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Bio Energy Healing

Bio Energy is an ancient Chinese healing therapy based on the fact that we are all energy beings. We all have energy that passes around and through us: the Chinese call this "Chi"; the Japanese call it "Ki"; Westerners call it Aura or life force. The Chinese believe that illness, injury or stress all start in the energy field first before affecting the physical body. Bio Energy will treat most things, on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, be it illness, injury or stress. Bio Energy therapists are trained to detect blockages in the energy field and correct them so our own bodies' natural healing can take place. Bio Energy is a Complementary therapy rather than an Alternative therapy. That means you can use it in conjunction with Doctors, medicine, physiotherapists etc; it will not interfere, it will complement.

Bio Energy healing therapy is an ancient Chinese healing therapy that has its first reference in the book of Changes, “I Ching” which was first introduced to China around 1122 BC. Bio Energy came to Scotland via Yugoslavia with Zdenko Domanic and then Ireland with Michael D’Alton.

What to Expect
Bio Energy is non-intrusive: this means you do not have to remove any articles of clothing and there is no manipulation of limbs or pressure points. In fact the therapist doesn’t even touch your body at all. During the treatment many people feel a tingling sensation, a hot or cold wave, or a magnetic pull; some don't - but the one thing that everyone feels is the sense of relaxation that comes over them.

Training & Colleges
Anybody can train to be a Bio Energy therapist. It doesn’t take super human skills, just an ability to feel and move energy around the body, which anybody can be shown. There are weekend workshops where you can learn basic techniques. These enable you to begin to practice on friends and family but not at this point to treat people. Basic training varies from one school to the next but all are diploma courses with recognised qualifications at the end of them, allowing you to practice as a Bio Energy Therapist.

Bio Energy Healing Association of Ireland & U.K
Basic training: 8 months (9 weekends).
128 hours experience, 6 case studies, Diploma exam.
Advanced training: 3 Years work experience, 18 case histories, lecture and demonstrations and advanced training weekends.

Plexus Bio-Energy Basic training: 7 months (7 weekends).
6 case studies, Diploma exam.

Professional Bodies
Bio Energy Healing Association of Ireland & U.K
De Light House,
Co. Cavan,

Plexus Bio-Energy
Lismoyle House,
Merchants Road,

Bi – Aura Systems
The Rookery,
NE43 7UN

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