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Chi Kung Healing

A gentle, deep form of body energy treatment given from a trained practitioner that utilizes techniques based on Chi Kung (QiGong) philosophy. The treatment will enhance and balance the flow, volume and quality of Chi energy within the energy body. This is done through objective assessment and diagnosis of the energy body and application of directed energy through intent and non-judgmental compassion.

Chi Kung is based on millennia old vitality and longevity practices from China. Chi Kung Healing encompasses self practice as well as practitioner applied techniques specific to health concerns or as preventive care. It is based in belief that energy supplies life and organized energy of appropriate volume and quality feeds the physical body. Disease or dysfunction in the physical body, then, may be traced back to treatable imbalance in the energy body. There is also frequently an internal interaction or information exchange that occurs during the treatment. This is usually through metaphor or impression while in the semi-awake state that occurs and is very personal and individual in nature. There are many different specific techniques and practices that have developed over time allowing each practitioner to apply knowledge from various sources of good teachers in developing their practice style.

Training & Colleges

The Body Energy Center
2730 29th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

Professional Organizations

National QiGong Association
PO Box 540
Ely, Minnesota 55731

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