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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a hands-on bodywork system designed to align your energy body with your physical structure. Simple yet powerful, it focuses on the whole person. Considered at the leading edge of body/mind therapies, ZB moves beyond Western scientific approaches to body structure by incorporating Eastern concepts of energy and healing. Zero Balancing focuses on the skeletal system of the body because the deepest, strongest currents of energy are conducted by bone, the densest tissue in the body. One of the principles of ZB is that, if we put a clearer, stronger force field through a body part, the currents and vibrations in that part will release any "held tension patterns" and become more organized and balanced. The integration often occurs on a subliminal level and eases emotional trauma without the reliving or re-experience of the trauma. This is particularly valuable on the level of the cellular memory of the body and in cases where physical injury occurred at the time of high emotional stress.

Fritz Smith, M.D. has developed a body handling system, known as Zero Balancing (ZB), which focuses on the interface between body energy and body structure. It is a form of structural acupressure in which the hands are used to create a fulcrum, or still point, around which energy and structure can balance, and dysfunction can normalize. Dr. Smith received his doctor of osteopathy in 1955 and his doctor of medicine in 1961. During the 60's and 70's he became a student of Rolfing, yoga, meditation and Eastern philosophies. In 1972 Dr. Smith became a licensed acupuncturist and later studied with J.R. Worsley earning both a bachelor's and master's degree in acupuncture. He also experienced intense personal revelations under Swami Muktananda. These experience became the catalysts for his ultimat creation in 1975 of Zero Balancing.

What to Expect
Dr. Smith states: "Through ZB we now know we can directly influence tissue memory and cellular content but ZB has another characteristic which makes it a special skill in the therapeutic world. Through ZB, the direct experience of the moment can be incorporated into a fulcrum and used as a working tool. It is through direct experience that we know the world. regardless of whether the experience comes through touch, sight, smell, hearing and so on. If a fulcrum engenders an experience which is contrary to, or different from previous ones, and if the new experience is intense enough or repeated often enough, it can help to reprogram the body/mind. These fulcrums can give a person a different orientation to the world, with options that promote a response contrary to prior conditioning. In working with an abused person, each time we provide an experience of a non-threatening, safe, and intimate touch, we give an experience contrary to early conditioning and one with healing potential. This direct experience can be stronger that ten thousand words. The experience is a FACT for them; not just works; not just a possibility; not just in their imagination."

Training & Colleges
Dr. Smith has trained teachers who can be found through the Zero Balancing Association, 801 W. Main St., Suite 202, Charlottsville, VA 22903, USA. Phone in US is (434) 244-2458. Email may be sent to ZBAoffice@zerobalancing.com and a web site is at http://www.zerobalancing.com

Professional Bodies
Practitioners may be found through the Zero Balancing Ass. (address shown above or through The International Association of Healthcare Practitioners Directory available at 1-800-311-9204 in US or at email iahe@iahe.com.

In England you may find Zanna Heighton, 10 Victoria Grove, Bridport, Dorset DT6 3AA England. Phone 011 44 1308 420 007.

In the US, Angela Plum, 5 Piney View Estates, Marshall, NC 28753. Phone (828) 683-1737, Fax (828) 683-0265, email angelap@earthlink.net.

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