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We receive feedback from our members and our visitors every day. Here are a few examples. Additionally, we receive daily requests from visitors who are looking for Healing Arts Practitioners, Products, Schools and Services.

"I love your newsletter and your site. My addition to your database really helped me to come up on internet searches. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Keep up the good work!!"

"I just want to commend you on the beautiful energy being generated from your staff... I am so happy to be associated with the ByRegion.net website family--may you be blessed one hundred fold for the awesome work! Let me know if I can ever do anything in any way to help. Be sure to give Sean a copy of this email... he has been especially helpful to me and the EarthKeeper Living Center."
Aho! Starfire Dancer...
Jeni Crofoot

"I truly appreciate your prompt responses to my questions-and your info is easy to read and understand. Thank you. It isn't often I get such immediate and helpful suggestions. I shall continue to learn and grow as I travel this new technology. You've been a help."
     - Sharon Cox

"I am amazed at the ease of connecting to the various aspects of your network, and level of integration between your systems (events calendar, newsletters, personal website, marketplace, pracitioner listings, etc...) (though I did experience a little difficulty uploading images, you also assisted immediately to insure all is well.) I am also humbled at the very real contacts initiated via my article in your newsletter. I appreciate your many services."
     - Blessings. Zacciah Blackburn

"Words cannot reveal my appreciation of this working community. Bleak is an understatement of the outside looking in to my home Idaho. The vigor among all of these healers and ByRegion is a much needed health tonic!!"
     - EarthThunder

"Thanks, this is just great!! I really appreciate you replying so soon as well. I want to complement you on your service. I have been also attempting to update my listing on some other sites, and very few have been as helpful and as convenient as you/yours!!!"
     - Blessings, Elle

"Hi! I recently started hosting my site with you guys. You are all so nice and helpful! I look forward to both our Web presences growing!"
     - Meredith

"I have renewed my ByRegion membership. I will tell you this, I was wanting to do the web page before, but was so fearful of putting it together. Now.....my goodness I am so excited. It was simple, easy, and what amazes me is how you can search for me on the net and I'm in the top five of the first page. Thank you so much for helping me get my name and my business out to the world. I'm sending my payment by snail mail. Today. "
Thanks again
     - Rishi Sandra

"Thanks for all the expanding services you provide. The fellow who monitors activity at my web site tells me that you are the source of the greatest number of hits."
     - Paula Bailey

"I have had many responses so far to my profile mrtrainer Mr. Trainer Massage Therapy! I have a very successful practice so far. This sight is a great place to have a profile. Take Care,"
     - From James

"I have been very pleasently surprised at the number of calls I have received off of my ad with byregion. I am very pleased with the service. Thank you,"
     - Rev. Robin Harpole, Ph.D.

"I have recently gotten 2 new clients this week and it was through looking for myofacial release..and deep tissue work. I am soon to get a notebook computer and will be hopefully quickly learn to use it and be into the 21st century. Happy New Year, Peace,Prosperity, Joyful Health"
     - Janet Spittler

"Wow! Great! Wonderful! Many of words of praise! Your level of commitment to service is phenomenal, and, unfortunately, uncommon. Serving and Being Served; Two Folds of the Same Garment. With deep appreciation,"
     - Laurince

"Love this website. It is a little gem. Have informed several of my friends who would appreciate what you have to offer. Seasons greetings to you. Regards, "
     - Susan

"Thanks for the email today about how to check google for hits to my website. My listing under personal coach Wethersfield, is among the top ten hits. This really works!!! Happy Thanksgiving and Peace!"
     - Mary Latela, Gentle Healing Now

"My listing on your site continues to look great. You are doing a wonderful job with this directory."
     - Best wishes, Joanna Poppink

"Thank you so much for setting up my listing. I like it very much. My computer phobia is a problem which you bypassed."
     - Peace and Blessings, Micheley Angelina

"Thank you for putting together a site that will help a lot of people is so many ways!"
     - Loren from Healthwize.com

"Thanks so much for posting my article! I've received several emails from people who enjoyed reading it; obviously you have a large readership."
     - Blessings, Cathy Holt (author of The Circle of Healing: Deepening Our Connections with Self, Others, and Nature), Talking Birds Press

"Thanks for shining the light bright..."
     - Kaye White Feather, Reiki Master Asheville N.C.

"I'm very happy that I upgraded from a general listing to a webdisplay - it's already helped my healing business! Thank you for providing a wonderful service and website, and your professionalism. I'll be sure to renew when my year is up!"
     - Karen Elpers

"Thanks for making the calendar available. It is easy to add an event and easy for others to use. I will be considering your service."
     - Arlene Arnold

"Thank you so much for highlighting my article "Professional Standards and Boundaries" in your newsletter. It has brought additional traffic and new ezine readers to my site! It pays to be a member of By Region!"
     - Maria Marsala, Business & Life Coach and owner of Maria's Place for Holistic Evolution.

"I am a great fan of your Healing Arts Newsletter. The choice of articles is excellent, each one carrying very precious and practical messages. Thank you for doing this important work."
     - Andreas Moritz, https://www.ener-chi.com

"I am so happy when we all learn together about alternative ways of life and your newsletter is such a great way to help women know about their choices for childbirth. And I have heard from people as far away as Scotland about your newsletter and how good it is! Keep up the good work!"
     - Kerry Tuschhoff, HypnoBabies.Calm

"Thank you so much. You have no idea how much pleasure it gives me to know this site is here, or how thrilling it is to see my logo right there! I look forward to a long relationship."
     - Blessings, Alison

"Thanks so much for publishing my New Year article. A number of people have written to me after seeing it, acquaintances and others ... Your work is certainly blessed, and I send you great joy for the year and beyond."
     - Agneta Dyck, President of Pathways Training Corp.

"Thank you so much for all your help. I do really like the way the site looks. It looks very "crisp" and clean. It's very organized. I'm so grateful that a friend suggested I advertise with you."
     - Nancy in New York City

"I think your site is very professional and useful and send you blessings for success."
     - Rev. Marcia Grace

"I would like to offer you my sincerest congratulations on the first publication of ByRegion Healers newsletter. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will recommend highly to all my clients and associates. I thank you kindly for your attention and wish you continued success in your endeavors!"
     - Blanca Greenberg, Author and Certified Spiritual Counselor

"What a wonderful site you have! Thank you for providing such a comprehensive directory for something that is so important. I would be honored to join the directory. Thank you again for the offer. :)"
     - Melissa Disbury, Mystic Gems

"This is a great newsletter - if you know of good works, we woud be interested in publishing. One of our sites is https://www.methospress.com and another of our sites is https://www.newworldpublishers.com. Have a great day!
     - Will Black, publisher

"I am in receipt of your first issue of ByRegion Newsletter and I am enjoying it very much. Thank you kindly and congratulations on a job well done!"
     - Kit Danes, MsD, https://www.jauhn.com

"Thank you for the introduction to a wonderful site. Love and blessings!"
     - Dianne M. Ryan

"Excellent job on newsletter. Best one I've seen."
     - Paul Gustafson RN, BSN Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

"Thank you for the invitation. I have joined and look forward to meeting new people. I also sent this on to some of my friends that are holistic practitioners or make natural products. Good luck with your new endeavor. The website is lovely!"
     - Aromatically, Rosanne Tartaro of SunRose Aromatics

"Awesome web site. ~ Design ~ Content ~ I Thank YOU ~ Take a Bow ~ Way to Go!!!
     - Annie & Ray Smith, Smith Industries Natural Tree Furniture

"Your new ByRegion Healers newsletter is excellent, and I'll be looking forward to future issues. We have much in common, and I invite you to visit my Web site, https://www.Holistic.com/Lonny. Thanks for your service for a better world.
     - Lonny J. Brown, Ph.D.

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