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Crystal Healing

Our energy can be diminished or unbalanced for a number of reasons, much of which is self-inflicted: negative thoughts; the wrong foods; or too much exposure to radiation from computers and other electrical equipment. Certain gems and crystals are said to be ideally suited to counterbalance these everyday hazards. For example, rose quartz is quite generally beneficial and reputed to speed up healing, garnet is said to be particularly effective against depression and skin complaints, while malachite will help with toothache, irregular menstruation, and asthma.

Crystals and gems have long been valued for more than their aesthetic beauty. Many cultures have imbued them with mystical qualities and it has long been believed that they both store and conduct healing energies. Different crystals and stones are said to resonate at different vibrational frequencies, offering varying healing possibilities.

What to Expect
Practitioners' methods vary enormously. Naturally, you will be asked what aspect of your life or health condition you wish to improve, and you can expect to be asked questions relating to your lifestyle and state of mind. Some healers will have you lie down and arrange the appropriate crystals and gems around you, or place them on the body's seven chakras (energy centres), or on an affected area; or you may be asked to hold them. Some practitioners use gem essences which can be ingested. You may be assigned certain crystals to keep with you at home, in which case you will be given instructions as to how to 'attune' your crystal to your dedicated needs.

Training & Colleges
Crystal and gem practitioners will often practise other forms of complementary healing, such as aromatherapy or kinesiology.

Professional Bodies
Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations
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