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Geopathic stress may be first experienced as a disturbed, heavy, cold or unfriendly atmosphere in a place, and progressively gives rise to emotional fatigue and overwhelming difficulty in human communication and relationships, and depleted physical health. Geopathic stress may be present as an environmental component in many illnesses and disease conditions. It is often found to be present when health concerns fail to respond quickly and effectively to appropriate therapy, when a repeating disease pattern appears, or if unexpected ill health has occurred within an eighteen month period of moving home or moving to a new work location. Geopathic stress is a significant component of sick building syndrome, and treating offices and schools for geopathic stress has been shown to reduce staff absenteeism and classroom disruption by up to 30%.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 30% of all buildings may be "Sick Buildings" based on the criteria that 20% of the occupants may be experiencing health or comfort problems. Many cultures believe that there is a subtle energy that is present in all things and which animates people, plants and animals. In Oriental philosophy this energy is called "chi" and is perceived running in "dragon lines" through the landscape. Western mythology also speaks of dragons in the landscape - strong, sometimes dangerous elemental forces which humans had to tame in order to live peacefully in a place. These energy paths go by many names around the world - they are the ley lines of the dowser, the song lines of the Australian aboriginal, the lines of the world of the Meso-American shaman. They are held to move the life force around and through the earth, energising all living things and inspiring the genius loci or Spirit of Place. Some of these energy paths are benevolent and beneficial to human presence, others by their nature are stressful to humans and can be a factor in causing or precipitating ill health. Also, energy paths sometimes become traumatised, blocked or imbalanced, through earth moving, construction, quarrying or other events including violent or traumatic human emotional experience.

What to Expect
Geopathic stress can be detected through various diagnostic methods including vega testing, kinesiology, dowsing, live cell analysis and serum analysis. Balancing energy fields to remove geopathic stress encourages recovery from ill health, and allows other therapies to act unhindered and therefore more effectively and efficiently. Geopathic stress can be rectified and the energy balanced in the majority of homes and offices through a variety of techniques, including earth acupuncture, restoring optimum chi flow and creating a harmonious atmosphere conducive to healthy living.

Training & Colleges
A training in Modern European Geomancy is now available from the School of Mid Atlantic Geomancy
Karin S. Lonegren
9 Bove Town
Tel: 01458 835818
e-mail: karin@geomancy.u-net.com

Professional Bodies
The British Society of Dowsers
Sycamore Barn
Tamley Lane
TN25 5HW
tel: 01233 750253

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