bacteria that share my home and kitchen with me (and you with yours!). It is sad that we live in a world where simply hearing the words “bacteria and fungi” evoke thoughts of “Enemy!”and “Contaminant!” Where product after product bombards us with antibacterial this and antibacterial that. A world that is pasturized and homogenized to death.

Fear not contamination.

In my play and education with fermented foods I have learned and remembered that those little “germs” that cause fermentation have given us mighty gifts throughout our history. Not the least being simple survival! And wine! Those “contaminants” work magick for us - by preserving nutrients, creating new ones and transforming others into more digestible foods! Those pesky “contaminants” actually work to transform and remove toxins from foods!

Ahhh, how can I fear contamination when it comes to me as such a miracle as this? These contaminants are my friends. They are my newfound midwives and nurses, showing me old ways to do new things . . . showing me how unnecessary, wasteful and potentially detrimental arbitrary killing of them is . . . showing me wisdom practiced and handed down from the ancients that is life-sustaining - in both metaphor and practical application! Showing me, that pasteurization is not in the interest of my personal health and wellness, but rather that of an larger profit-oriented
energy and that homogenization defies the mystery of Nature - of life itself - by only offering a consistent product time after time. That’s just dull, and dulling - not words I associate with wellness.

So, I say - Make friends with your enemies! Learn from your contaminants! It certainly makes things simpler (less difficult). In doing so, you open yourself to becoming an uncontaminatable essence!

It’s silly, isn’t it? The simple practice of fermentation has reminded me that, from a holistic perspective, our enemies are usually our allies. So, yes - “I am an enthusiastic Visionary with an uncontaminatable essence” and you can be too!

To learn more about fermentation, read Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz or visit online at:
Posted on: 2004-12-30 14:59:47. Comments

Wellness Journey . . . Here and There

Welcome to my blog!

No telling where this may lead. For me, herbs encompass one day, spiritual guidance the next, shamanic journeys another, maybe time spent with Nature, or drumming, and so on . . . you get the idea. To me, this diversity is at the heart of the people's medicine. We have choices. We have the will to learn about them. We have the power to choose. And we have the right to change!

A regular entry in a blog, like any journal, may force me to focus on one aspect of wellness or another (something many of my peers have "encouraged" me to do, and yet I resist!). On the other hand, this practice may simply allow me to organically explore the diversity of life, healing, spirit and energies that make up my being and offer me the experiences and opportunities that I am able to share with others - in the hopes to nurture holistic wellness and growth.

So, join me in this journey, wherever it may lead, and - please - add your comments, for they are food for me! I invite you to offer your experiences and insights, as well as your challenges to my perceptions!

So that is where I am today. I wonder where I will be tomorrow?

Be well by Nature!

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