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Aura-Soma is a non-intrusive self-selective form of colour therapy used for developing awareness and raising consciousness of our soul path on the Earth. It is a way of looking at our life experiences and helping us to grow through the experience of them. At the core of Aura-Soma are the Equilibrium Bottles - living jewels of liquid colour. In the upper fraction is a combination of Essential Oils and Crystal energies in a carrier oil with a touch of Lotus Oil; and in the base fraction a combination of the Herbal Watery part of the plant and Crystal energies in spring water together with Chalice Well Water. Where possible the plants are all bio-dynamically grown and we work hard to keep the energy of the ingredients and the intention with which they are made as pure in vibration as possible. The products are designed to be "entirely helpful" and are created with the assistance of the devas and solar butterfly beings. Their vibrational energy is very delicate and refined and filled with love. Aura-Soma - Love Unlimited. By feeding the various bodies of the being i.e. both physical and subtle, with the healing vibrations of colour and light we work to bring in harmony and balance allowing the individual to recognise their own soul destiny and work forward at their own pace to align themselves with this.

Aura-Soma was founded by a lady called Vicky Wall who was blind at the time she came to bring this unique form of light into being. She saw only auras at the time that she was led to create the first of the living jewels of colour known now as the Equilibrium Bottles - the product at the heart of what we know as "Aura-Soma". Initially she did not know what they were for and then as people came forward to choose the colour combinations they were most drawn to she saw that the colours that surrounded them in their auras where the same as those of the Equilibrium Bottles to which they were drawn. Then as they used the oils on themselves to re-balance their various energetic systems the colours balanced out until the clear rainbow of colours was visible around the individual. Balance was restored. Vicky said that "We are the colours we choose and those are the colours we need". From these observations has grown a consultation process that allows the client to take a snapshot of the patterns that run through their lives, the potential opportunities and how best to manifest their various gifts. There are several practitioners who use these beautiful colours only with animals now, in particular horses seem particularly receptive, and this has furthered our belief in the purity and integrity of this system. Vicky passed Aura-Soma on to Mike and Claudia Booth who now run the organization and have committed themselves to taking the magic of Aura-Soma around the world. There are currently 14,000 students and practitioners in 23 countries. Aura-Soma is a "living" system within which our own understanding of its gifts is continually expanding and we are forever amazed by its accuracy and magical way of working with those who feel drawn to work with it.

What to Expect
An Aura-Soma consultation takes approximately one hour and involves the client making a selection of four bottles from the range available (currently 101 bottles as of 01/11/00). The first bottle is what we call the Aura bottle and relates to the essence of the personality of the individual and any inherited traits/influences from early life. We look at how these have combined to give the individual a unique pattern of life lessons from that stage onwards. The second bottle is what we call the challenge/gift - representing the area of the life where transformation is currently required either to shift a repetitive pattern or to help to express a dormant gift. The first two bottles are strongly connected. The third bottle represents the present situation and the fourth the future - based on the transformative pattern mirrored by the colours chosen. From this interpretation the practitioner will work with the client to select an appropriate way of moving forward towards a point of balance and clarity. This may involve the client purchasing Aura-Soma products to use to help "heal" or "balance" themselves. In most cases clients have found that they experience a shift in consciousness during the consultation and that transformation flows from that point. Follow up consultations occur based on the individual needs of the client.

Training & Colleges
There are a variety of levels available from the Aura-Soma International Academy of Colour Therapeutics. These are taught at the college in Lincolnshire and also by registered teachers around the World. It is not necessary to have training in any other disciplines to begin your training with Aura-Soma. In order to practice with the public you would be required to undertake the two basic levels of training (Level One and Two)- each certificated course is six days long and must be taken a minimum of four months apart. A Practitioners Certificate can then be applied for from ASIACT, this covers a two year period from the time of completing Level Two and currently (01/11/00) costs 36. Further Certificates are granted on a similar basis as long as the practitioner has remained up-dated on Product and Training developments through the Aura-Soma network. If at that stage you would like to take your training further there are two more practitioner levels (including a written thesis) followed by The Bridge (for practitioners wishing to train as teachers) and currently a total of three Teacher Training levels. All of the training courses are currently six days in length. If you would like details on training courses and consultants in Scotland please either contact Victoria Argyle (the Aura-Soma Linkline Co-ordinator in Scotland) on 07050 392 622 or email her at vpa@wholebeing99.fsnet.co.uk or visit the Aura-Soma web-site at www.aura-soma.net

Professional Bodies
Aura-Soma International Academy of Colour Therapeutics
Dev Aura
Little London
Near Horncastle
Lincolnshire LN9 6QL
Tel: (44) 01507 533 218
Fax: (44) 01507 534 025
Email: info@asiact.org

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