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#TBI Sensory Hypersensitivity

Sensory Hypersensitivity following a traumatic brain injury (#TBI) is one of the most common challenges faced by individuals recovering from their injury.

Hypersensitivity to sound, light, textures, smells, and even tastes can become very limiting, and often isolating.

So nope, you're not going crazy. Things that were once simple, and even pleasurable could now become highly aggravating, and even debilitating.

What can you do to help ease your sensory overload?

** Be aware of florescent lighting in your home, work, or shopping environment, and avoid it when possible. Wear sunglasses, or tinted glasses, and a hat with a brim. Change to full spectrum lighting in your home or office if possible. Shop in smaller stores when possible, or at least at off hours to avoid the added aggravation of crowds.

** Arrange for someone else to drive whenever possible, and rest or nap during car rides. It requires a great deal of energy and focus to operate a vehicle, and rapid fatigue from sensory overload can be highly dangerous, let alone disorienting. Don't drive when too tired.

** When eating out,try to go during off peak hours to avoid loud environments where noise stimulation can be devastating.

** Invest in a few pairs of 'Noise Cancelling Ear Buds or Headphones'. Several brands of noise cancelling ear plugs also come with their own key chain holder for easy reach.

** Make sure to WRITE IT DOWN! Over stimulation, combined with the chronic fatigue that TBI causes makes for a perfect combination for forgetting even the most obvious events and plans in your day. Be gentle with yourself, and write everything down in a singular location for ease and convenience.

** Monitor your pain. Yup, when hypersensitivity occurs, physical pain may increase. Even if you THINK you are doing really ok, if your pain is increasing you should consider resting, and if possible, removing yourself from the environment or task that is causing you difficulty.

** Use noise reducing ear plugs, AND possibly a 'weighted' blanket to induce a deeper, more restful sleep. Sleep plays a MAJOR role in brain recovery from injury.

** Avoid crowds, loud events or locations, flashing or bright lights, and high activity events.

** When doing work that requires cognitive effort, be sure to take many breaks, be gentle with yourself, and be patient as you 'rebuild' this muscle. Don't attempt to multi-task with added background sounds. Create a space that is quiet and calm.

** Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Water is critical as well for brain health, cognitive health, and pain management.

** Begin SLOWLY to expand your exposure to sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and other stimuli. By measured, gentle exposure to the world around you, you can begin to expand your capacity for lessening sensitivities.

Above all, know that with personal practice, personal patience, and personal awareness you WILL begin to expand your capacity, and become less hypersensitive.

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Your Super Power of the Month!


1 : the action or fact of persisting
2 : the quality or state of being persistent
especially : PERSEVERANCE
3 : firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

Welcome to the month filled with the energies of Persistence!

Have you been avoiding, procrastinating, or otherwise ignoring those tugs and pulls to DO something? Well, now you will have energy to move thru and integrate these areas in your world, creating a much more solid foundation for the rest of the year, AND years to come!

Time to embrace one of your super powers! Persistence! But, in a good way.

Perhaps you have been really super fantastic at being persistent in NOT taking right action, or maintaining your personal status quo, or continuing to cause personal destruction via lifestyle choices that really aren't the greatest.

Well, now is the time to shift that momentum into the direction of opportunity and accomplishment.

I absolutely LOVE the word 'Potentize'. The upcoming astronomical events will literally potentize ANY actions you take at this time, for good or ill. So, choose wisely Weedhopper, for now is YOUR time.

With Persistence, coupled with right action, there is little you cannot accomplish. How awesome is THAT?!

Embrace your inner Persistence. Use your January 2019 Super power to take step after step after step in the direction of your innermost dream. Recognize EACH accomplishment, regardless of how seemingly meaningless or small it may seem to you at the time. And go forth and make shit happen!

Happy January 2019! Happy New Year!
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Life in the New Lane

This is the 'new normal'. I'm hearing this a lot more from the collective these days, and have used it frequently in my own recent past.

So, what exactly is the new normal, and, is it really even new?

Change is so inherent in the fabric of our planet that it really does beg the question. If we are really living, I mean REALLY living, then our daily experience and expression would be a brand new thing, wouldn't it? Each new day would be the 'new normal' wouldn't it? And, within each new day, would be thousands of new moments. Opportunities to embrace the 'new' and drop the 'normal'.

I experienced my latest TBI (traumatic brain injury) nearly 6 years ago. My day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year became an ever-flowing river of new normals, racing to converge and diverge across the panorama of my experiences and capacities to function. It has been quite Zen, actually.

These experiences have, I think, prepared me to be much more fluent in the language of 'new normal' than most folks. My clients, colleagues and friends who have experienced TBI's, or other life-altering illnesses or processes also seem to be more resilient as well.

A resounding question that emerges for me is that of the wounded healer concept. Would this resilience be an expected outcome then of surviving and surpassing a life-changing event or series of events? Is being a wounded healer or healed person the a prerequisite for resiliency?

For onlookers, these trials seem horrific and profound, and they are correct. However, over time, these ordeals seem to measure out an innate wisdom that permeates those who seek to elevate beyond being victims to their own plights.

The New Normal then becomes a heightened state of wisdom, imbued with fluidity, resilience, and a far more expansive understanding of what is really important, and what remains distraction in our lives.

The New Normal. When the Crazy seems to outweigh the Sane, but no one does anything about it... or do they?

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Joy in the Midst

A woman approached me today with a lovely smile, which I thanked her for, as it uplifted me in my daily routine.

In response, she said she used to smile more, but not any longer, because she recently caught her husband cheating on her. She felt her capacity to love in relationship had been crushed.

We chatted a moment about that, and how no matter what her husband of 48 years had done, he could not 'take' her joy from her. She could; however, give it up if she wanted, but at what cost.

She chose to continue smiling, and left me swinging her arms and embracing the cool fall day.

Much is surrounding us that seems so bleak and devastating, and yet, it will always come back to our capacity for resilience and sharing our personal joy.

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Wholistic Alternatives Blog January 2012

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Special Interview with Ai Gvhdi Waya (Eileen Nauman)

Follow this link to listen to a really good interview of my teacher, Ai Gvhdi Waya on 'X' Zone Radio.

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In the beginning....

Gotta start somewhere, so I am diving into the world of blogging with both feet. Hopefully, there is water.

Something that has come into my awareness, strengthened and taken root there, is the suppression of being female in our western culture.

I have been teaching adults for nearly 35 years now, and I have been more than concerned with the volume of adult women who have become increasingly removed from their most powerful attribute, menstruation.

Yes, menstruation is one of THE most powerful attributes of being a woman, and yet, in our culture, women go out of their way to suppress, and completely eradicate this precious gift.

Consider this: Women's energy is inextricably linked to the earth and lunar cycles on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. It is through the rich connection between a woman's body and the earth that energy is channeled. Breaking this connection actually violates natural laws governing this planet.

Women have been separating from from their bodily functions for decades now, but never at the voracity and pace of the present day. Fueled by myths perpetuated by modern culture, women no longer honor or respect the many vital energies of their sacred bodies.

Most women I have interviewed view their bodies so poorly, and with such distaste, one wonders how we have even made it this far as a species. Add in menstrual cycles, and women simply don't want any part of it.

Few women honor the lunar cycles in their menstrual cycles and flow. It has become rare indeed to find a woman who recognizes the connection between the new or full moon phase, and her ovulation and menstrual cycles. When a woman is fully present, fully aware of her body, and fully in alignment with her being, she will ovulate on the full moon, and menstruate on the new moon. Following the lunar cycles between action and direction, and introspection and rest.

The mass disconnection of the feminine energies from the earth may well play a significant role in the current upheaval of earth and planetary weather, volcanic, and earthquake phenomenon. Removing or suppressing a woman's connection to these earth energies disrupts a fragile system of balance.

What can be done to shift this trend from stark abhorrence of being a woman, to grace, love, nurturing, honoring, and reverence for all aspects of being female?


Simple awareness may be all it will take to stem the tide of female self-abuse. Awareness of the larger picture - that of potentially global consequences from severing our feminine energies from our sacred Mother Earth.

Awareness of the sacredness of our female form and function, and understanding that our purpose energetically may be of far greater importance than we ever imagined.

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