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Color Therapy

Colours are known to vibrate at different wavelengths and at differing frequencies. Practitioners of colour therapy use this knowledge to correct imbalances in the body which, itself, vibrates at a cellular level. Certain parts of the body are governed by chakras (vortexes of life energy) which are associated with individual colours, ranging from fuschia at the crown of the head, to green at the heart, and blue at the throat, all of which can be used to treat behavioural problems. Everyone (and every living thing) has an aura around it, and its colour can speak volumes about the state of one's physical and emotional health. Any negative readings can then be countered with the appropriate colour treatment.

The effect of colour on our psyche is often underestimated. It is no coincidence that certain colours have distinct meanings to different peoples. But they have now been scientifically proven to show their effect on our autonomic nervous system. Whilst green is almost universally related to nature and calm, red has been shown to increase blood pressure, and blue lowers it. It was an Indian scientist who first claimed that colours resonate with healing vibrations and could be used to treat emotional and behavioural problems. It has been discovered that yellow, orange or red classrooms increased students' IQ, and prisoners have been observed to be calmer in rooms painted pink.

What to Expect
Your chosen therapist will ask about you and any problems; you will also be asked about your colour preferences. Your practitioner will work with your aura and chakras to 'read' what your body emits, and determine what it is your system needs. Treatment often includes sitting under a light source, coloured according to your requirements, or being draped in coloured silks. You could also be asked to visualize certain colours, and to include various hues in your clothing and environment.

Training & Colleges
Most practitioners will have taken accredited, part-time, courses with one of the following organisations:

Professional Bodies
The International Association of Colour Therapy
PO Box 194
London SE16 1QZ

The Hygeia College of Colour Therapy
Brook House
Hampton Hill
Gloucestershire GL8 8NS

Aura-Soma International Academy of Colour Therapeutics
Dev Aura
Little London
Near Horncastle
Lincolnshire LN9 6QL
Tel: (44) 01507 533 218
Fax: (44) 01507 534 025
Email: info@asiact.org

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