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CORE™ Counseling

We are here to learn two things: to consciously create our own success and to develop a lifestyle that brings us joy. The CORE™ concept (Conscious, Ownership, Retrieve, Release, Engage) helps us to reach those goals by acting with conscious dominion over our own lives. Healing is not about making yourself into something, but in shedding what you are not. It is about shedding the lies and the games that stand between you and what you are becoming. More simply put, CORE™ is the map to our own spontaneous healing where we no longer require the counsel of others to create our own wellness. A CORE counselor's job is to help his/her clients understand why they do what they do, so that they may make more informed and conscious choices in how they create and allow their reality.

CORE™ Counseling was created by Dr. Martin Heart. Dr. Hart has been in private practice for over 20 years. His courses and workshops have been featured in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe and The London Sunday Telegraph. He has also appeared on national and international radio and television programs discussing his unique work.

Training & Colleges
Training is performed through the educational body of the American Society of Alternative Therapists. Practitioners are given the certification Certified Holistic Health Counselor, otherwise known as a CORE™ Counselor.

Professional Bodies
American Society of Alternative Therapists (ASAT)
P.O. Box 703
Rockport, MA 01966
(978) 281-4400
Website: http://www.asat.org
Email: asat@asat.org

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