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Ordering Products

Ordering products is very easy with the Shopping Cart System.

1. Select the item by clicking on the linked thumbnail image or product name.
2. Select the options such as color or size
3. Choose a quantity if you want more than one.

You can remove an item or change your options at any time prior to submitting your credit card information. If you make a change be sure to click on the "update cart" button. This button will make all necessary adjustments to the price. Once this is done you can choose to "Checkout" or "Continue Shopping".

Reviewing Order

Once you have added an item to your cart, you will be taken to the review screen. There you will see your total order so far with full details excluding any tax and/or shipping that may apply.  You can also view your order at anytime during your shopping session by clicking on "View Cart" at the top of the page.  On the review page, you can edit your current order.

Checking Out

You can check out at anytime during your shopping session (if you have ordered one or more products) by clicking on "Check Out" on the review page or at the top of every page.  The checkout process will take you through two or three screens (depending on method of payment) before your shopping session will be completed.

Changing (Editing) Your Current Order

After you choose the quantity of the item you want and add it to your cart, you will be taken to the review page.  There you can edit not only the quantity of the item you have ordered, but you can also change the options for each item, or you can remove the item from your session altogether.  Just click the corresponding "Edit" button for the product you want to edit and you will be taken to the product page where you can edit your selected information.

Using Customer IDs

Customer IDs make re-ordering easy.  When you place your first order you can choose your own customer ID.  You should pick something unique that it easy for you to remember.  When you place your next order, you just need to type your customer ID and your information can be accessed from your ID. Any information can be updated by entering the new information in place of the old information.

Shipping Info

Most items available on are shipped from each of the various individual artist and sellers. International orders must be directly emailed to us so we can quote the cost of shipping. A shipping charge is collected on a per item basis as noted on each product page. However, when ordering multiple items from the same seller you may be quoted a lower shipping charge.


Searching for a product can be done at anytime during the shopping session by using the search utility at the top of the page.  You simply enter the search term(s) in the text box beside the words "Search" then hit the "Enter" button on your keyboard.  You can search in one particular shop or all the shops at one time. You may shop by seller name, item name, category or any other means of identifying what you are looking for.

Product Availability

The artists and sellers work hard to ensure the items are shipped within the time frame they designated, but there may be times when events occur that cause delays in shipping. Examples of these delays are: Tools or equipment breakdown, artist or seller on vacation, product backordered due to a large number of orders, etc. In the event that an ordered item will be delayed, the customer will be notified via email of this delay and given an estimated ship date.